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Upsurge In The Market On E-Commerce App

E-commerce apps have gained significance in the way customers used to shop. Now they prefer to resort to online mediums and platforms to place orders, get products and even services. It all began with e-commerce websites but now it is has shifted to mobile apps.

People who want to acquire a lucrative e-commerce business are often inspired by OLX, an online marketplace, and intend to know how to create an app like OLX. It is not the result of a single person instead only adamant teamwork led to the formation of OLX.

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Customizable Offers and Discounts

You can capture customer attention by offering sales, discounts and various offers that you can customize and change further. Both used and brand new items can be displayed on the app to target audiences having different preferences and likings.

Socialize and Shop

Your app users will be given a platform where they can do more than shop for branded or used goods. They can socialize with the sellers, get to know about their credibility and form an acquaintance based on trust.

Reach Out To Audiences

An online marketplace or e-commerce app is meant to connect to a diverse type of audience. You will never be limited to a specific set of customers as the domain to create app like OLX is quite vast.

Integral Features To Build An App Like OLX
The following key features will be added to your app.

User Registration

by default so your app users stay updated at all times.

Free Ads

Hassle-free placement of free ads after it has been verified through phone number.

Buying and Selling

Users can become both buyers and sellers and showcase/purchase from several categories.

Search Filters

Option to apply search filters so users can easily find what they have been looking for.

Chat Feature

Chat in real-time with sellers to clear any confusions about the authenticity of the products.

App Notifications

Enable push notifications to update users about new deals and app updates.

Save Products

Option to save products that are found while browsing to view later on.

Trending Deals

Enable push notifications to update users about new deals and app updates.

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Estimating The Cost To Make App Like OLX

The following factors determine the basic cost estimation we will accumulate to create app like OLX.

App Platform

The overall package for app development varies for both iOS and Android operating system. Once you choose your preferred platform, we accumulate the cost for you.

App Interface and Design

The most crucial part of an app is its design and we pay heed to it the most. Relying on the latest technologies in app design, we make sure to make the cost affordable for you.

App Features

The number of app features your app would contain also plays a role in determining the price of the app development package. We focus on quality and useful features only so do not fret.

App Development

On to the app development phase, the expertise and experience of our app developers matter the most to develop app like OLX and its package estimation.

Monetization Preferences For Your Mobile App

It is required for app owners to generate a revenue stream through their mobile app. The decision to make app like OLX is not only great to drive buyer and seller traffic but the app can be monetized without any hurdles.

Earn from your online marketplace and e-commerce app from the following ways. Commission-based earnings. Fees for every transaction. Option to place and list paid ads .Membership feature for users

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost to create an app like OLX depends upon the list of features you are planning to add. The app will involve a bundle of listings and ads; therefore, it should run smoothly to function. We can help you develop a similar app at the most affordable pricing.

To create an Android app like OLX, you need to practice Hybrid and Native languages for proper language understanding. You need to know how to handle the complexities and develop a seamless app. We, along with our huge team of developers, are here to help you out with that.

The total time needed to create the application depends upon how complicated your app is. If it has a lot of features included in it, it will take more than six weeks to reach to its stage of completion. Moreover, we can provide you with our exceptional support to get an app developed in no time.

The app can be created using common programming languages, including Swift, Python, and Java. It’s just a simple app that has nothing too complicated involved. Still, if you feel troubled, you can give us a call at any time.

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