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Buying and selling classified apps are a great opportunity for the users to buy and sell a wide range of products and services. It is a place where gadgets, furniture, goods, pets, and properties are sold. It is an impressive platform with a variety of products. The classified apps like OLX have made trade easy and now traders and business are trying to invest into making an app like OLX.

What Is OLX?

OLX is a one of the world’s biggest classified apps that is a platform where people can sell and buy goods. It has a scale-dependent model and the portal spends a lot of money to generate traffic on the platform. Now, they have 350 million active users (2019).

If you are a start-up business, apps like OLX can assist you to establish a business and target customers. They make a customized solution to fulfill every need. OLX pricing is also cost-effective. There are various essential benefits in making OLX mobile app. So, let’s look into the process of developing an app like OLX.

What Is A Buying And Selling Classified Apps?

To make you understand there is a difference between a classified and an e-commerce platform. Well, there is a huge difference between both of them. A marketplace or a classified app is used by those who want to sell or buy. Typically, a customer buys a product after testing and acquiring the seller. In some cases, products are pre-loved too.

A classified app has a much larger reach compared to an e-commerce app or website. OLX apps are a platform that connects customers and business owners. The mode of a transaction depends on the purchaser or the seller. Another point to look at in a classified app, there is no defined model. It could be a B2C or a B2B model. So, it allows working in any way, thus reaching a wider audience.

The Development Process Of Making An App Like OLX

Are you thinking, how to make an app like OLX? Well, you should know some of its integral characteristics that tells how important a classified app can be. In an app like OLX,

Basic Characteristics In An App Like OLX

  • Users can add OLX free listings. With prices along with contact details.
  • You can search for a preferred buyer or a seller.
  • These apps have OLX notification to let customers know about new offers and products, additionally, it also informs about vendors.
  • The users get attractive seasonal and festive discounts.
  • The users can buy any product from any industry be it a fresh product or refurbished.
  • With these apps OLX create ad is free, you can also integrate this feature.

Steps To Make An App Like OLX

Other apps like OLX require a development process. For that you need to design, build and launch your app. If you want to reach a new audience, make sure you follow these important steps.

  • Step 1 – Design the idea of the app and brainstorm on it
  • Step 2 – Look and research a user’s needs and demands
  • Step 3 – Set some goals for your app
  • Step 4 – Start sketching wireframes
  • Step 5 – Design an intuitive UI/UX
  • Step 6- Based on your needs, make a native or a cross-platform app.
  • Step – 7 Run tests on your OLX iOS app or Android app

The Integral Features Of An App Like OLX (Two Perspectives)

OLX and similar apps have separate features that help them to work swiftly. There are two perspectives from which an app like OLX needs its features. They are discussed below. For your OLX app you can check OLX subscription fees. The features are,

  • User panel
  • Admin panel
  • User Panel

It is important to include basic features in an android app like OLX, you need to include its salient features to start with the app. The features need to be crafted according to the preferences of a user.

  • Sign Up

Every new user is required to sign up on the application. The signing up process requires adding basic information to register on the platform. It can be done by entering social media account details or necessary credentials. OLX ‘create an account’ or for other apps is the basic step to start with..

  • Buying And Selling

On this platform there is an OLX seller app as well as a buyer app. Therefore, users can also buy a product. In your app like OLX, add massive new OLX features and products.

  • Search And Filters

Search filters can be helpful in finding desired products. The search and filter can lead buyers to their preferred sellers.

  • Ads Posting

To make people aware of products and services, it needs an ad. The ads are used as a marketing tactic. Make sure the ads must have verified information for OLX download app

  • Notifications

The notification can alert buyers and sellers about important information. OLX shopping app has real-time notifications that can be useful for your app too.

  • Saving Products

The saving feature can help save products and ads. It can allow the users to save and buy later.

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  • Admin Panel

To make an android app like OLX, you need to integrate admin features too. The admin panel has the power to control the overall functioning of an app.

  • User Management

Admins can manage all the users on this app. From this feature of the OLX like the app, an admin can verify buyers or sellers.

  • Product Management

Product management allows the admin to manage the listing of products and make sure about the quality of the products.

  • Tracking Of Orders

Order tracker can help the admin to keep a record of every order, its movement, and placement. With this feature, the admin can have updates about inventory too.

  • Tools

There should be necessary tools like spam, and virus detection. An admin can take the help of the virus or spam removal tool to protect and enhance web security.

  • Payment Management

All the payments and money have to be looked over by admins. He must know about every payment detail. The feature can allow the admin to keep track of payments between buyers and sellers.

  • Reports

The reports feature can give admins an overview about every function of the app. Add this feature to make a revenue report, order value, etc.

Advanced Features To Add In An App Like OLX

While building your app, you need to make it stand out from other apps. OLX applications and other apps require an OLX software developer. You need to come up with some advanced features. Make a set of compatible and competent features that sets your app apart from similar apps like OLX. To integrate advanced apps, use the following features.

  • Multiple Language Integration

Allow to change language in OLX app clone. The app will be used by people all over the world and you cannot restrict them to a specific language. It is important to integrate a multilingual language option so anyone from anywhere can join.

  • Chat And Call Support

For a better communication bridge, add the in-app chat and call feature. This feature can help buyers and sellers communicate in a go. They can communicate regarding any important matter with OLX live chat support. OLX live chat support is one of their advanced features.

The in-app calling feature can help the buyers and sellers to talk about products, their availability, discounts and prices.

Push notifications

Add an updated system of push-notifications. The notification bar can help the customers to be updated with the latest news and new products.

  • In App Camera

The in-app camera can be a significant feature where users can take pictures within the app. Thus, if there are pictures it can be easier for the buyer to make their purchases.

  • Tracker

The tracker can help the customers be updated about their orders and shipments. With the help of a GPS tracker; users can check if there is confirmation and when it will be dispatched. It can track the order from its placement to final delivery. This feature can be a real help for customer building.

  • Multiple Payment Option

For a hassle-free transaction, a must have feature is multiple payment options. You can include mobile wallets, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.

  • Effective And Efficient CRM

To download the OLX app free for android, you need to gather an audience. Make an efficient relations system to build an impeccable channel of communication with customers. Effective CRM also helps in personalizing their results.

  • Dashboard

To have an insight on data and performance of sites similar to OLX, make a dashboard. It helps in better planning and making decisions based on graphs.

  • Autocomplete Search

The most helpful feature can be auto-complete search, where users can instantly find what they are looking for. Auto research can create a pre-populated list to make the searching process easier.

Tech Stack Required To Make An App Like OLX

For making your OLX APK, you need to have sheer knowledge about selecting it. OLX mobile app download needs a technology stack to complete its production. To go ahead of the competition, you can contact an experienced mobile app developer.

Web PHP, JavaScript, .Net
Payment gateway Braintree, PayPal, Stripe
Database Hbase, MangoDB, Cassandra
Push notifications Push,io Twilio
Voice and SMS, verification Nexmo, Twilio
Cloud environment Google, AWS, Microsoft Azure
Real-Time Analytic IBM, Big Data, Spark

List Of Apps Similar To OLX

OLX alternative apps are another point that talks about its importance and the need to make an app like OLX. Your app like OLX can have a distinct feature that can separate it from other apps like OLX. Some of the similar apps like OLX are,

  • Craigslist
  • Mercari
  • OLX
  • Zamroo
  • NL Classifieds
  • Gumtree
  • Coutloot
  • eBay
  • Quikr

The Importance Of Investing In An App Like OLX

Online classifieds have taken over the world. Due to digitization people have moved to online shopping and classified apps come under it. The online classified ads market CAGR is growing by 9.5%. This is forecasted till 2026. These platforms are being largely used by people. Its users are growing at a fast speed. It is due to the use of the internet and the penetration of smartphones.

Globally the online classified market is expected to grow by 4% CAGR from 2020 to 2028. The increasing data shows the influence of online markets. Thus, the online classified market is also growing. So, there is a chance for more apps like OLX.

Revenue Generating Tactics In An App Like OLX

Best Selling apps like OLX have their selling tactics that help them to generate revenue and money. You can earn by showing ads of your app on other pages and businesses. Also, the admin can charge business to out their ad at the top. Lastly, you can also add option of a commission whenever a transaction takes place.

Frequently Asked Questions

OLX is a leading classified platform that connects people to buy and sell online. It is a free platform that can be used by a phone or a laptop. Millions of people find products such as furniture, instruments, goods, houses, automobiles, etc.

On OLX, the featured ads are a list of ads that are at the top of the page. It is a premium feature that is used to increase visibility of any product.

One of the ways to earn on classified apps is to run ads. Unlike other online selling platforms, they use Google Search Engine and Sponsored Listings. They also use Google ADS and Google AdSense.

The overall cost to create an app like OLX is roughly estimated that would ranges between $9,500 to $45,000.

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