How to Create an App Like Amazon

Nowadays, people prefer online shopping. Online shopping has become an integral part of the retail system worldwide. All credit goes to the digitalization that has brought advancement in the lives of common individuals.

One of the well-recognized eCommerce platforms is Amazon. It was initiated as an online bookstore. Now it has become an eCommerce giant and brought great ease to the lives of individuals.

It has been observed that eCommerce app like Amazon have paid off the most, as compared to other tech apps. Let’s look have the stats below:

The above stats are taken from Statista, which shows that Amazon is on the top and paid off the most as compared to other tech giants. As you have observed through the stats a shopping app like Amazon is on-demand which is the reason why developers want to develop an app like Amazon.

Now in case you want to create an app like Amazon, then you should read this blog thoroughly.

Prerequisites to make an app like Amazon

When you start to make an app like Amazon, there are a few prerequisites on which you need to focus: Steps used in the making of the app, technologies used in the development, professional workforce requirement, features that must be included, and factors that determine the cost of app building.

Steps to create an app like Amazon

Step 1: Research and analysis

The first and foremost step of app development is research and analysis. Highly extensive research is required to create an app like Amazon. Conduct thorough market research, gather info about similar apps and research your target audience. Furthermore, you should not forget your competitors in this step. Analyze their work properly and point out the dos and don’ts. You should be well aware of the dos and don’ts of your competitor’s app so that you will not repeat the same mistake and add something more creative.

Step 2: Include vital features

The next step while making an app like Amazon is to include attractive features in your app. Add such features into the app that must be useful and bring easiness to the journey of the app user. While creating an eCommerce app like Amazon you should include features like registration, search option, cart, notification option, feedback option, and feature to access location. There are so many features left out and it is not possible to discuss all of them here. It is better to explore on your own.

Step 3: Create an enticing UI/UX

Designing plays an important role. It affects the time users spend on the app. If the user interface is not user-friendly then there is a chance that the user will delete the app for sure and install any other app similar to yours. Therefore, designing a captivating app is the most important thing. You might know that visuals play an important role in grabbing a viewer’s attention.

Step 4: Start the development

The development of an app like Amazon comprises two parts. One is backend development and the other is front-end development. For backend development, you can either utilize backend service providers for your project or can build a customized backend from scratch. For the front-end development, you need to choose which type of app you want to create a native, a web or a hybrid app. The backend is for the development of back and inside programs and the front-end decides how the app will look like.

Step 5: Share prototype with client

Once you are done with development and design then it is time to share it with your client to ensure 100% satisfaction. You need to be patient and be ready for the client’s feedback. It is the finest and easy way to identify if your app would work or not. In case your client is not satisfied with the app then it’s your responsibility to provide revisions as per his expectations.

Step 6: Modifications

As of now, if you have received feedback from your client then it is necessary to modify your app according to the client’s comments. Analyze each part of the app according to the client’s feedback, either is it up to his expectations or not After modification, send it for the testing and QA process.

Step 7: Testing and QA process

Once you are done with all of the above steps, now it is time to go for proper testing and QA of the app like Amazon. It will be good if you choose 3 to 4 random people and ask them to use your app and provide feedback about its user interface. It is vital to do QA to make sure no error is left in your app before the final launch.

Step 8: App optimization

You are required to optimize your app properly in case you want to increase its reach. Add proper keywords, backlinks, and appropriate titles that will help you to optimize your app.

Step 9: Promotion of app

Once you have created an app like Amazon then it’s time to let the world know about your masterpiece. For this purpose, you need highly efficient marketers that can propose effective strategies to market your app. Moreover, there are a few basic tips that can help you in the marketing of your app.

  • Write a blog

It is the easiest and simplest way to promote an app. Hire bloggers and creative writers and ask them to start a blog for the app promotion.

  • Promotional video

You can create a promotional video. Tell the features of your app and its benefits in that video. Circulate it on all possible social platforms.

  • Answering queries

Another way for app promotion is by resolving queries and proposing solutions on different query posting platforms available on the web.

  • Utilize social media

The best platform to promote anything is social media. The same goes for an app like Amazon. You can effectively promote your app through social media. All you need to do is to choose the right group and pages for app promotion.

Step 10: Launch the app on various platforms

Now it is time to launch your app if you have successfully completed all the above steps. However, choosing the right platform for your app is a crucial part.

Technologies used to develop an app like Amazon

For Front-end Development

Platform Programming Languages IDE
Android Java and Kotlin Android Studio
iOS Swift

For Backend Development:

Development Language Database Hosting Server
PHP MySQL ubuntu 16.04

Professional workforce to develop an app like Amazon

An Amazon like app development needs a skilled workforce so you are required to have the following working professionals for the app development.

  • Project manager

A project manager is highly needed to run the app creation project smoothly. Supervision of someone who is skilled and professional in a specific domain is always required to manage the process efficiently.

  • Application developers

App developers for the (Backend, front-end, or full-stack) development are considered the backbone of the development process.

  • Application designers

While creating an app like Amazon you need creative app designers that should be able to design captivating UI and UX.

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Features of shopping app like Amazon

Features play an important role to upsurge the productivity of the app. So whenever, you are creating an app like Amazon, make sure to include these features that are mentioned below.

  • Registration

While creating an app like Amazon you need to add a registration feature in the app where users can easily get registered and can immediately start buying and selling. The registration process should be easy and can be done within a minute. The more you provide a hassle-free journey to users, the longer they will spend time at your app.

  • Shopping cart

This is the most important feature. You should include a shopping cart feature while making an eCommerce app like Amazon. It will provide a hassle-free journey to your app users during online shopping. This feature will help them to view which products they have selected along with their costs.

  • Search option

Must include a search bar option in your app interface. It will help the users in sorting out the products and they can search for their desired products without wasting any time.

  • Payment method

Include several payment methods in the app so the user can easily make their payments by selecting any of them.

  • Social integration

Include a social integration feature where app users must have an option to directly login into the app using their own social media accounts of Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and others. By incorporating an app like Amazon, you can ultimately create its reach and the app will become known globally in a very short span of time.

  • Push notification

It is vital to include a push notification feature when you develop an app like Amazon. The push notification option will allow them to get the latest updates.

Factors that determine the cost to develop an app like Amazon

  • Designing of the app

Designers charge the cost of designing the app according to the number of features it has. However, some of them charge hourly costs according to the vastness and complexity of the app.

  • Development of the app

Almost half of the total cost of Amazon like app development is charged by the app developers. Front-end and back-end development of the app is the most sensitive thing as the overall app creation depends on it.

  • Testing and QA process

Another important factor that determines the cost to build an app is the testing and QA process. Once the development is done, then the app moves to the testing phase. For QA purposes many companies hire high profiles that have years of experience. Most of the time QA experts charge double what the developers charge.

Audience division while making an eCommerce app like Amazon

It is necessary to know the requirements of the target audience while developing an eCommerce app like Amazon. For this purpose, audience division is highly desirable. There are certain variables that need to be kept in consideration while creating an app like Amazon. For instance, demographic division, behavioral division, psychographic division, and geographical division.

Demographic segmentation This type of division includes Age, gender, income, occupation, and family status. Age of users: 25 to 40 years generally

Occupation: Student, employed, retired.

Gender: All

Status: single, married, unmarried, etc

Behavioral segmentation This type of division includes behavioral patterns like loyalty, benefit, personality, and user status. Profits: Quality, minimal rates, easy shop, and delivery.

Personality: determined, ambitious

User status: New, regular, prime, and guest user.

Psychographic segmentation This type of division includes lifestyle, social status, activities, interests, opinions, and attitudes. Social classes: working, middle and elite.

Lifestyle: Traveler, struggler, activist, trendsetter.

Geographical Segmentation This type of division includes country, region, state, province, town, climate zone, or zip code. Regions: countries, cities, etc.

Density: Urban and rural areas.

Closing Statement

Creating an Amazon-like app is not a piece of cake. It needs so much potential and diligent working professionals that should have creative minds. It is vital to launch something different and innovative in the app market to become a trendsetter.

Frequently Asked Questions

To make an app like Amazon you will need to follow a few steps, that is; research and analysis, include vital features, create an enticing UI/UX, Start the development, Share the prototype with the client, modifications, testing, and QA process, app optimization, promotion of app, launch the app on various platforms.

The cost to create any app depends on its wireframe, design, and development. The predictable cost to create an app like Amazon is around $30,000 to $80,000. The mentioned cost can vary as it depends on the factors that are mentioned earlier in this blog.

To develop apps for Amazon, developers are choosing Amazon AppStore because it provides their apps a better reach, makes them earn more, and the registration for the developer account is free.

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