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Android App: The Future Is 64-Bit

Security for Android Apps may change from using 64-bit technology. This would be the plan that Google would like to put into practice to ensure greater reliability for programs broadcast through its store. In particular, this step could allow not only improvements in terms of security, but also greater performance for all programs that could […]

Application Development, How to Keep Your Creations “Healthy”

The application development has become a step that many companies make in order, for example, to offer services more to their customers. However, when dealing with the development of an application one should not stop at the result that will be delivered to the customer. In fact, in many cases, subsequent checks will have to […]

How to Develop an App for Apple Watch

The smartwatch domain of the accessories market today offers one of the most attractive prospects. We are talking about a fundamental part of the market in clear growth thanks to the development of numerous apps for Apple Watch made available thanks to the most purchased device in recent years. However, developing an app for smartwatches […]

The 4 Best Furnishing Apps to Download For Free

Remember when cell phones could only be used to make phone calls or, at the most, send text messages that did not exceed 60 characters? Thinking about it now, while we are shopping with our smartphone, we decide on the holiday itinerary, participate in video conferences and comment on our friends’ photos, it seems like […]