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Business needs to understand and value the significance to automate and modify with the changing technological ecosystem or else they will be left behind. Therefore, at our premier app development company we develop an app like WhatsApp that allows a smooth and uninterrupted channel of communication. We allow our customers to get connected with their target audience through a much more personalized mode.

As the industries are becoming saturated, it puts a dire need upon you to make app like WhatsApp that can help in bridging the gap of communication. At any time of the day, you can get to know about your customer problems and give them instant advice. They do not have to pop out your website every time they get a query or idea to share. With the app like WhatsApp, you can expand your clientele most cost-effectively.

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Exceptional Voice Call Quality

We develop such apps like WhatsApp that provide the most effective voice-call facilities to customers. There are no carrier charges. With access to W-Fi facility, the app operates and connects the users with his or her contacts. You can enjoy even an hour-long call to clarify all the confusion and cater your customers with most engaging customer support.

High Definition Picture Quality

The app we build like WhatsApp is equipped with a high definition picture quality. At most reasonable prices, you get facilitated with a platform that provides quick picture capturing quality. You can capture an image and share it your messages. Above all, it also facilitates users with high definition video calling facilities as well. Now you must stop looking about how to make an app like WhatsApp elsewhere as we are ready to work for you with our unmatched expertise.

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App Monetization

Why don’t you turn your simple, entertaining app into a profitable moneymaking platform? Fascinated by the thought, are you? Well, we provide you the platform that can add ample opportunities to raise money and increase your revenue generation.

Most Personalized Features

An app having custom feature has become the best thing in the nick of the time. Therefore, when we look for how to create an app like WhatsApp, we make sure to add personalized features in it. Now you can change the wallpapers, and add your favorite stickers in the stock. We create such apps that allow group chats and conference video/audio calling facilities. At a reasonable cost, you get robust to fuel up your business. Now make your app appealing and personalized by selecting from the built-in templates.

Cloud Backup With Exceptional End-To-End Encryption

Our frameworks revolving around how to develop an app like WhatsApp includes well-protected servers. We make sure that your app has shielded servers from malfunction and hackers. No scam and no transparent policies are involved in our business. We execute advanced service features and streamline every process with the ultra-dedicated approach. We build result-oriented strategies to garner the attention of the target users and generate the highest performance of your business.

Unlimited Cloud Backup

Above all, our app provides unlimited cloud backup. It not only backs up the images or media files but entire chat history. In case you lose your device or had to delete your app, you can get the entire conversation and group history back just like the way it was. Each app we develop highlight our superior level of expertise and reflect uniformity of your business. We intact your brand image and help you unleash greater opportunities for success for your business. You can stir ultra-appealing creativity and sprinkle appeal to increase user engagements. We are open to suggestion and welcome your every query. So, feel free to get in touch with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

To create an app like WhatsApp, all you need to do is stick to the list of features the original app provides. Since you are providing an instant messaging and calling app, its functionality should be smooth and uninterrupted. That is only possible when you join hands with our experts and let us make your dreams come true.

WhatsApp does not have too many features; hence, its cost is minimal. However, the only thing that is costly is its coding aspect, as the app is supposed to work seamlessly. We at Create An App Like provide an exceptional range of development services to our customers.

Yes, you can create one. Considering the native android development on JavaScript and C++, you can use Android Studio as a primary tool. Moreover, we can help you develop one as well. We have a team of developers who have years of experience in creating great apps.

The time required to create an app like WhatsApp can be between six to eight weeks. However, we can help you calculate the exact time depending upon your requirements. Our developers are extremely interested in working for you.

The app is basically based on ERLANG. That is the programming framework used to create it. However, you can use any language from the Node. JS to Python to develop an instant messaging app. Or you can seek our help to develop a great app.

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