How To Make An App Like SHAREit

Do you look for an app where you can share your files like images, videos, music, and photos? Well, SHAREit is one of the apps which specializes in file-sharing performing faster than Bluetooth. SHAREit allows its users sharing of files and content offline and online. It is a cross-platform diverging sense to move towards sharing files in a digital space.

The app works on different platforms allowing sharing directly. It is among the fastest growing file-sharing applications compatible for every platform for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. The app is one of the file-sharing apps working in more than 39 languages.

SHAREit uses wireless tethering to transfer files for a better speed and work better as compared to their alternatives. If someone wishes to Develop An App Like SHAREit, they need to have a proper study into its development, features, languages, modules, and programming.

In an organization, the network of people shares information and collaborate to get done with business and office operations. The sharing and exchanging of information and files take a lot of energy and thus results in draining the workers. Now, to break the barriers of the conventional method of file sharing, there are apps to serve the purpose.

Creating other apps like share has great importance in the digital world. The worldwide number of mobile users is massive. According to stats on Statista, the number of smartphone users are over six billion and is expected to grow to a hundred million in the next few years.

So, if you have a question How To Make App Like SHAREit In Android Studio? Let’s look into a detailed study.

Steps To Create An App Like SHAREit

There are certain points in SHAREit Mobile App mobile app development to remember. For your ease here are some points to remember.

1.      Start With A Strategy

You need to start by studying your audience and market. In the analysis phase for making, your app like SHAREit, you should know about your target audience and search for them.

Make a strategy to achieve your goals and extract the characteristics of the application. You can also read the reviews of the customers, the features they include, and the features they are missing.

2.      Make A Prototype

It is one of the integral steps for making for; App Similar To SHAREit. You need to set a layout as it is the crucial step of the development process.

A wireframe makes it easy for determining the nature of the application to Make App Like SHAREit. This phenomenon decides the outlook of the application and how the users will be able to use it.

3.      Select A Platform

If you are willing to start a strong SHAREit like application for file sharing, go for a cross-platform application. As a start-up app, you would want to reach a higher rate of people. For this, you need to make a strategy for making an app on different platforms.

You can opt for Make App Like SHAREit In Android Studio as it costs lower than an iOS app. However, the costs of testing deviate depending on numerous factors.

4.      Technology Stack

In a startup, for an app for file-sharing like SHAREit, the technology stack has a great influence, especially on the costs. Some of the components require additional costs and these components can flourish the structure of the application.

In the File Sharing App Development process, the developers need to be attentive and use the best technology and features to bring out the best product. SHAREit app requires the best set of technical tools to make an efficient application. To further proceed the tech stack required is,

Programming Language
  • Android
  • Swift
  • Objective C
Beackend Technology
  • JS
  • Python
Cloud Storage
  • Google Cloud
  • Apple Cloud
  • jQuery
  • MySQL

5.      A/B Testing Of Application

It is the testing phase of an application before going into its final composition. All the loop-holes and errors can be fixed in the mobile testing phase. The professional testing company tests applications on different mobile phones to ensure the performance of the application.

The testing of each phone allows one to overcome every tiny technical issue. Engineers from quality assurance tests look at the applications from a different perspective before their final deployment.

The process of making an app like SHAREit does not end here. It has to be looked after for its development to make it a success. A user’s feedback can be of great help to properly maintain the application. From the development of the application to the checking you will need a team of professionals. Take a look at the team

  • Analyst
  • Frontend developer
  • Backend developer
  • UI/UX designer
  • QA engineers
  • Managers

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Features To Consider For An App Like SHAREit

Experts are of the view; for an App Like SHAREit, start with an MVP, which is the list of the required features you need to build a Similar App Like SHAREit. For this, you need to carry out a deep analysis and study thoroughly what features are needed and are in demand. If your app does not have a new and attractive feature it can slide away from the users. So, an MVP for an app is a great idea to start with your app.

  1. Uploading Files

It is the basic feature in any file-sharing application. It is the space in the application where users can upload files, and documents, and add music. An added feature in Sharing Apps Like SHAREit is to add tags. The tags work to differentiate between files and make it easy to identify the files.

  1. File Management

Another integral feature of an app like SHAREit is file management users can manage their files. The file management system can help filter the files with the help of the integrated system in the application. The search bar can also lead the users to their searched file.

  1. Search Files

A pile of files can hard to search for files and documents and is always not easily available for the users. In File Transfer App Like SHAREit users can look for their files and documents by different keywords.

  1. Location Share

One of the vital features of the SHAREit-like app’ is sharing your location with other users. It allows them access to specific documents or files. It is crucial to maintain the privacy of the files and documents so they can only access the files when they are on the set premises.

  1. Quick Share

It is a digital and technologically influenced world and no one waits for files to be transferred manually. The SHAREit-like apps can transfer files quickly. The files can be shared between two respective parties without any hassle.

  1. Push Notifications

Push notifications is a highly-interactive feature to target the users who can mold the app according to their provides an opportunity to deal with customers in the form of text, graphics increase engagement and generate more profit.

  1. Encryption Files

In any file sharing app. The users need to trust the platform. The platform must be secured with an SSL layer so the files are transferred wrapped in high-security measures. All the files have to be protected to make an app a reliable one.

Tips To Create An App Better Than SHAREit

To make sure your Apps Better Than SHAREit, take a look into some of the essential practices. These practices can ensure a safe and secure file sharing procedure at all times.

  • Running an audit is important in the file sharing process. Keep a thorough check on who has access and are accessing them. In case where a file is not needed, remove it from the cloud system.
  • You need to protect your system from external or internal hackers, keep your service to end-to-end encryption to protect it and also protect the host to look at data.
  • Keep the data secured and protected, enable the double-check permission settings. It will keep away the files from public exposure.

The 4 Vital Tools To Make An App Like SHAREit in Android

If you are making your app for an android version and looking for how to make a file sharing app on android. Here is the answer. These are some of the crucial tools in the app development process.

  1. Java

Java is a programming language and is among the top 2 languages in the world. Java works anywhere without worrying about underlying computer architecture.

  1. XML

It is a language similar to HTML without tags. Users define their tags which can be designed specifically according to need.XML has standardized data and if you transmit XML across systems the recipient can analyze the data.

  1. Android Studio

Android studio is an official integrated development environment for android app development. It offers features that enhance the working of an application. Additionally, it offers a fast and features emulator and a unified environment for android devices.

  1. FireBase

It helps in running a successful application, that can be incorporated into SHAREit Like App Development process. It makes web applications as well as mobile applications and provides tools for tracking analytics and fixing any app issue.

Benefits Of Making An App Like SHAREit

The app creation process is not a piece of cake; you have to think about it before the development process. You need to understand and explain to the audience the benefits of making an app like SHAREit. For the time, keep the question How To Make SHAREit Like App take a look at its benefits.

SHAREit sets itself apart from the conventional methods of file sharing and has set new avenues for file-sharing files with its IR beam technology. The key feature is file sharing where users can do the process without any hassle.

  • It functions on Wi-Fi, users don’t have to worry about USB, internet, or data.
  • A file can be shared, with a group of people one person can share files with up to 4 persons.
  • You can share files from multiple systems, such as from PC to computer or phone to phone. The key is to download SHAREit-like apps on both devices.
  • Software Like SHAREit lets its users listen to music, it works like a music player.
  • The application supports various platforms, and it enables the transfer of data miraculously across another platform while keeping the data secure.
  • It saves time from working manually, having a dedicated space that organizes and maintains files saves time as well as gives the organization to save a lot of money
  • Above all of these benefits, Best Apps Like SHAREit saves an organization from spending money on infrastructure for organizing, storing, and maintaining files.

The ample benefits that a file-sharing app offers many easy solutions for organizations and businesses. So, now there are other file-sharing apps such as ProofHub, Dropbox, FileCloud and Egnyte.

Source: Varonis

Frequently Asked Questions

The making of an app depends on multiple factors. There are different functions and designs required in the development of an application. Cost To Build To Develop File Sharing App as different parameters. It includes clone app design, app platform, size, and the cost of the development team. If the factors are considered together the cost estimate is around $37,000 to $54,000 for iOS and $38,000 for Android.

For an application it can take up to two months for a small sized application. For a mid-sized application, it can take up to 5 to 6 weeks and for a large sized application the time can land around 9 to 10 weeks.

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