How To Create An

App Like Zillow For Real Estate Businesses

The Trend Of Real Estate Apps & Our Role

The pioneers in the domain of real estate business apps, Zillow and Trulia might not be easily replaceable but the idea of such apps is great for a lucrative startup. At our app development company, we focus on the creation of different types of apps belonging to unique categories. One such category we excel at in making apps is real estate.

Now if you think real estate mobile app development is the solution to your business needs, we are here to assist you acquire one.

Features We Offer To
Build An App Like Zillow

The top-most features we fully customize and personalize for your real estate mobile app.

Database Integration

The most basic feature is of database integration so every real estate app we built comes with a full-fledged database.

User Registration

The app follows an onboarding method where the user inputs personal details to access the app features.

Search Properties

An extensive list of real estate properties in the database directory for users to view.

Add Filters

Users can add relevant filters to find properties by area, location, cost, property time and plenty of other filters.

Map Integration

Google Maps will already be integrated into the app so users can view the exact location of the property.

Property Details

From major to intricate details, information about each property before purchasing or renting one is available.

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Chat Options

A personal chatting window where buyers can contact sellers before proceeding further with making a payment.

Calculate Mortgage

If the user intends to purchase a property then there is an in-built mortgage calculator for quick calculation and estimation.

Client Profile

Along with the details of the property, users can view the profile and details of the property owner.

Videos & Images

Availability of both videos and images for buyers to view for quick decision making.

Push Notifications

We make sure to integrate every real estate app with push notifications since it is essential to keep your users updated.

Advertising & Marketing

The monetization model to earn through advertising is widely used by Zillow so if you own a similar app, you can follow the same route. This is achieved by earning a commission on every ad placed on the app.

In-App Ads

This method is executed by adding apps inside the app’s interface. So, whenever a user views a specific property, the ad will be displayed in a timely manner, not always.

Premium Version

Since the real estate apps we make are usually freemium, if our clients want to monetize their apps then we include the option to purchase and download a premium account to gain access to more features.

How To Make An App Like Zillow With Proper Monetization Methods

We always develop mobile apps with the idea to make them profitable for the owners. While we do not have a marketing team to help market your app but we are experts at knowing how to create an app like Zillow with the inclusion of proper monetization options and models.

How To Develop An App Like Zillow At An Affordable Price

The method we follow to determine the complete cost to develop a real estate app is quite simple to understand. We first go through your app’s requirements and according to the number of features and complexity of the app, the development team estimates the final cost of the app. If you have any further queries about the pricing of real estate mobile apps then get in touch with us to get a detailed quote for your app.

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