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Providing the hospitality industry with an advanced solution to cut the deliver and serving time, we are here with our service to develop an app like Deliveroo. We can develop the app with a great deal of features and facilities. From customized user module to highly technical supplier module, you can keep your entries business at your fingertips. So, learn about how we fascinate and serve restaurants, bars, and grills with our cutting-edge technology.

At the most reasonable prices, we transform business by providing the safest solution to order deliver. Keeping a track of the rider to receiving orders round the clock, we keep the customers contended. So, if you want to keep your customer’s tummy full with your mouth-watering meals, you must get on to start making an amazing app like Deliveroo.

Major Administrator
Panel Features

Sent Mass Notifications

You can send a mass notification to your team and all the customers who are present in your database. You can send them offers and update them with exciting deals and packages.

Admin Setting

You can customize the app in just the way you want. We make an app like Deliveroo that facilitate users with highly advanced options to streamline every business operation.

Surge Pricing

You can keep a watch and revise your pricing as well. In the hours of an upsurge, you can increase your average rates depending upon your restaurant policies.

Interactive Statistics

You get to view all the real-time stats of your business. You can view how many orders fell in your dashboard along with calculating the time taken in delivering them.

Promo Code

The next amazing thing that we add when looking for how to create an app like Deliveroo is the incorporation of promo codes. You can stir productivity by offering exciting deals and codes to your active users.

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Cooperate with our experts to discover how we can modify your app idea into a sumptuous reality!

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Ease and Convenience in App Experience

We build an app like Deliveroo that facilitate users with a hassle-free app experience. Your target users can simply pop into the platform and view the long list of restaurants that are up to serve. We keep our cost-effective services highly transparent for our users to rely on us. There is nothing hidden or manipulated.

Add Filters

The target users can add filters to your search, to get customize searches. They can choose the kind of restaurant they want or the food, in particular, they are looking for.

Secure Payment Modes

We provide the safest payment procedures to our customers. They can order via multiple options and get their order placed.

Shopping Cart

The customers can easily and efficiently fills their shopping carts. We ensure flawless functionality in each one of our apps and make sure that the user enjoys each step.

High Definition Images

At a reasonable price, we build an app with the most perfect picture quality portfolio. Each restaurant is added with a proper cover photo to attract the user. The best deal or deal is usually placed right at the top that can garner the attention.

The Restaurant Reviews

To increase the credibility of the platform and gain customer trust, we provide reliable restaurant ratings and reviews. It helps the new customers to trust the restaurant and place the order without any fear. We build an app experience to make you fall for it.

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