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Digital and online communication mediums are the new replacement for conventional means of entertainment, communication, and collaboration. Social media apps are the pioneers of this change and Snapchat is just another app that offers more than simplistic chatting and sharing options to its users.

Top Features To Build An App Like Snapchat

Following are the main features of Snapchat that our app developers and designers will integrate into your mobile app.

Capture Snaps

Users can take and capture pictures or videos in the form of snaps.

Upload Snaps

Once users capture a snap, there will be the option to upload it on their profiles.

Sharing Snaps

After users edit and upload their snaps, they can even share it with their friends.

Animated Filters

A feature called Lenses where users can add animated filters and effects in real-time.

Location Filters

Unique geolocation filters where users can add a textual overlay of their current location.

Friend List

Adding friends on the app by searching by usernames or QR Codes.

Chat Feature

Users can not only send and share snaps but can also start private chats with each other.

Audio Calls

An audio call feature is available on the app for users along with the option to send audio clips.

Video Calls

Users can start video calls with other app users and even share small snippets of video clips.

Add Story

Snaps can be uploaded and saved on profiles or shared with others but users can even add their snaps in stories.

Search Stories

Those who want to discover new and latest story updates can do so in the ‘Discover’ option.

We, Will, Develop Your Dream App Project

Cooperate with our experts to discover how we can modify your app idea into a sumptuous reality!

Make App Like Snapchat & Monetize It With No Cost

Knowing the features alone needed to create app like Snapchat are not the only important factor instead we also help you frame a monetization strategy for your app.

Advertising & Marketing

Users can place paid ads on the Discovery page of the app. In turn, you will get a share of the revenue generated through the paid advertising.


Geofilters and animated filters are a part of the app and can be launched through a sponsorship with renowned brands or influencers

API Integration

APIs dedicated for placement of ads will help you place promotional ads in between snaps and stories.

Our Team Knows How To Develop App Like Snapchat

As our client, you just have to sit back and relax as our talented development team will render and execute the completion of your app according to your desired requirements.

Development Team

Our team of app developers will thoroughly brainstorm for unique ideas and features for your app. We always make sure you are kept in the loop and each of your suggestions is appreciated and followed.

App Operating System

Selection of app platform and operating system is made right after we have analyzed which platform will suit your app better. Whether you choose iOS or Android, your app is going to comprise of quality features.

Design & Development

The development phase begins right after the requirement analysis phase is completed. Ranging from the complexity of the design to the integration of a number of features, the final price is determined.

Total Cost To Develop App Like Snapchat

While the exact cost cannot be determined but we can give you a concise estimate about it when you provide us with your project brief. It depends on the features, design, app platform and how complex the development process can become. After careful analysis, you will be given the exact price of the package.

Frequently Asked Questions

How difficult is it to create an app like Snapchat?

There are certain complications clouding the development of Snapchat. The app has a short-lived story part and AI-backed filters that would imitate your facial expressions and features and transform them using filters. We can help you develop a great app with our expertise as we have been doing this for years.

What programming languages were used to build Snapchat?

To build an app like Snapchat, you need to get your hands on languages like Java, PHP, Node. JS and Python. These languages are crucial to create a smooth app, which can entertain a huge number of the target audience. At Create An App Like, we have a team of developers who would be thrilled to work for you.

Could you use Swift to create an iOS app like Snapchat?

Yes, you can use Swift programing language to create an app like Snapchat. The language has been preferred by Apple’s official developers too to create seamless applications. Moreover, we have the expertise to use the language for developing customer-centric interfaces.

How much does it cost to build an app like Snapchat?

The cost of making an app like Snapchat depends upon the number of filters and features you add in its framework. You need to be selective if you have a minimum budget. We provide custom packages to help our customers gate the best app.

What coding language is used in developing an app like Snapchat?

Python is the most preferred coding language to develop an app like Snapchat. However, if you do not want to go with this coding language, we provide many alternate options as well. All you need to do is get on our platform and discuss the requirements with our team.

How long does it take to create an app like Snapchat?

The duration to completion depends upon how massive the requirement is. If you have a long list of features to add to your app, it will definitely take more days or months. You can discuss your project needs with our professionals and design the package according to your needs.