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Build An App Like PayPal To Make Payments Worldwide

Digital platforms to make online transactions and save money are several but not every such platform provides its users a secure, credible and private environment and user experience. Some famous names in the domain of digital payment gateways are PayPal and Razorpay. Not only the users benefit from it but it is also a profitable business option for the app owners.

Allow us to create app like PayPal for you that saves time, costs and transfers money in not more than a few seconds on a global level.

Why Choose Us To Develop App Like PayPal

We give our clients an unfair advantage in building money transfer and payment mobile apps for them.

Payment Options

We integrate more than one payment options to your mobile app. Credit card, debit card, e-wallets, and net banking are some of the core options we offer.

Save Card Info

Once the user has chosen a specific payment gateway and option, he can store and save card details for later use.

Web Integration

The money transfer options included in the app can also be easily integrated into the web.

Customer Support

Enhanced customer service and support with 24/7 availability for global app users.

Personal Dashboard

Users can view their transaction history and activities directly through a personal dashboard.

Quick Checkout

Quick and efficient checkout options meant to maintain utmost security.

How Mobile Payment & Transaction Apps Work

PayPal solely relies on a P2P mode, not on existing banks. The transactions and payments are made through the app only as well as stored in the profiles of users. It has an already integrated e-wallet that allows users to share and send money to a person’s bank account.

The main mechanism of how PayPal works is the following.

  • Users can create their accounts on PayPal without any extra charges.
  • Users will need to link a credit/debit card to the account.
  • Once the card is added, the option to make payments or purchase through PayPal becomes active.

We, Will, Develop Your Dream App Project

Cooperate with our experts to discover how we can modify your app idea into a sumptuous reality!

How To Create An App Like PayPal With These Must-Have Features

The unique and innovative features we will add to your mobile wallet and online transaction app.

Sleek Interface

An interactive and user-friendly interface that users can utilize and access with ease.

Cloud Environment

A cloud-based environment where all the old and current money transactions will be saved.

Privacy & Security

Information of each user will be stored securely in the debit/credit card or in the user’s account.

Select Languages

The app will function on a global spectrum so users can select their native language if it is listed.

Payment Tracking

Users can track payments and stay updated with any updates in their current or prior transactions.

Billing Options

Various billing options for users to quicken the process of making payments.

Barcode scanner

An in-built barcode scanner to scan the source of where the payment has been made.

Push Notifications

Enabled push notifications to update users with any updates or support messages.


The app will automatically generate an invoice of any payment or transaction the user makes.

How Much Does It Cost To Make App Like PayPal

The price to make app like PayPal can only be accumulated once we acquire all your app requirements and the features it should have. The cost can even vary with the selection of the app operating system and platform. Since we offer affordable app development services so just send us your project brief and we will reply you back with a proper quote estimation.