How To Create a Game Like Pokémon Go?

Want to develop a game like Pokémon Go? Are you wondering about how to develop an app as Pokémon go?

Read this guide to determine how AR games like Pokémon go can create.

Pokémon go is one of the most popular augmented reality games that is now become the new trendsetter in the mobile game app development industry. Whenever you talk about the AR solution-based game, Pokémon go will always come to your mind first. Pokemon go covered a huge horizon globally, and there were almost 120 million downloads in 2020. Interestingly, it was more than 5 million compared to 2019.

According to Forbes‘Pokémon GO’ Is More Popular Than It’s Been at Any Point Since its Launch. It is the first game in the market which uses AR technology and builds a location-based game. It is the first location-based game that earn $894 million in revenue since its establishment.

Source: Sensor Tower

If you are willing to develop an exciting game based on augmented reality and location, the Pokémon game is a great example. This game has a phenomenal fan base. Undoubtedly, this game is the perfect model for those who want to strike bigger with an AR game app.

So, this guide is designed to create a game app like Pokémon go. So, without any further ado, let’s read this blog and learn different nuances to get an outstanding game app.

Step By Step Guide To Make A Game Like Pokémon Go

Step #1 – Develop Your Game Design 

Before you start developing a Pokémon like game app for android and iOS, developers need the design document, specifications, and a clear idea of the game app. While creating a game app, the designer must prepare a plotline on which they need to create a story. As a game designer looking for the different types of game levels you want to integrate into your app.

Most importantly, you have to consider your game story, situation, and character to properly place all of them and make your game enjoyable. Try to keep the sequence of events proper to make an attention-grabbing app.

Step #2 – Choose A Game Engine

With choosing the right game engine, your game will not work properly. If you pondered, what exactly the game engine is? So, it is a special software which brings all the game resources together such as code, sounds, and graphics. Therefore, it even makes the game development process easier for android, iOS, and other platforms.

A game like Pokémon go needs a special game engine like Unity to create a highly-interactive app. If you are wondering What program does Pokémon Go use? So, Unity is marked on the top list. Game engine software helps to develop a massively multiplayer online game that creates real-world maps.

Step #3 – Add Prototype 

Make sure you create the prototype of your app which is the rough sketch that tells you how your game app like Pokémon will look. The prototype is not your app, but it shows the functionality of your app, and what elements you need to add, and remove from your app.

However, it is done with special tools that include, InVision, Pixate, etc. It even helps to manage your screen, wireframes, icons, menus, tap options, and many more. It is simply the base of your game like Pokémon go, so you can tell your app developer what characters you need to add.

Step #4 – Use of Geolocation Tools

Creating a Pokémon Clone is not an ample task, you need to follow some rules to create a fully-fledged game app. Make sure your app like the Pokémon game must have a seamless navigation system, map navigation, and spot searches. For this, you need to connect with Google API and get a license. You can even use the open street maps, but the thing is they do not give location photos.

Step #5 – Consider Game Balancing 

How to make a location-based game like Pokémon go become popular, right. But achieving this goal might be difficult, so you need to divide the objects on the map organically manner. Bear in mind that gamers always want ambiance means characters should appear properly.

When an app like Pokémon is well-balanced and does not seem complicated newcomers always want to play it and are ready to face challenges. Make sure when users sign in to the game, they do not feel complicated and exhausted. They find your gaming app highly interactive.

Step #6 – Interact With Device Sensors

When you decide to create the Pokémon go app, you have been good with direction and sensing intelligence. Make sure the characters will be seen on mobile screens rather than in the original location. You need to determine the device’s position, its space, and even speed to know whether a person going on foot or using a car while using an app like Pokémon. You require data from sensors if your smartphone;

  • Accelerometer: It helps to identify the accelerations speed of the smartphone
  • GPS: It finds out the player’s position on the basis of the global positioning network
  • Gyroscope: It reveals the device orientation in the space

Step #7 – Graphics & Game Sound 

Do not forget to add sound to your game. This will make your app more attractive and engage the player more often. However, the Pokémon go game use 3D models, this help to create appealing characters and a significant chunk of your Pokémon go development game. For this, you can use PHP and Angular JS technology to build virtual objects.

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Features To Add In The Game Like Pokémon Go

When you plan to launch a game like Pokémon go, you should be clearer about the game concept and determine the interesting features to add to it. Below you read the features to add to AR games like Pokémon go;

  • Registration:

Create an account option, so users can easily sign in or sign up

  • Create a customized Player profile:

Must offer to customize player profiles so they create personalized avatars

  • user interface should be interactive:

Your game like Pokémon go must have an interactive user interface, so the gamer can easily participate in the game while on the go.

  • Option to make new friends:

Allow your users to create new friends within the app. You also trade and gift some collectibles to each other.

  • Participate in Battle:

Adding this feature will allow gamers to participate in enthralling battles to get new digital items like Pokémon

  • Trading Digital collectibles:

 This allows players to trade collectibles with their friends 

  • Allow players to create clubs:

 A game like Pokémon go has gyms, as it is a place where players go for training & fight their Pokémon.  

  • Geo-Location tools:

Do not forget to add interactive and animated maps in your game like Pokémon go.

  • Have the ability to organize special events:

Digital collectibles your players collect during events offer different elements. So, make sure your game has the capacity to celebrate & organize exceptional events.

  • An updated version of the digital collectibles:

This feature makes your game interesting and fresh for a long time and motivates dedicated players to play the game on the go.

Winning Strategy To Build a Game Like Pokémon Go

Once you plan to have a game like Pokémon Go, you need to figure out the basic elements that make your game app highly captivating and flawless. No wonder apps like Pokémon go overwhelmed the whole world. So, here is the winning strategy app developers need to consider for creating an app like Pokémon Go.

To set your Development process for Augmented reality (AR) games like Pokémon go, set your rules first. Yet, it is true creating AR and location-based game is not easy, so we divided the whole process into different steps. So, here is the winning strategy to make your game development process easy and tells how can you build your own kind of Pokémon go like an app.

Keep on reading!

  • Augmented Reality 

When you create a real-time environment app, it surely fascinates your users & also appeals to users to play AR games like Pokémon go. Augmented reality is something that makes your game app more fascinating. It allows users to enjoy real-time games. To Make a location-based game like Pokémon go, you must consider this feature.

  • Geo-Location or Global Positioning System (GPS)

It is the latest trend used by game app developers in order to use GPS systems in their gaming applications. Pokémon go is also a game that uses GPS to find out the player’s location. It offers real-time gameplay to its users. It forces its users to go out and take a walk. It is the first GPS-based augmented reality game.

  • In-App Purchase: A Way Of Monetization 

Yet, a game app like Pokémon go are free to play, but monetization does not neglect by the app developers. Many parts of your game motivate you to make payment. App monetization is the most important thing you should consider.

  • Push Notification: Get Informed Your Players 

Push notifications are the most crucial thing that notifies players about Real-time events. It instantly notified the gamers what was happening within the game. You can implement Real-time events with socket connections. It allows the users to exchange data with players and get in a duplex mode when any one of them is online. If the user is offline, the server can send them to push notifications through third-party services.

  • Use Of Novel Technology

Let your player be an actual part of your game app like Pokémon go. You can incorporate local landmarks into the game and make your players part of the real world. The use of Novel technology gives realistic and interesting modes to players in the gaming world.

  • Define Rules of Your AR Game

Placing virtual 3D models sounds like a daunting task. You need to be creative and define the major rules to set up the augmented reality game.

  • Select Right Project Management Team

Such games to require extra attention, so you need to set up the server infrastructure with the help of the best game app developer team. They know what features and tech stack need to add to the location-based game app.

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Game Like Pokémon Go?

Once you are familiar with the process to develop the game, now you need to know the development cost of a game app like Pokémon.

The Pokémon go development cost depends on lots of factors such as the complexity of the app, its design, UI/UX of your app, front and backend development cost, server expenses, testing, and the cost of hiring the development team.

The total estimated cost to create a game like Pokémon go ranges from $120,000 to $200,000.

Pokémon Go Development Cost
APP TYPE Estimated cost Timeline
For simple version of app like Pokémon Go  $120,000 – $150,000 3 months
For Advance version of app like Pokémon Go $150,000 – $170,000 4 to 6 months
For Complex version of app like Pokémon Go $170,000 – $200,000 8+ months

However, it is the approximate cost to develop a gaming app, but it might differ on the basis of features you required.

Frequently Asked Questions

A game like Pokémon go is the biggest hit and a challenging thing to do. So, it takes 3 months to 1 year for the complete development process.

If you wondered, how do I create an app like Pokémon go, you need to set a geo-based infrastructure, use augmented reality, and set the rules of your game.

To make a location-based game, you need to figure out the tech stack they used in the app development process, generate your idea, and follow a unique approach.

The approximate cost to make a game like Pokémon go depends on the features and functionality you add. So, its cost ranges from $120,000 to $200,000.

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