How To Make an App Like Discord?

Do you want to make a voice chat application like Discord? If your answer is yes! Let’s start your Discord app development journey now!

After the global pandemic, no one can deny the fact of using online communication tools in homes and workplaces. Apps like Discord become one of the basic needs for every business. This pandemic taught us that businesses also need the finest virtual collaboration tool to firmly withstand the marketplace.

If you are curious to create messaging apps like discord, so here you read;

  • Discord – is not only a gaming app now
  • How to create an app like discord?
  • Must-have features in the app like discord
  • Challenges to face making an application like discord
  • Why does a business need VoIP apps?

Discord – Not Only a Gaming App Now

Discord app builds to help gamers to connect with online gaming platforms. But it expanded its horizon far beyond streamers and gamers. In recent days, it is also known as the communicating app. Discord app becomes the buzzword in the market that grabs millions of users in a short period of time.

Apart from gaming, Discord accommodates several art communities, eLearning channels, promotional campaigns for businesses, etc. It also supports a community chat support system by providing video and audio calling, tests, and voice chat.

If you are also the one who looks for “how to make a Discord application,” then here you go!

Stats Related to Discord App

Eager to have a chatting app like Discord? Look out for some stats that show how this app earns revenue year by year.

In 2019, the yearly revenue of the discord app was 45 million US Dollars which reached 300 million US dollars in 2021. Today, discord has 300 million registered users with over 150 million active users on a monthly basis.

According to analysts, it is projected that the market will reach $16 billion by 2030. And it is even estimated that many businesses looking forward to investing a high amount in order to develop apps better than Discord.

How To Create an App Like Discord?

Are you wondering about how to make an app like Discord? Consider the steps below to make a flawless app.

  1. Do comprehensive market research
  2. Set your goals and objectives
  3. brainstorming (plan your idea)
  4. Contact with app development professional
  5. pick the best monetization model
  6. Create Prototypes or Wireframe
  7. A/B testing to check app functionality
  8. Launch your app on multiple platforms
  9. Consider Periodic updates

Phase to Consider To Create App Like Discord

Let’s have a quick review on the App development phase!

Discord app is designed by using modern technologies, as mentioned in the blog that is WebRTC. But there are many other tech stacks that you can use to make an app like discord.

1. Client-Side Programming

Discord app can be used on every device like iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, etc. This app is built for gamers who are found everywhere and use every platform. If your Discord-like app isn’t targeted at gamers, you have to focus on Android and iOS apps. Your research will bring more results that help you to build a better side than Discord.

  • Tech stack for Android apps: Java, Kotlin, React Native
  • Tech stack for iOS apps: Objective C, Swift, Flux

2. Server-Side Programming

The core element of any VoIP app is its server part also known as the backend. It ensures the communication among the user and makes sure it will be smooth or uninterrupted. To make high interactive server-side like the Discord app, make sure your backend is of superb quality.

  • Tech stack for Server-side: Python, Ruby C++, Elixir, Golang

Essential Features to Have In App Like Discord

Sketching out the Discord app features and functionalities is essential. Having every little information about this app helps you to make a better version of it.

  1. User profile

Every user must have a customized account. Once they signed up, they are able to join servers, connect with games, and add friends.

  1. Servers or channels

The time you decide to build an app like Discord, make sure to integrate servers and channels that support both communities and servers for flawless communication. Users can easily connect with public or private chat rooms to discuss specific topics.

Each server holds almost 500 channels. So, you almost have to build such channels that make up a perfect server. An organization that is using Discord has the feasibility to manage different projects or even departments with ease. By integrating this feature in your app like discord, your user has the accessibility to sending invites for live and video calls.

  1. Permission management/roles

Like the Discord app, your app must-have features that allow you to manage roles and permissions for all channels. Every server has a range of admins who permits it to run the app flawlessly.

To make your app secure, add assign permission features and roles to users of both channels and servers to enjoy unbroken and faultless communication.

  1. Chats

To make a chat app like Discord, ensure the quality and functionality of your app. Ensure your app has easy to use user interface that improves the user connection with your app. Discord allows for both video and voice chats, so it has dedicated channels without having a messaging option. Its users can easily connect with channels and start listening & talking in just a few clicks.

In your app like Discord, it is imperative to add voice and video chat options within your app. It allows for creating a private message on some specific groups.

  1. Messaging History

Some chatting apps cater to a feature of automatic messages that are cleared after some time. If you aim to create a flawless Discord Clone App, messaging features in worth considering especially from a business point of view.

  1. File sharing/ Image sharing

The file-sharing feature is worth considering for chat apps like Discord. Almost every messaging app has this feature, so if you skip it, you will surely make the biggest mistake. In Discord, you may have seen the file upload option with a limit of 8 MB, and Nitro subscription users have a 50 MB plan.

When you are learning how to make a chat app like Discord, make sure you do massive research to identify the need of your audience. And you will find the file-sharing feature as a most loveable feature for them. Your VoIP app allows users to share files in every format, whether it is a video file, audio, or text.

  1. Screen sharing

Screen sharing is one of the most innovative ideas to communicate visually with others in a more convenient way. It is easier for gamers and coworkers to relay messages with the help of visuals. It allows Zoom through convos with your friend by using a topic-specific channel.

  1. Cloud Storage

Having unlimited storage is the demand of every user. So, it is the right time to offer unlimited storage to your users by developing a cloud-based messaging app. This feature synchronizes every conversation and helps individuals who keep switching on various other devices like laptops, Android, iOS, Tab, and desktops.

  1. Compatibility with multiple platforms

To earn a competitive edge with programs like Discord, make sure your app supports multiple platforms. Make sure your app must be available for every OS system such as Android, Web, or iOS. To achieve this goal, it’s better to evaluate your Discord app development process.

Suppose you build apps like Discord for android, it is imperative to check out the criteria for launching apps for Androids. In this regard, you can even take help from the best App development company to build a premium app.

  1. Private Chat

Discord offers web-based features, so it is easy for users to connect with voice or video calls of their choice. It offers private and secret talks along with a bunch of visiting. So, its users are allowed to create a private channel and send messages to a particular person.

So, adding a private chat option to a Discord-like app is one of the remarkable components. Bear in mind, that integrating advanced features enable you to create apps better than Discord.

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Must-have features in apps similar to Discord

Other Features in Apps Like Discord:
Send invitation optionsScan QR
Allow setting statusApp settings
My account Have language control option
Game activity Login and logout option
Search bar optionChange logo
Join serverOptions to delete or disable your account

Challenges To Face in Making an Application Like Discord

Finding adapters

Once you build an app similar to Discord, the biggest challenge is to find your first adapters. For this, it’s better to build a strategy, such as;

  • Launch your app on beta platforms, it can be both paid or free
  • You can post Q/A on different social news websites
  • It is better if you start your marketing campaign before publishing your app
  • You can even send a personal invitation to those who show interest in your app via emails

Maintain security & privacy

When you are wondering about how to create an app like Discord, so bear in mind that the Discord app is highly concerned about the security and privacy of its users. This application routes have huge network traffic through its servers but ensures the Users’ IP addresses do not leak. To protect users’ data from criminals, it integrates DDoS attacks to take action against them.

Building apps and messaging apps like Discord always need to protect user data through end-to-end encryption to protect sensitive information of your users.

Keynote: If you have decided to build a software like Discord, make sure you handle each moderation carefully. By routing your video and audio with your media servers, you enable to do it. Allow your administrators to disable the video or audio option for offending parties.

Ensuring speed or app stability

Speed and stability are one of the measure concerns for those who are involved in the process to develop an application like Discord. As per the research, Discord permits almost 3 million voice users without any interruption in calls. It uses WebRTC for this, so it might be a good option for you to integrate this tech into your app development process.

Keynote: Once you add a real-time communication system to your app like Discord, you have a chance to build an outstanding communication bridge between participants.

Why Does A Business Need VoIP Apps?

The advent of technology encourages businesses to shift from copper-wired telephone systems to VoIP apps. It helps to run data and voice parallelly on a similar network. Many businesses are hiring proficient mobile app developers to build an app like Discord for mobile.

If you get yourself involved in the Discord clone app development process for your business, you avail ultimate benefits;

  • It improves flexibility and compatibility with smartphones
  • Manage large teams efficiently
  • Offers minimum cost
  • It increased scalability
  • Clear and uninterrupted voice quality
  • Easy to access
  • Features compatible with both operating systems (Android and iOS)

Having your own VoIP app like Discord allows you to operate your business functionalities more efficiently. If you are willing to curate your nook in the existing market, so nothing can fit better than having your application like Discord.

Frequently Asked Questions

Start by identifying your goals, plan your idea, choose a pre-built platform or contact the best app development agency, do market research, consider the app designing & development phase, and advance features to get a flawless app like discord.

The average time will be required to make an app like Discord is almost 4 to 6 weeks.

The cost to make an app like Discord is between $35,000 to $65,000 on average.

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