How To Create an App Like Facebook?

All of you know the immense success Facebook has gotten as a social media platform. Mark Zuckerberg founded the platform in 2004 with his two other Harvard colleagues. Since then, this platform has been equally famous among all age groups. The number of Facebook users is still increasing because of their adaptability and ability to rebrand according to the customer’s needs. In 2021, Mark Zuckerberg announced that they are changing the name of Facebook to META. This name represents the change in strategy of Facebook. Now the change in the name suggests the acknowledgment of virtual and augmented reality.

The adaptability factor and the will to introduce the latest technology in their app have made Facebook the most used social media platform. According to Statista, by the end of January 2022, Facebook had more than 2.89 billion active users.

Source: Statista

The success of an app like Facebook got the interest of entrepreneurs. They want to know how to create an app like Facebook. If you are one of those people, read this blog to know all the necessary details. Get ready to know the basics to develop an app like Facebook?

Steps to make an app like Facebook

Business of Apps has reported that Facebook has earned annual revenue of $117.92 billion in 2021.

Source- Business Of Apps

Your app can also earn that much revenue from your app, if you will follow this 10-step guide.

Step 1: Create a strategy

Strategy plays a significant role in the app development process. You must research your competitors and target audience for building an effective plan. The important point you should emphasize is how can you offer something new to your customers.

Your strategy should be based on three important points

Step 2: Must-have features to make an app like Facebook

You need to research the features of Facebook if you want to create a successful app. Some of the most important features you need to include in your app are:

  • User interface and user experience

The main reason Facebook is still popular even after the launch of so many apps is because of its unique and easy-to-use user interface. To make an app like Facebook, make sure your UI designer creates a visually appealing theme, icons, and texts.

UX designers should focus on the loading speed. Make sure the app won’t take more than 13 seconds to load and maintain the efficiency of an app by updating it regularly.

  • Push notification

Notifications can help people to know about all the latest information. If you want to keep your user informed, make sure to add a notification button on your app like Facebook. This can help you deliver a great user experience because they give alerts of all the recent activity that happens on the account of users.

  • Add news feed

Newsfeed features help people know all the latest updates regarding the interest of the users. You must add this feature to design an app like Facebook to help people know about all the recent updates.

  • Allow customization and privacy option.

Social media platforms are evolving each day to keep the interest of their users. So, if you want to create a social media app like Facebook make sure to provide easy ways to add and remove people on their profile. You must keep options to your user about which features they want to share with other people.

  • Messages and photo-sharing

To develop a Facebook-like app make sure you add both photo sharing and message features to your app.

  • Security

Make sure that you provide surety to users that their personal data is safe. You can hire a cyber security expert for the development of an app like Facebook. Some of the ways you can secure your app are:

  • Data encryption
  • Use authentic APIs
  • High-level authentication
  • DLP technology

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Step 3: Coding to make an app like Facebook

Most coding experts rely on PHP, and here is a list of resources that coders use to ensure that any app works effectively on all platforms and that users face no problems while using their accounts. These softwares can help you to create an application like Facebook.

  • Haystack

Haystack is used for the storage of billions of pictures of a user. If you want to build an app like Facebook, choose Haystack to store pictures.

  • Hadoop

It is too difficult to maintain the data of billions of users that are from different parts of the world. The programing experts use Hadoop to manage the data of their users globally. Hadoop software can be the best available option for coders to develop an app like Facebook.

  • Thrift

Your app should available on all the platforms like iOS, and android. Make sure that your user can use app on mobile, tabs, laptop, and computer in a hassle-free manner. If you want to develop an app like Facebook you should provide cross-platform compatibility. For better cross-platform compatibility you can use the programming language Thrift.

  • XHProf

Performance review is vital for any social media platforms or app, and you can works in this aspect by using the tool called XHProf. If you want to create an app like Facebook, make sure that you choose XH Prof for a better and more engaging user experience.

Step 4: Budget allotment

There are some of the significant factors you must consider while making a budget for the app development like Facebook.

Here is a list of factors that you must consider to create an app like Facebook within your budget

  • Inhouse vs outsourcing method of app development

Outsourcing is expensive, while developers consider in-house app development as a cost-effective option. You can choose either option to create an app like Facebook.

  • The functionality of an app

If you want to add a custom-made feature, you have to hire an experienced coding team that will not be budget-friendly to design an app like Facebook.

  • Visual design

If you want to have a unique , you need to hire an expert graphic designer for custom 2d or 3d animation.

  • Type of app design

A hybrid app can be a budget-friendly option as compared to a native app. In a hybrid app user experience might be compromised, and if you want to create an app like Facebook, you must choose the native type.

Step 5: Monetization of your app like Facebook

The main idea behind the creation of an app like Facebook is to gain monetary benefits. So, you must know how you can earn money after the development of an app like Facebook

  • By running an Ads

Facebook earns a significant chunk of its revenue by playing an ad for different businesses. During the fourth quarter of 2021,facebook’s advertising revenue was 32.8 billion. You can also earn good revenue if you include this feature in your app.

  • Premium features

You can monetize your app by offering premium services in your app. Most user want ad free experience. They can buy premium subscription of your app.

  • Direct sales

You can allow different businesses to sell your products using your app and, can charge certain service charges. This can help you to earn a good amount of money from your Facebook like app.

What Is the Cost of Creating an App Like Facebook on iOS Or Android?

Most people want to know the exact amount that they need to create an app like Facebook. It is a relatively difficult task because various developers charge different amounts according to the features and complexity of your app. Here is a rough estimation

  • Simple app design

If you want to design an app with simple features estimated time duration is 4-8 weeks, and you should have approx. budget between $15,000 to 30,000

  • Complex app design

If you want to design a complex app with custom-made unique features, the estimated time duration is almost 3-5 months, and you should have approx. budget between $25,000 to $40,000.

  • Unique custom app design

For designing an advanced app like Facebook, your developer needs at least 4-8 months, and the cost of the app design will be between $40,000 to $80,000.

Facebook alternative app

For creating an app like Facebook, you also need to research the alternative to this social media platform and see how they are targeting their customers

Here is a list of alternative Facebook-like platforms you can research to know how to make an app like Facebook

  • Diaspora
  • Vero
  • Path
  • Ello
  • MeWe
  • Minds


Facebook is still thriving because of its ability to engage a wide customer base. Meta is using trending technologies to provide a better and more engaging experience to its users. App development like face is not an uphill task you only need an experienced team of animators, front end, backend developers, and graphic designers along with a comprehensive strategy for mobile app development.

Frequently Asked Questions

The important step you must follow to create an app like Facebook is Research. You need to research all the aspects that are significant in building an app like Facebook. Make the list of features you want to add to develop a Facebook app.

According to the rough estimation, you need a budget of at least $50,000 to $80,000 for Facebook like app development

You can choose either iOS or android based on your business model. If you to engage with more user, choose android for publishing your app as the google play store hold almost 70% of the market value. You can publish your app on less budget in the google play store. Most people first choose android software to make an app and then create an app for the apple store.

There are three main types of apps. Native app, hybrid app and webapp. You can choose either of them according to your business model. If you want to create the same app for both android and iOS platforms, choose the hybrid app. As it is budget-friendly and gives you an option to work offline.

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