How to Create a Music Streaming App like Spotify

Unquestionably, technology has altered and reshaped the lifestyle of people. There are countless examples you can experience in your daily life that support this statement. For instance, just look at the evolution of music around you, there were days when people used to buy cassettes or tapes just to play their favorite music. Then the time changed and they shifted to buying CDs or DVDs.

In this era, people who are fond of music do not have to buy any CDs or cassettes. All they need to do is download a music app on their phones. They can either use it for free or buy its subscription in order to unlock its premium features. There are a lot of music apps available for download, one of them is Spotify, which is a hot topic of discussion among the folks.

What is the Spotify app and the purpose of creating it?

Spotify is a video, audio, and music streaming app. Spotify music streaming app is for music lovers. The app lets the user search for any song by genre, artist, and album. It also has an exciting feature through which users can share their favorite tracks with their loved ones or friends. A customized playlist can be also easily created in the Spotify app.

A short overview of the Spotify app

This music and video streaming app was launched in October in the year 2008. Basically, the concept of this app came from two friends Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon. They decided to create this app when they were in an apartment in Stockholm. This app has access to nearly all types of music across the globe.

As of now, every second person is well cognizant of the Spotify app, and it is successfully used by users all across the globe.

Share of global respondents with a paid Spotify account.

The above stats are based on the survey conducted from Jan to Dec 2021, showing the share of the countries with a premium Spotify account.

No need to worry if you do not have its premium account, you can still avail exciting features including:

  1. Get proposals, according to the music you like.
  2. Create your own collection of music and podcasts.
  3. Listen to all kinds of music for free.

Number of Spotify monthly active users

The above stats are taken from Statista to let you know the popularity of the Spotify app among the app users. It is showing the number of Spotify monthly active users (MAUs) worldwide from the 1st quarter of 2015 to the 1st quarter of 2022.

Why you should build an app like Spotify

Fast access to your favorite music

An app like Spotify can give abundant benefits to music enthusiasts. The first and foremost thing to note is they can swiftly access their favorite music and download it whenever they want, they just need stable data or a Wi-Fi connection.

Most-streamed weekly tracks on Spotify worldwide as of February 10, 2022

Affordable and cost-effective

Music apps like Spotify are cost-effective and affordable for music lovers. After downloading such kinds of apps, they do not need to pay for CDs, DVDs, and cassettes. Their all favorite songs will be just one tap away when they use an app like Spotify for the purpose of listening to music. If anyone subscribes for the monthly subscription then he just has to spend a very minimal cost on it.

Unlimited storage

These apps like spotify provide unlimited storage to their users. They have a cloud storage feature. So, the songs the user downloads are directly saved into the cloud storage of an app and will not occupy the phone’s memory.

Social engagement

These music apps like spotify come with a lot of exciting features. Sharing music or soundtrack is a notable feature of all of them. App users can share their favorite music with their friends and loved ones, and by doing this they can increase their social engagement.

How to make an app like Spotify?

In case you are pondering creating any music app just like Spotify, then you are at the right place for sure. Here you can learn steps on how to make a music app like Spotify and also what notable features you need to add if you are creating a music streaming app like Spotify.

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Steps to create an app like Spotify

If you want to know how to create a music app like Spotify then follow the steps that are given below.

  • Step no 1: Creating an enthralling UI UX design

Half of the success of any app depends on how it looks and what type of user experience it provides to its users. So, whenever you choose to create an app, after deciding its purpose, decide how it will look and what kind of UI and UX it will have. Design your app theme by keeping in mind the motive and purpose of the app creation.

  • Step no 2: Add exciting features to the app

The second step is to add exciting features to the app that can captivate users’ attention and they will stick to the app with loyalty. If you add enthralling features to your music app then the user will definitely not think of uninstalling your app and will think a hundred times before abandoning the app. To achieve this state the most important thing is to add such kinds of features that keep the app user motivated and feel connected with the app.

If you do so then there will be zero or less chance that the user will delete the app. Basic features like logging in or sign up, creating the music playlist, Finding or searching, Sharing the song on social media, and Push Notifications Offline access to the music, Personalization of the app. These all are the basic features that you should add while creating an app like Spotify.

  • Step no 3: Proper testing and QA of the app are required in the last.

After the creation of any app, it is necessary to do proper testing to assure that the app quality is up to the mark and it is ready to launch.

Significant Features of Music Streaming Mobile App

While any app creation the most important task is to add such features into the app that captivates users’ attention and are useful for them. It is vital to include such features into the app that must mirror the purpose of its creation. If you are going to create any music app like Spotify then you must search for how to create a music app like Spotify to explore features that you can add to your app.

Login or Signup

Once the app is downloaded to the user’s phone then it is vital to create an account. The login or sign-up feature is added to the app for this purpose. This feature allows users to get themselves registered in the app by entering their general details such as name, contact number, and email address in the provided form. This data is essential for the developers to keep on a track record of the app users. The data is sometimes used for the purpose of tracking when required.

Playlist creation

With the help of this feature, users can gather their favorite songs in one place. Also, developers can create playlists by themselves too by adding all hit songs together or creating a playlist according to the year of release.

Find or search

As the music app like Spotify has a lot of data, it is essential to add a search bar feature to the app. This will make searching easy for the users when they look for their favorite songs. By adding this feature, the desired data will be easily accessible to the users and they can discover or explore the app with more efficacy.

Sharing Feature

The sharing feature lets the user share songs or albums with his social media friends. With the help of a sharing feature, the app can get more and better reach and it will ultimately turn out as publicity for an app.

Push Notifications

This feature will help out the user to get a timely notification whenever someone hits the like button on the song that the user shared on social media. Once the music is shared with social media users, then it is imperative to turn on the notifications to know the reactions of users.

Offline Music

Not everyone has access to Wi-Fi or data connection all the time, particularly when traveling. For this purpose, using an app like Spotify, the offline music feature can be helpful for the users. They can download songs from the app which will get saved into the internal storage of the device and the user can listen to them anywhere and anytime without having internet access.

Frequently Asked Questions

To create an app, it is essential to pass it through different stages. It takes four stages to complete the process of Spotify app development. The four stages are; Licensing, UI/UX design, adding features to the app, and the last stage is QA and testing of the app.

After reviewing so many studies it is predictable that the estimated cost to create an app like Spotify ranges from $20K to $100K. The estimate can vary as per the company you pick for the app development.

The cost to create a music streaming app simply relies on the actual quantity of features that you would like to add to it. However, many app development companies charge prices according to the complexity of the app mainly on an hourly basis.

Several technologies are used to build an app like Spotify. In the making of Spotify, programming languages such as Python and Java are used. For the frameworks, developers used Hub, Apache Storm, and Hadoop. For server Nginx. Platforms like Amazon S3 and Google Big Query are used by developers for the purpose of cloud storage. For CDN, Databases, Tools, and DevOps technologies like Amazon CloudFront, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Bootstrap, Kafka, Google Analytics, Docker, Datadog, and TestFlight are used.

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