How To Create An App Like Uber?

Do you know that more than 93 million people use uber globally?

Uber has changed the dynamics of the ride-sharing business. It has provided an alternate means of transportation to users of different countries. Uber has completed more than 1.45 billion trips since its launch.

Source: WallStreetZen

The success of the taxi-sharing business made the startup owner think about how to make an app like uber If you want to enter into a taxi-sharing business by developing an app like uber, then read this blog to know how can you create your place in the ride-sharing market.

First of all, you must know the important stats to develop an app like Uber

According to Business of Apps

  • In 2021 the annual revenue of Uber was $ 17.4 billion.
  • After the pandemic, Uber generated the main chunk of its revenue from the delivery business.
  • Monthly users of Uber eat are more than 118 million.

How your Uber-like app will work?

The success of the taxi-sharing business made the startup owner think about how to make an app like uber If you want to enter into a taxi-sharing business by developing an app like uber, then read this blog to know how can you create your place in the ride-sharing market.

If you want to make an app like Uber, you must know how you want your company to work. You need to make sure the model of your app is based on these 5 easy steps

Step 1 Account creation

Customer should create their account in your app to use your services.

Step:2 Ride request

After account creation, the customer can request a car. You should integrate your app with Google Maps so that customers can enter their current location and destination location to request a car.

Step :3 Communication with drivers

To create an app like uber you should also provide the option to drivers to accept or reject any ride depending on their convenience.

Step:4 Time estimation

Add the bot that can help customers track the estimated time of arrival of their cars.

Step:5 Payment

If you want to develop an app like Uber, you need to integrate multiple payment options into your app. It creates smooth communication between rider and driver. Your app working model should have a flexible payment option like PayPal, credit card, and debit card.

Step: 6 Review and rating

Performance review should be a part of your app working model if you want to gain momentum in this transport business. It provides authenticity to your business and you can take action in the case of any mishap.

Business strategies to build an app like Uber

4 Step Guide To Make An App Like Uber

If you want to build an app like uber you need some guidelines that can give you an idea of launching your app. Here are 5 steps guides you must follow:

Step :1 Thorough Research of the ride-sharing market

The research will help you in identifying the gap in the market. You have to fill that gap in your business model and create an app like Uber. Makes sure you have a unique idea that can assist you in the brand awareness campaign also.

Step:2 Identify your audience

You are creating an app for your audience. they will travel with the help of your app. So, you must identify your target customers.

Do you want to create an app like uber for office goers?

Do you want to design a ride-sharing app for school children?

Do you want to build a taxi app specifically for women?

If you have a clear idea of your target customers then proceed to the next step. Your target customer can be as follow

People without their own car

People who have their car but don’t know how to drive

Tourists and travelers for visit the city

People who want luxury experience in the car riding business.

Step:3 Create better User Interphase

You have to give extra attention UI and UX design of your website. Make sure that the app loads easily without any delay and provides a good experience to riders and drivers.

Step:4 Hire an app development company

You need to hire a team of professionals that will help you in building an app like uber.

Usually, the process of developing such a taxi application consists of the following stages:

  • Business analysis
  • UX/UI design
  • Back-end development
  • iOS and Android development
  • Quality Assurance

Project management

Features you must add for app development like uber

If you want to design an app like uber, you need to use 3 different apps that include the Drivers app, the Rider app, and the admin panel. Let’s go through the significance of the basic features and how can use these features to develop an app like uber

Features to have in your Rider app

There are two levels of features you must add to your website. The success of the taxi-sharing business made the startup owner think about how to make an app like uber. If you want to enter into a taxi-sharing business by developing an app like uber, then read this blog to know how can you create your place in the ride-sharing market.

Basic features to build an uber like app for driver


If you want to build an app like uber, provide a registration option for the rider in your app. Allow your user to register via email or social media accounts.

Booking of services

You must make sure to make taxi booking easy for your users. Provide the option of selecting multiple cars according to luxury.

Addition of fare calculator

If you want to make an app like uber, you need to add an automatic fare calculator to your app.

Ride Tracking system

You should use Ai integrated software to allow users to track the location of the driver. Make sure that with the help of technology you can inform your rider about certain conditions.


You need to integrate multiple payment options to develop an app like uber. Allow users to pay cash directly to the driver, or they can use options like credit cards, debit cards, Payoneer, and PayPal.

Message and Call Option

If you want to make uber like app, you have to make sure that there is no communication gap between rider and driver. By giving the option of messages and calls, you can ensure smooth interaction between both parties.

Driver rating

With the help of this feature, you can know about the performance of your driver. So, in the Rider app, you should add the option of driver rating and allow the users to rate according to their riding experience.

Cancellation of ride

If you want to make an app like Uber, you should give the option of cancelation to your user. You need to add the time limitation in this feature to stop the misuse of this feature.

Advanced Feature

  • Advance booking of your app
  • Option for booking ride in place of other people.
  • Option of sharing fares between peers

Features Of The Drivers App

If you want to make an app like Uber

The complete profile of the Driver

To start an app like uber, you need complete verification of drivers. In this feature, you should provide all the personal information of the driver, his driving license, and car insurance.

Alert for a new trip

If you develop an app like Uber, you need to add this feature to your driver’s app. Alert for a new trip can help the driver to accept or reject the ride request.

Optimization of route

Map navigation is one of the most significant features that you should provide in your driver’s app. It assists the driver in following the shortest possible route.

Weekly reports

Add this feature to provide weekly reports of earnings to the driver.

Extra charge for waiting time

If you want to build an app like uber, you should have this feature in your app. With the help of this feature, a driver can charge an extra amount of money after the time limit exceeds 5 minutes.

  • Advance feature
  • Chatbot integration
  • Heat maps

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Features of Admin panel app

Admin panel or dashboard helps companies in checking and updating their brand. with the help of this feature, you can take all the relevant information related to registered users and tripped detail. You have to create an admin app when developing an app like Uber.

The main admin can utilize this app to invite user admin and extend selective power to them. Distributing allows you to put on track for continuous business growth.

Here are some of the features you must add to your admin panel to make sure the smooth running of your app like uber.

  • Customer relationship management
  • Management of details of a ride
  • Management of vehicle details
  • Management of call system
  • Analyzation of reviews and ratings
  • Customer support and services
  • Fare management

What technology you can use to create an app like Uber?

You can create your ridesharing app for both Androids and iOS. The technical aspects of app creation are often difficult to understand. This table will provide you with all the latest software and technologies you can use to make an uber like app in android and iOS.

Navigation and location

If you want to know the answer of question how to create an app like uber, you must consider the latest technology. The success of the taxi-sharing business made the startup owner think about how to make an app like uber, if you want to enter into a taxi-sharing business by developing an app like uber, then read this blog to know how can you create your place in the ride-sharing market.

Uber app’s smooth functioning is primarily based on the following basic features: geolocation, push notification, and SMS and payment integration technologies.

Let’s dig deeper into the technology stack used for each of them!

Geolocation and Routing

Geolocation is one of the most basic yet indispensable features in any taxi booking app like Uber. Much of the ride-booking process revolves around identifying the user’s exact location. GPS technology comes to the fore for this functionality. While to the rider on the front-end the process of dropping a pin on the map and finding the nearby drivers looks quite simple, there’s a complex amount of processing and data-sharing going on behind the scenes. From the moment the app is launched till the drop-off, a routing server works non-stop to measure the distance and run the routes.

2. Payment method Integration

Online payments have become the norm nowadays thanks to the advance in technologies. With Uber using cashless payments, this feature has come to be accepted as a standard in any type of taxi booking app. Uber offers its users a fare calculator that gives a decent estimate of the ride’s cost. This is based on the four main criteria:

  • Base fare
  • Cost per mile
  • Cost per minute
  • Safe rides fee

A payment method’s integration should be performed with due care to ensure the safety of the user’s financial data. For credit card data processing, the payment system should meet PCI compliance. Alternatively, you could opt for payment gateway providers that offer PCI compliance solutions such as Braintree or Stripe.

3. Registration & Profile Management

User registration and profile setup are quite important features in a taxi booking app as they allow you to get a real sense of your user base In recent years, it’s become a common practice across all categories of apps to allow user registration through Gmail or Facebook. The profile itself should allow for basic identity setup(photo, name, phone number). Finally, users should be offered a rating/review system. This allows you to gather crucial user insights, learn about their major pain points, and use that feedback to improve your service.

4. Communication & Notifications

The significance of timely communication can’t be emphasized enough in a taxi app like Uber. To make communication swift and hassle-free, Uber lets its users to text/call each other without leaving the app. Still, to keep the driver and rider on the same wavelengths the app sends out SMS, email, and push notifications during the key stages of the ride-booking process. For the iOS platform, push notifications are made possible with Apple Push Notification Service, as for the Android, the Firebase Cloud Messaging service is used. SMS notifications can be integrated with APIs such as Twilio, Plivo and Nexmo.

5. Ride Cost Estimate

This feature allows riders to get an estimated price of their ride based on the pick-up and drop off locations. The calculation is worked out using an algorithm integrated inside the app. Different fares need to be specified if the platform offers a diverse range of vehicles for booking.

6. Schedule a Ride in Advance

Ride-scheduling is an advanced feature made popular by Uber a few years back. It allows users to book a ride in advance anywhere between 15 minutes to 30 days. This is a good feature for those who like to plan ahead of their travel. It could be part of the initial MVP release or rolled out in later updates based on user feedback.

The business model you can use to make an app like uber

It is up to you which model you want to use in your taxi app. Uber works as a third party and provide interaction between drivers and passenger. Here is a revenue model you can follow if you want to know how you can earn money by creating an app like uber

The monetization model you can consider to develop a like uber are as follows:


Most ride-sharing apps work on the percentage model in which these companies charge a certain amount of commissions. If you want to build an app like Uber, you can take 20% or 30% commission. For example, if the rider paid 100 dollars, the driver will take 70$ or 80$ based on the charging fee.

This is a transparent system and works on the smooth communication of drivers and riders.


If you want to build an app like uber you can also follow the Listing Model to generate revenue. In this model, taxi companies charge fixed amounts from drive and register them on their app. Afterward, no sharing of profit between the companies.

Per ride charge

For developing an app like Uber, you can enforce this model in your app design to generate revenue. In this model, drivers have to pay for a number of rides per day. But it is a fixed price regardless of how much you have generated with your app.

This model is attention-grabbing for riders and they are charged less but it can indirectly help you in the marketing of your business. Because drivers will encourage their peers to join this app and more driver means more revenue for your app.

Service Fee

You can take the services fee from the driver but make sure that it is a negligible amount that the rider might not mind paying.

Companies ad

You can earn a lot of revenue simply by advertising. Bigger companies want to run their ad on renowned apps. If your app will have a lot of downloads, they will love to pay you the amount of money.

  • Subscription fee from a rider
  • Delivery fee

The factors that affect the ride cost are

  • Traffic / Peak hours
  • Holidays
  • Weather condition
  • City condition

Estimated time to develop an app like Uber

You all know that app development is a time taking process. If you want to create an app like Uber you need to understand the timing required to develop the ride-sharing app. As you know you have to use two separate models for your taxi sharing app. One app interphase is for Drivers and one is for riders. Factors that influence the time of app creation are as follow

  • App platform (iOS / Android)
  • App type (Native/hybrid)
  • Technology
  • Company goals

This table provides the insight into the time required to develop an MVP of an app like Uber for drivers

Features Front- End development

Estimated time

Back-end development

Estimated Time

Registration 90 Hours 85 Hours
Main screen 160 Hours 50 Hours
GPS location 11
The total time required to develop the front end of an app like uber is 261 Hours
The estimated time required to design the back end of the rider app is 135 Hours

Approximate time to design the Minimum Viable Version or MVP of an app like Uber for riders

Features Front end development


Back end development

(Hours )

Addition of Payment method 80 120
Ride Schedule 70 60
Trip Alerts 20 30
Order cancellation 20 60
Now Flow

  • Integration of App
  • Location
  • Car selection
  • Payment option selection
200 180
Registration 25
Front-end development of rider’s app needs 415 hours
Back-end development requires approx. 450 hours

Your developer needs 250-300 hours to develop an admin panel of your app like uber.

What is the maximum cost required to build an app like Uber?

As you already know the time required to develop a ride-sharing app. Let’s discuss the estimated budget you must keep to create an app like Uber.

The development cost of any app depends upon the complexity of its design, features, app type, choice of platform, and marketing strategy. When discussing the cost of developing an app like uber, there’s no categorical figure one can stick to. Statista provides the average rate for different locations around the world:

  • North America — $60-250 per hour
  • United Kingdom — $60-150 per hour
  • Western Europe — $40-120 per hour
  • Eastern Europe — $20-100 per hour
  • India — $10-80 per hour

Just to reaffirm the point, these figures must be taken with a pinch of salt. They only reflect the averages. A comprehensive discussion about the project with a development partner can reveal additional costs.

  • Now you know that you have to keep the budget of at least $123,000-$220,000 to make an app like uber.

Industries To Consider for Creating Apps Like Uber

What are the alternatives to an app like Uber?

Uber has the highest market value in the ride-sharing business. After the success of the Uber app, many other apps also entered this business. Some apps are even direct rivals of uber and earn more revenue than Uber. You need to look at these apps for the successful creation of a taxi-sharing app.


Year Of Foundation: 2012

This app has become one of the biggest competitors of Uber. Although they provide limited options in America, this ride-sharing app has a bigger share than uber.


Year Of Foundation: 2012


Year Of Foundation: 2012

If you want to make an app like Uber, you can follow the work model of Gett which is Israel based ride-sharing company. They do not inflate rates during weather conditions and provide cheaper services than their Uber counterpart.


Year Of Foundation: 2012

Curb is famous for its professional demeanor. They have a policy of working with licensed car drivers. They have their services mainly in the US.


Year Of Foundation: 2010

This Indian-based startup gained huge success in the span of 12 years. If you want to make an app like Uber, you should also check the features of OLA.

If you cannot understand the design or features or tech stack of uber, you can analyze the working model of an alternative app to know how you can make an app like Uber.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can create a native ridesharing app one for android and the other for iOS. You can also design a hybrid app that can work for both platforms.

Developers can take 3-6 months to create an app like Uber.

Cost to build an app like Uber range from $123,000 to $220,000 for both iOS and native platforms.

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