How To Make An App Like Deliveroo

The food delivery apps are changing the face of the food industry by bringing people to their doorstep. This change has become popular due to the frequent use of smartphones. This option can also be used by restaurants to automate their business, and provide a competitive edge. Since the pandemic, the food delivery market has seen tremendous growth. It is influenced by services like UberEATS, Deliveroo, Grubhub, etc. They have shifted people from dine-in to enjoying their meals on their sofa. Among many benefits, they are an economic booster and provide billions of revenues.

–          A Walk Through On Deliveroo

Originally Deliveroo is an online food delivery service that allows users to order from restaurants who don’t have take away or delivery service. They use their website as an ordering system and now allow restaurant drivers to deliver the food. It was founded in 2013, in London by Will Shu, this idea came to him while sitting in his living room.

He started these services to fill the gap between restaurants and customers. He fulfilled the demand of food delivery to the people who were not able to enjoy food from their favorite restaurants. Now, they have expanded their name and are working in more than 200 hundred locations around the world.

a.       The Success Of Deliveroo

The success of food delivery apps like Deliveroo is due to the rise of technology.  This business model is providing opportunities to everyone involved. Online food delivery apps have become a top category in the food business because of tech-enriched user-friendly apps. Covid-19 has been one of the reasons behind the success of Deliveroo-like apps for food delivery and boosted the ecosystem of online food delivery.

Today, the decision of making a food delivery app is still relevant. Technology has made lives easier and now people prefer to make their purchases through online methods and enjoy the comfort of sitting at home and enjoying their food. The feasibility of ordering food with a tap away has allowed people to download food delivery apps. This has raised the idea for a business to start a new food delivery app, and the staggering stats are a great deal to justify it.

b.      Statistical Overview

  • In online food delivery, revenue is projected to reach us$ 334.80 billion in 2022. (Statista)
  • In the year 2020, the Deliveroo gross transaction value (GTV) was £2.5 billion. (Business of Apps)
  • The average amount a delivery rider earns is £ per hour. (DMR)
  • In a global comparison of online food delivery, China will generate the most revenue, US$158,100.0 in 2022. (Statista)
  • There are 7.6 million users of Deliveroo in the UK. (Business of Apps)

Source: Business of Apps

c.       The Way It Works

Deliveroo delivery works with hundreds of restaurants. A Deliveroo customer enters their postal code in the application, and they are shown eateries within their proximity and available for delivery. After this, a user can place their pick at the restaurant, place their order, and wait for it to be delivered.

The delivery service of the Deliveroo app starts by noon, and they don’t accept cash. Deliveroo has only fine and high rates restaurants. They deliver food at an accurate time mentioned to the customers, and typically deliver food in 30 minutes.

–          Types Of Food Delivery App

Now, since you are well versed in the basic knowledge about food delivery apps. It is time to come to the Deliveroo like app development page. But first you need to understand multiple things before you dive into the app development process. To start with, you need the fittest model for your app that can fill every requirement.

So, let’s take a look at business models you need for your Deliveroo like app.

a.       Dedicated Food Delivery App Model

It is designed for restaurants to manage their restaurants in different locations. It is typically used to streamline business processes and centralize the order system of restaurants. In this method restaurants connect with customers without supplying logistics.

b.      Aggregator Food Delivery App Model

The main function of this is to take orders from customers and pass them to the customers. They are second platform apps that work as a communicator between restaurants and customers. Although this model is not responsible for the quality and quantity of the food, it entirely depends on the restaurant.

c.       Logistical Support Model

It is where a rider picks up the food and delivers it to the restaurant, and they are considered a better option in the market. They are effective for small-sized businesses with no delivery system. This model demands a third-party delivery personnel

Now instead of just learning the Deliveroo payment method or the cost of making an app like Deliveroo, learn its features and functions. They are the key to developing a successful app like Deliveroo.

–          How To Make An App Like Deliveroo : A Complete Guide

If you are thinking how to build an app like Deliveroo or GrubHub, instead of following their pattern learn about everything. Learn about its features, development process, functionalities and its cost. Make sure to learn how to make money from such an app.

Let’s dive into a detailed study of making an app like Deliveroo.

1.      The Essential Features To Include In A Food Delivery App

An app like Deliveroo has three features that hold the application together. These three features make it run at its best and makes. Let’s look into some of the vital features to make an app like Deliveroo.

a.       Client-Side

This site has the greatest importance if you have a fully functional application your customers are never going back to any other app.

1.       Sign Up

A customer can join your application by signing up. You can also make this process hassle-free by allowing them to join through Facebook, Google, or Twitter. It saves time from entering details every time and makes the delivery process easier.

2.       Looking For The Restaurant

Find the places from where you want to place your order after signing up. Customers can choose their preferred restaurant depending on the location and cuisine they want to eat. Allow the customers to search through the restaurants and choose their favorite ones. Use the machine learning system to give a detailed list of places to order from.

3.       Order

At this stage, the customer adds the food to their cart. Make sure you provide them with a detail of their order before they check out.

4.       Payment

This is the final phase, allowing the customers to pay through various methods the basic methods include cash on delivery and card payment

5.       Tracking Of Order

Include Deliveroo track order in your app. Integrate the GPS to let customers know where the rider is

1.       Restaurant Side

You need to manage a restaurant app. It is for flawless processing of the application.

2.       Registration

If a restaurant wants to join your platform, connect with them by a registration process. Let them sign up by entering their email address. Once they sign up, you can list them on your application.

3.       Dashboard

Just like the Deliveroo dashboard you need to integrate it into your application too. It is a web-based feature that helps in the process of receiving and handling orders. It also includes the addition of prices, menu changes, etc.

4.       Settings

An admin can manage the framework of SMS, installation, and email.

b.      Delivery Side

The app needs to be fully functional for the delivery riders. Here are some of its important features.

1.       Registration

A rider needs to sign so they can register and join the platform. Make sure you ask for detailed information to avoid any kind of scams.

2.       Orders

Allow the rider to look at every detail regarding the order, so they can decide whether to accept or pass the order.

3.       Status

Just like the Deliveroo mobile app you need to add the status bar. This can help the customers be alert about their order. The rider can select the pick up or the delivered status.

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1.1 Some Other Features To Include In A Food Delivery App

  • Push notifications
  • Secure system
  • Customized interface
  • Menu management
  • Real-time tracking
  • SEO friendly
  • Multiple payment methods
  • An attractive homepage
  • Service model

2.      How To Make An App Like Deliveroo: The Steps

a.       Market Research

Market research is the best option to start with the development process. Don’t just enter the market. Study thoroughly, and make sure you are well-versed in every matter. Figure out about your target audience, challenges, and the latest trends that are being followed. You can attend a seminar, conduct social media polls, and read blogs and articles.

b.      Make a Prototype

After making the strategy of your application you need to come up with a prototype. It primarily focuses on how the app will look finest and what interface is required for the app development for different stakeholders.

c.       Develop MVP

MVP is where you develop a core functionality to solve a problem. Essentially it is the basic model of your product that will fulfill the basic needs of your application. You can make edits in your MVP over the period of time. Learn what are better iterations for your app, that serve your customers in the best manner.

d.      A USP

You don’t have to like others and follow the traditions that make a USP of your brand to set yourself apart for others. Your USP will define your uniqueness and your core offers.

e.      Iterations

You need to take the input of people before you go into the development process.  In your Deliveroo like app development, it is important to take the response of the customers after the MVP. You can alter components depending on the needs of the customers.

f.        Quality Testing

In any application development, the quality matters the most. The QA engineer can test every detail of your application to make sure it is ready to launch. If there are any minute issues they can be solved before

3.      Upcoming Trends To Follow In An App Like Deliveroo

Since the pandemic where online food delivery services saw a rise, it made people more skeptical when ordering food. People have become more cautious before placing their orders and to overcome this challenge online food delivery apps have to bring some changes. Here are some of the trends, if you follow them, you can be in the highlight.

a.       Contactless Delivery

You can add QR codes to place orders. Now people hesitate to touch menu cards so this can be a great way for contactless delivery orders. The QR code is used to order food by scanning via phone. Once it is scanned, the food can be ordered directly.

b.      Virtual Kitchen Visits

In this you can show the customer how the restaurant is preparing the food; this can create a sense of trust between you, the restaurant and the customer. This feature can work as an added bonus for your application.

c.       Loyalty

One of the best ways to engage customers is to introduce loyalty cards. You can reward them with a point each time they make a purchase.

4.      Revenue Model Of An App Like Deliveroo

There are different ways to earn money from a food delivery app like Deliveroo. Some of the effective methods are discussed below.

a.       Delivery Charges

The delivery charges depend on the location from where the purchase is coming from. Different food delivery apps have different charges. Another factor is if the order is from a partnered merchant. If the merchant is not partnered, the apps charge higher.

b.      Service Fee

The service fee is the small percentage of the fee paid to the purchased price of an item ordered by the consumer.

c.       Cart Fee

Some food delivery apps charge a little cart fee if the order does not meet order requirements.

d.      Commissions

A commission is based on an entire product that is sold before taxes.

e.      Surge Pricing

You can charge a higher cost during peak hours to increase productivity. This method can be helpful in generating revenues for your business.

5.      The Tech Stack To Make An App Like Deliveroo

Here is an advanced set of tech stack required to make a like Deliveroo.

Framework Ruby on Rails, Flutter, React Native, Xamarin, Java, Kotlin
Cloud Service Azure, AWS, Kahu, Cloud Sigma
Maps Google Maps, Mapbox, Mapkit JS
Payment Method PayPal, Stripe, Braintree
Location Google location API, Mapbox, Location Picker
Programming Language React.jS, Node.js
Push Notifications Firebase

Frequently Asked Questions

The Deliveroo app or any other food delivery app works by a simple method. You can place an order from your favorite restaurant, make the payment, and sit back and wait till the order is received.

The cost of developing depends on many factors such as features, location, and the development company. The basic food delivery app will cost you around $10,00 to $17,000. If you add advanced features, it can cost around $35,000.

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