How To Make an App Like Tinder

Tinder is a social dating application that matches people with each other to find a suitable partner. Developing a dating app is a highly profitable business as Tinder alone has revenue of $1.6 billion in 2021. Gone are the days when an evening was set for a date. Tinder has set new trends in the dating world.

Tinder allows users to swipe and choose their partner as per their geographic location. It depends on both parties if they like each other and can swipe to go on a date. Today, Tinder is among the most growing dating applications.

The Popularity of Dating Apps Like Tinder

Online dating apps make you meet the partner you are looking for. Almost one in five couples meet their partners through dating apps, and today the chances have increased. The dating apps allow you to set profiles and search for the people of your interest.

The smartphones play a key role in the popularity of dating culture. It is due to the convenience smartphones offer. It allows people to meet each other from anywhere with its remarkable combination of services.

So, mobile dating apps are here to change the traditional culture of dating. It is going to grow over the years and open new avenues between people.

A Factual Insight of Tinder

  • In the millennials, more than 30% of the people revealed that they found their partners through online dating apps.
  • Tinder has been downloaded more than 430 billion times.
  • Tinder has 66 million users and the number is to rise to 75 million in 2022.
  • 78,1% of the users are men and 21,9% of users are women.
  • People spend 90 minutes of their day on Tinder.

Source: Aglitech

How Does a Dating App Work?

Do you want to create your own dating app? Well, Dating apps are a new culture in the tech world and are only growing. The basics of dating apps are going to take up a notch with new ideas. There is always a space for a new dating app to take place with its fresh features and stealing the show. There are many chances of growth if you are thinking about how to create an app like Tinder.

The question arises of how an online dating app like Tinder works. Tinder works on an algorithm based on two processes. The first type of system shows user potential matches according to real-time location. The second part is a complex system and taken over by the first type of algorithm.

The second algorithm system works differently, and each dating app has its secondary algorithm, it varies according to the application. The first part of the algorithm does not take much personal information and boosts a profile based on the number of likes.

The next part works by categorizing people into a similar group based on their behavior. The main job is done by internal scoring. Lastly, the app also works on the internal answers and surveys, so the answers trim the matches and give a variety of results.

How To Create A Dating App Like Tinder Step To Step Guide

To make a dating app, Tinder is the application to follow. It works by a simple swiping method. Now let’s break down the steps of how to make a Tinder like app.

Steps To Follow Create App Like Tinder

The key to success of your dating app is to meet the expectations of the users. Users have expectations when they log into an application. Privacy, security and attractive UI/UX interface are the essential needs in a successful app. These are the requirements to fulfill when creating an app like Tinder. But, first let’s look into how to create a dating app like Tinder.

There are a series of steps in the development process of creating a dating app like Tinder. Let's start from here and have a look at what are the basic steps of app development.

A Market Analysis

You need to look for the audience and plan the app according to the audience. You need to figure out who to target if the app is for the general audience, then target a wide demographic. The more value you add for users in the application there will be more traffic.

UI/UX Designs

The app design is what will attract the users and a high-efficient design is a demand by the customers. Add the most important information on the single screen. Add the features with a pan to make sure the screen is not interrupted or collided with other features. Set an identifying application for a premium experience.

Project Team

You need to gather a full-fledged team for your application development. The development cost varies according to the geographical location. But you need to prioritize the team and make sure they are the best in their skills. Typically, a team requires;

  • Project manager
  • Business analyst
  • QA engineer
  • Mangers
  • UI/UX designers
  • Front-end developer
  • Back-end developer

Backend Development

To make an app like Tinder, there are three major driving forces.The design, app, and an API. The API is a connecting center between any web-based client and the server. The main driver of dating apps like Tinder revolves around management, notifications, and chat.

  • Frontend Development

Front-end developers take care of the things after the backend developers. They render and organize the data from the back-end server into mobile software as it is necessary to build an app from both ends.

  • Native Development

This is where the development process of the mobile application comes in. This stage uses SWIFT and Object C language. Tinder has set a high standard for its users thus; you have to launch a unique model. Now, you can also use Google Flutter for faster performance.

The Key Features to Create an App Like Tinder

The basic model of any dating app is similar to the workflow of a dating app is registration, searching and choosing partners. Different apps have different functions and they can vary according to their nature. The basic features are as follows;

Sign In

It is the basic step to using the app. The login feature collects the information and helps to create a profile.

Searching For People

The feature allows users to find their match by going through some criteria. A user can like or dislike a profile accordingly.

Matching Algorithm

The database uses the stored profile and reads them. Further, the algorithm looks for the match that is already in the database. The algorithm works by a user’s score, number of swipes, and score of attractiveness.


Users can use the feature to have a conversation with their potential match and can stop to talk if their interests do not match.

Push Notifications

The push notification allows you to know about every time you find a match.

New Features to Add to Build an App Like Tinder

A dating app starts with registering and choosing partners, but there have to be some features that can set it apart from other dating applications.

  • Gamified User Profiles

To start with a dating app, a user profile is an essential part, and it typically contains basic information. However, it is researched that basic information has lesser impact and engagement. To overcome this gamification can help. Your app should help in making the user profile more interesting and attractive through intriguing questions and conversations.

  • Undo Swipes

Sometimes people swipe their potential dates by the wrong means and there is no going back. Allow the users to undo the swipes with a rewind button for unlimited time. With this feature, they can make more right decisions.

  • Messaging And Chats

Chats and messages are an instant mode of communication. People can exchange numbers with each other and leave the app. While you build a dating app like Tinder, incorporate the full feature of messages, video calls, and voice notes. Video calls are effective tools to keep people together and build a trustable relationship.

  • Silence Breaking Feature

Most of the time people are hesitant to make the first conversation. It can be intimidating for people to break the silence. In order to avoid this and succeed among the other dating apps, incorporate a small rapid-fire session or trivia question session.

  • n-App Games

Games can take a relationship to a better position and can work without having conversations. You can use this creative option and integrate games within the application. Test this idea with a small part of the user base and use it as a winner of your application.

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Newest Sets of Technology to Build an App Like Tinder

In the process of how to make a dating app like Tinder, you need to include some features that can make it look and work differently apart from the typical dating apps. Some of the new technology features to include are;

  • Database And Cloud Storage

It reduces the server load and can be used to store user data and preferences.

  • AI And Machine Learning

It can be used to make perfect methods by using the AI methods and make impressive decisions. The decisions are made by machine learning and including the previous activities.

  • Payment Integration

This feature is used for different payment methods and other in-app purchases as a part of a monetization strategy.

  • Video And Voice Chat API

It can be added to enhance the user experience and upgrade the in-chat feature.

Design And Architecture to Create an App Like Tinder

To make your Tinder app, it needs a design to work, the basic user persona, and user flow. A persona is a crucial step in designing to make a Tinder-style app. You can choose to design your app for a specific audience such as gen X and pet Lover. Make an intuitive app that is easy to use and navigate for the users.

The basic architecture of building an app requires geolocation, privacy controls, profile setting, and a chat or messaging system, these are the features included in the basic features of a dating app like Tinder. To make a staggering application you will require unique mechanisms;

  • An astounding interface
  • Protection of data and user security
  • Authentication and authorization mechanism
  • A secure communication

Technology Stack Required to Build an App Like Tinder

There are different tools that are required to make an app for both iOS and Android applications. Here is a list of tools and languages extracted from the development process. The basic stack of technology for an app like Tinder will require HTML5, JavaScript and Python.

Programming languages PHP, JavaScript, Kotlin, Swift
Database MySQL
Cloud storage Amazon S3
Framework Xamarin, Flutter WebKit
General Tools Elastic-search, Google Maps, Google Analytics, Twilio
Payment methods PayPal, Braintree, Stripe
Website stack jQuery, Node.js and Nginx
Push Notifications OneSignal, Firebase, UserNotifications

Cost To Make a Dating App Like Tinder

The costs to develop a Tinder clone is quite complicated to break. There are some factors involved to find the cost to build a dating app.

Feature of app + Hourly rate = total development cost.

This equation is used to determine the total value and cost to make a dating app. If the features are similar to Tinder it can range from $75,000 to $150,000. But your app development cost can vary.

Additionally, the cost of app development also depends on where it is being developed. In the USA a reasonable design can cost around $15,000 to $25,000.

The overall hours to make an app like Tinder falls around 1500 to 1600 hours. The estimated time is for both platforms, but if you are making an app for a single platform then 400 to 500 hours can be taken down.

Programming Language and Framework to Develop an App Like Tinder

Cross-platform mobile applications are an excellent choice to connect and reach more people. Cross-platform with React Native is essential, and they maximize the type of devices your app can support. Tinder also works on the framework of React Native, and other dating apps are also using this platform.

To make your dating stand out in its performance, it is worth starting making apps using effective frameworks such as Java/Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS.

  • Important Points to Consider for Performance of Dating App Like Tinder

Tinder app developers or other dating app developers need to initiate a plan to take care of scalability before the deployment or production of an application. If you are catering to a specific population, chances are your application can grow.

To build a scalable app, you need to understand its potential and how it is going to take off in the market. So, build a clean infrastructure that can help you grow. Apply techniques for better scalability such as geo-sharing and elastic search.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can build an app like Tinder, for that you need to be completely aware of the market and carry a deep analysis. To help more you can read the above-mentioned steps.

All the development prices of an iOS or an Android app takes place parallel. For a small app it can take 2 months, a mid-sized app can take 3.5 to 4 months and a large sized app can take 6 months.

The total estimated cost after adding simple features, design complexity, custom features, and a large backend can cost from $75,000 to $150,000.

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