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We give you the amazing chance to get your app developed by the exceptional expertise of our talented app developers. We bring a revolutionizing service package for business in the travel and tourism industry. Now you can develop an app like Uber in no time and provide your customers with convenience solution to travel around their favorite places.

At the most affordable cost, we create an Android app like Uber that transform the business completely and it not only caters the target users but brings ease for the suppliers. The apps have dual functionality it assists the driver as when as the traveler. With the safest encryption, the app protects the customer credentials and make sure that none of the sensitive data leaves the platform.

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How To Make An App Like Uber

We at the premium app development company promise to build an above par app like Uber. We integrate both the two interfaces with added security and seamless navigation.

Ease For The Target Users

The visitors to the app can view available cars and book them to safe travel. They can check the location in real-time and get in touch with their drivers.

For The Suppliers

The suppliers or drivers using the app can easily find their customer available or willing to get picked or dropped. They can locate the address and reach their instantly.

Multiple Drop-off

If you are planning for a long trip, you can add more than one stop on the trip while booking. You can even edit that during your trip just before the driver reaches the last drop off. It helps in saving the time and let you have a relaxing experience.

Time-Tracking Feature

The moment your ride is booked you can view the exact time taken to reach your destination. We provide the perfect example as to how to create an app like Grab with our feature-rich interface. The feature helps you schedule your work by tracking the time.

Push Notifications

With the running on of the push notifications you can get updated as to where your rider and how long will it take for him to reach.

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We Promise A Feature-Rich Interface

We equip our apps with a bundle of features and options to ease up the functionality. We make app like Uber in a way that it defines the highest level of professionalism of the firm and shows uniformity from every corner. Keeping customers satisfaction and ease in mind, our developers create an android app that shows an unmatched level of creative work.

Real-Time Tracking

The app will provide you instant tracking of the location along with monitoring the movement of your ride and driver in real-time.

A Detailed Portfolio

It will have managed portfolios of each rider along with the rec=views he has been getting with other customers for his rides. At an affordable price, you get to provide your customers with the most secure travelling experience.

Location Sharing Facility

As you learn about how we develop an app like Uber, you get convinced about our true dedication to transforming your business. We allow each user to share and pinpoint their location for better navigation.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of an app depends upon the features you want to add and the level of coding you want to integrate into its framework. At our platform, we provide the most flexible pricing to our customers. We have custom deals, where you can pick your required features and tailor the total amount.

To create an app like Uber, you have to first focus on incorporating the most important features while making sure to keep the navigational aspect seamless. As the service-on-demand apps need to be efficient, we can assist you in developing a great app for your business.

The duration can vary. An app may take up to three months to reach the stage of its completion. However, since we have custom deals and packages, you can tailor the features according to your needs, and that will affect the duration taken to complete it.

The programming languages required to create an app like Uber include Java, PHP, Node. JS, and Python. If you do not feel competent enough to do justice with your app coding, you can seek our assistance. We will deliver a top-notch app, like Uber, to you.

For developing Android applications, you may require a very accurate understanding of Android Studio along with its plugins. On the other hand, iOS applications can be developed using xCode, an integrated iOS development tool. We, at Create An App Like, have a broad team of developers who offer impeccable development services.

It would be tricky and risky to create an app like Uber only within 11 days. You have to ponder on several aspects, and above all, you have to create a strategy that can define your app differently and exceptionally well, better than Uber. We can help you find the right track to develop a great app.

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