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Digital and online communication mediums are the new replacement for conventional means of entertainment, communication, and collaboration. Social media apps are the pioneers of this change and Snapchat is just another app that offers more than simplistic chatting and sharing options to its users.

Top Features To Build An App Like Snapchat

Following are the main features of Snapchat that our app developers and designers will integrate into your mobile app.

Capture Snaps

Users can take and capture pictures or videos in the form of snaps.

Upload Snaps

Once users capture a snap, there will be the option to upload it on their profiles.

Sharing Snaps

After users edit and upload their snaps, they can even share it with their friends.

Animated Filters

A feature called Lenses where users can add animated filters and effects in real-time.

Location Filters

Unique geolocation filters where users can add a textual overlay of their current location.

Friend List

Adding friends on the app by searching by usernames or QR Codes.

Chat Feature

Users can not only send and share snaps but can also start private chats with each other.

Audio Calls

An audio call feature is available on the app for users along with the option to send audio clips.

Video Calls

Users can start video calls with other app users and even share small snippets of video clips.

Add Story

Snaps can be uploaded and saved on profiles or shared with others but users can even add their snaps in stories.

Search Stories

Those who want to discover new and latest story updates can do so in the ‘Discover’ option.

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Search Content

Easy content search by adding filters for the genre, categories, reviews, and upload date.

Other Settings

Users can access the options to add, remove subtitles and control video speed or volume.

Rate & Review

A separate section for ratings and reviews for each restaurant will be available.

Video Resolution

Both the video quality and resolution of the streaming videos can be adjusted.

Content Recommendations

The app itself will recommend new TV shows and movies to users based on their likes.

Stream Videos

Stream unlimited shows, movies, events, and live programs without any limit on streaming.

Content Recommendations

The app itself will recommend new TV shows and movies to users based on their likes.

Feature List

We make sure your project brief consists of the features you want your app to have. The more features you add to the app, the more costly the package becomes.

Development Cost

Since the list of features to develop app like Netflix is quite extensive, the number of people working on your app increases to an extent as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Netflix, which is a kind of video streaming application, provides video content from all around the globe. You need to check the number of features before you finalize any cost as it all depends upon your project requirements. Our aim, however, is to provide exceptional services at highly affordable prices.

The total cost to build an app depends upon the features you add and the kind of functionality you want it to have. However, we can help you get the best deal as we provide a custom app development process to our customers.

Netflix is a streaming app that facilitates its users with unlimited movies and TV shows streaming. You can pop into any genre and check the work of any production house in whichever language you want. Along with accessing subtitles, there are a number of efficient, engaging features.

To create an app like Netflix, you have to first understand what the original app is lacking and what your target audience demands. You have to learn about all the features that you can include in your app that can help you make great progress. If you find any trouble, get in touch with our services.

Netflix requires smooth navigation and uninterrupted functionality. As it has to support movies created in high definition quality, it should be able to operate exceptionally, catering services to millions of users at the same time. We know the complexities involved in its development, and we are here to assist you in getting the best version of the app.

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