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Why Choose Us As Your App Development Partner

We have earned a reputable position and name in the app development industry over the years. Making sure not to leave any area of app development untouched, we have expertise in designing and developing appealing and fully functional social media apps. Our app developers are equipped with the skill required to develop app like Facebook. So, if you are looking for a similar app – you know who to rely on.

Our Experts Know How To Create An App Like Facebook

App Idea

If you are unsure about the app idea you have then we can polish and hone it further for you. Just provide us with a brief concept about your app and the features you intend to add.

Customizable Design

We do not proceed to the design selection of your app without your approval. After presenting probable app interfaces to you, we choose the one you like the best.

Quality Features

We follow a cost-effective approach to integrating quality features into your app. If you intend to change or adjust the features, we do it at the same app price we settled on.

Personal Profile

Personalized profiles for app users where they can upload media and share content.

Add Friends

Option to search for different users on the app and adding them to a friend list.

Private Messages

Users can send private messages to people in their friend lists.

Stream Videos

Begin streaming videos on personal profiles for public viewing for an unlimited time.

Share Content

Users can share videos, images, links and other media formats on their profiles.

These are the unique features we never falter to add when we begin the process to make an app like Facebook. If you think you have other features for us to add then we can customize your app accordingly.

  • Stages Of Development To Create App Like Facebook
  • We are going to develop a fully customized app like Facebook with top-notch features. Here is how we do it.

Publishing App

Once done with the design and development phase of your app, the phase to build an app like Facebook is completed and your app is published on your chosen app store.

  • Developing Social Media Apps With The Best Features
  • Adamant in knowing how to develop an app like Facebook for our clients worldwide.

We, Will, Develop Your Dream App Project

Cooperate with our experts to discover how we can modify your app idea into a sumptuous reality!

Estimating The Cost To Make App Like OLX

The following factors determine the basic cost estimation we will accumulate to create app like OLX.

Project Brief

After the submission of your app idea, our team of strategists and developers evaluates the project brief and jots down all the benefits having a social media app is going to give you.

Design Prototype

The prototyping phase begins after we have evaluated your project thoroughly. We build a full-fledged interface in the form of a wireframe where each feature and module is aligned according to your preferences.

UI/UX Design

Upon approval of the wireframe, we select the interface screens you chose and begin working on the UI/UX design of each app interface. We make sure to come up with unique design concepts for your app.

Development Phase

After the design interfaces are selected, the development team begins working on the back-end development and ensures each feature functions correctly without any instances of code breaks or app crashes.

Final Delivery

Now that each sprint has been successfully achieved, we begin planning for the final phase that is of app launch. We publish your app on the relevant app store and after it is published; our team keeps the maintenance in check.

Cost To Make App Like Facebook

We do not present an estimate price required to create app like Facebook as it entirely depends on the features, modules and the complexity the app development process is going to have. For a brief idea, the factors that accumulate the complete cost includes user interface, app functions, features and the operating system chosen for the app.