Taking New Approaches

To Build An App Like Shareit

Simplifying Your Need
To Make App Like Shareit

We have taken an entirely new approach to the development of file and media sharing apps as there has been an upsurge in individuals who are looking to know how to create mobile app like Shareit. File sharing apps are several but not every such app is credible. Security concerns are a major issue for content and media sharing but with the app development solutions we provide, we have all such issues covered.

We Build An App Like
Shareit With Unique Features

We have complete control over the features and modules we insert into your app. Here are the features we add to create app like Shareit.

Uploading Files

Upload files and documents by adding different tags or putting them into various categories.

File Management

Manage files and look for documents that are already uploaded to the app by using different filters to search for them.

Encrypting Files

Secure file encryption options to safely store important documents encrypted into the app. We make sure the documents and files are transmitted through a secure socket layer.

Sharing Location

Share current location with other users so they can have access to a particular document or file. To maintain privacy, users can access the document when in the set premises.

Timely Sharing

Multiple users can share their content and files at once. This will be done so by setting a specific team to carry out the sharing process.

View Documents

A document viewer that can preview and view files of any format such as PDF, PPT and Doc. You do not have to use other apps to view the files.

View Activity

A thorough overview of user activity, which includes upcoming, prior and all such statistics, that help users understand and analyze their activity report.

We, Will, Develop
Your Dream App Project

Cooperate with our experts to discover how we can modify your app idea into a sumptuous reality!

Let’s Get Started

Why The Need To Create App Like Shareit?

Shareit has become a renowned sharing app as it has given ease in quickly transferring and receiving files and documents without any charges. We do the same with the file-sharing apps we create to make it similar to Shareit. The process to make app like Shareit at an affordable price has become our benchmark to design, curate and develop sharing and file transfer apps.

Users can share movies, videos, audio files, images, and even GIFs along with sending or receiving documents of different formats. The following are the reasons why Shareit is so widely recognized.

Fast Transfer

Files can be shared and transferred 200x times faster than Bluetooth or any other existing file-sharing medium.

File Types

The app can transfer every time of file including images, videos, music and even apps installed on your phone.

Offline Videos

If you want to play videos offline on your phone then Shareit can do it for you. The quality of videos in offline mode is still HD.

Video Player

The app can also turn into a full-fledged video player for its users. You can play high-quality videos with zero buffering time.

Music Player

The app can even act as a music player where trending music can be accessed with ease.

Wallpapers & Images

Acquire and view unique, personalized and customized wallpapers, photos and animated GIFs on Shareit.

Trending Music

Music that is currently trending can be easily discovered. Shareit always has the latest and trending music to display to its users.

Cost To Design And Develop A Shareit App

While there is no particular or fixed estimation on the cost of the app but at our app development company, we focus on the complexity, features, design, user experience and mobile operating system or platform such as iOS or Android for your app.

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