How To Make App Like Google Assistant?

Making virtual assistant app like Google are not a fantasy anymore. Do you want to build AI assistant app? And willing to invest in the voice assistant app development process? Then roll on your screens to thoroughly read How to make assistant like Google. 

Artificial Intelligence is not only a science of fiction. But it plays an imperative role in our daily life. The AI integration offers lots of new possibilities to modify your daily task and help to plan your digital business. Due to this, the demand for apps like Google assistant is growing rapidly. In the upcoming days, the voice assistant apps might be considered a part of our life. A day is not so far when you cannot imagine a normal life without them.

In 2020, there were 4.2 billion voice assistants used in devices globally. The researchers forecast that by 2024, the total number of digital assistants will increase to 8.4 billion. It became the most common feature in various consumer electronic devices.

Source: Statista

However, AI assistant apps offer a competitive advantage over business apps which is why they prefer to develop Google Assistant apps. Like others, if you want to expand your horizon, you need to keep up with time and give lots of consideration to new technology.

Here you will read the complete process create an app like google assistant, the cost to develop google assistant apps, the tech stack, etc.

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An Overview on Voice Assistant App

The virtual assistant apps are actually the software app that uses voice recognition, coping with the natural language, and AI to respond to humans. Such apps let to perform various activities like playing music, switching on/off lights, calling, etc. It is primarily present in home automation and mobile devices. These apps hear your voice commands and respond to give you the exact information that you asked for in the audio format.

Interesting Stats About Assistant Apps Like Google

Google assistant app development company in the USA reveals that the use of voice assistant apps is increasing day by day.

  • Almost 25% of individualsin the age group 16 to 24 use voice search on their mobile.
  • According to Adobe Analytics "the most common voice activities are asking for music (70%) and the weather forecast (64%) via smart speakers. Other popular activities include asking fun questions (53%), online search (47%), checking the news (46%), basic research/confirming info (35%), and asking directions (34%).”
  • 16% of customerssaid they prefer to use a voice system for help and 73% of people mention pandemics as one of the major factors to increase the usage of voice assistant apps.
  • 1% of Millennials, 34.4% of Gen X, and 17.6% of baby boomers prefer to use smart speakers

Source: eMarketer

How To Create an Assistant Like Google?

The scope of apps like google assistant is increasing. When it comes to the google assistant app development process, there are 3 major methods to view to get a flawless app like google assistant.


Methods to Create App Like Google Assistant
Integration of Trusted technologies APIs and AI tool Integration Features & topographies
Google Jasper STT
Siri Melissa TTS
Cortona Intelligent tagging Voice Biometric
    Voice interface
    Speech compression


  • Method #1 – It comprises the integration of voice assistant technology with the help of APIs in a mobile app.
  • Method #2 – In this, you dive into the complete voice assistant app development process by using open-source services or APIs.
  • Method #3 – Features to add to google assistant app

Method #1 – Integration of Trusted technologies

For the process of how to create an app like Google assistant, the first thing is to plan your strategy and understand what are the best voice technologies you should integrate into the mobile app development process along with the APIs. The development process of an app like Google assistant is challenging and complicated, so it is better to take help from the best mobile app development company.

However, let’s dive into the comprehensive discussion to get a deep understanding of the voice assistant app development process.

  1. Google

Google is one of the best choices for android developers. Unlike Apple, it does not have any strict guidelines. If you want to create apps like google assistant for android, it is a perfect choice for you. In recent times, it works with some apps that include eBay, eWorldTrade, Airbnb, and others.

In order to make the Google Assistant app, you have to register your application first with Google. However, it provides developers a step-by-step guide to integrating functionalities into your app. It allows setting parameters like “hey Google”, “hello message”, etc.

  1. Cortana

Another technology is the Cortana process. When you talk about Cortana voice assistant, so it is essential to know it belongs to Microsoft. It encourages developers to use this voice assistant in their desktop and mobile apps. By using this, you allow users to set the voice control system without calling Cortana. It offers three ways to integrate an app name into the voice command includes Prefixal. Infixal, and Suffixal.

  1. Siri

This voice app development technology works for iOS. At its initial stage, it does not available to the third parties, but after a time, it was announced that it can be used in different applications such as video or voice calling, messaging, etc. It also works in two ranges, first, it has a variety of tasks that provide support to your app, and second one is it shows custom visual representation when one task is performed.

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Method #2 – Integration of APIs & AI Tools to Build AI Assistant App

  • Jasper

Jasper is perfect for those who are willing to pick the program that most prominent chunk of AI without any external support and trying to develop a custom app on their own. This tech tool is written in Python and it is projected by the active module or passive module. It allows running your task anytime. The best thing about this AI tool is to give precise information in a minimum time.

  • Melissa

If you are looking forward to how to make app like Google Assistant, then do not forget to consider Melissa for it. Melissa is the perfect finding AI tool, especially for new developers, who looking forward to make apps like Google assistant. This tool has various parts, whether you need to add or change a specific feature, you can do it easily without changing the complex algorithm.

Melissa can take notes, read news, upload pictures, speak, play music, etc. Like jasper, it is also written in Python. It works on Linux, Windows, and OS X.

  • is another AI tool covers a wide range of features and allow the building of a personal AI assistant app. Along with voice recognition, it even supports the conversion of voice commands into the text that is followed by the related tasks. has paid and free versions, you can choose as per your ease. The best thing about this is; that it allows working in a private cloud. If privacy is your topmost priority, this is something that you need.

It, however, provides a wide variety of APIs, whether you want to create apps like google assistant for android or for iOS, this must be a good choice you ever make.

  • is similar to But the matter of fact is, in this AI tool, you have to set the two most crucial elements in the app that include Intents and entities. Therefore, Intent is used to consider the actions performed by a user, whereas, entities simplify the characteristic of the intent given by the user such as place of your user or time. is free to use, whether you are a public party or a private one. But there are several things you need to consider while having a voice assistant app development.

Method #3 – Features to Add in AI Assistant App

If you ask yourself a question about what features you need to add to similar apps like Google assistant, then here you go.

  1. Speech to text/ voice (SST)

It is used to convert speech signals into the digital data such as text. However, the voice comes in the form of a file. For this process, you are eligible to use CMU Sphinx for further processing.

  1. Text to speech (TTS)

This process is used to translate images and text into the form of human speech. This feature is used when your user wants to listen to the right pronunciation of any word. Simply, it is vice versa SST feature.

  1. Image recognition

Usually, the image recognition feature is considered as optional, but it can be used to develop multimedia speech recognition.

  1. Intelligent tagging

If you are thinking, about why you should consider an intelligent tagging feature for your Google app assistant? So, it is used to understand or interpret the user’s request. Suppose, you may ask: what are the top songs in 2022? This technology may suggest the top song of 2022 as per your interest. To integrate these features into your voice assistant app, it is better to come in contact with the best Mobile app development company. They know how to create virtual assistant apps flawlessly.

  1. Voice biometrics

At the time of developing your Assistant app, considering voice biometrics is essential. It is one of the most important security features you have to take into account while creating your own AI assistant app. This feature enables us to determine who is giving instructions and commands and whether it is crucial to respond to them or not. For example, it does not respond by hearing the dialogues from any other person like TV actors.

  1. Noise control

Adding a noise control feature will eliminate or reduce the background noise to determine the right voice recognition. This feature will enhance the user experience. If you are creating your app like Google assistant, it might be a good addition.

  1. Voice interface

The feature has two major parts voice part and the visual part (call out).

  • Voice part 

For this, you have to pick up the voice, choose the manner of speaking, and set the rate of your speech.

  • Call Out 

You have to pick the graphical representation that a user watches out on their screens.

  1. Speech compression

This feature is used in the client-side interface. With this feature, your application might resize voice data and send it in a concise format to the server. It offers a fast performance of your application without any delay.

Make sure your voice assistant app possesses the most appropriate features to make your app more engaging and attractive.

How Much Does It Cost To Build App Like Google Assistant?

If you are looking forward to the google assistant app pricing, so remember its cost depends on various factors. However, the estimated development cost of an app like Google assistant will be $35,000 to $60,000. This amount is based on the technology you used, platforms, the complexity of the AI tools, the location of mobile app developers, their experience, etc. If you used advanced AI technology, the estimated cost of an app like Google Assistant will increase by almost 30% to 40%.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are three most common ways to make an app like Google assistant that include integration of voice technology such as Google or Siri into your app by using special APIs.

To make your own AI assistant apps, you have to use specific tools and follow basic app development steps. Plan your idea, do market research, use the right technologies, do market analysis, choose the best app development agency, and pay crucial attention towards app’s future design.

Voice assistants allow you to manage time, and daily routine tasks and have control of your office or home. Not only this, it even performs basic things like creating a to-do list, sending emails, etc.

You can use several advanced tools like Jasper, Melissa,, and to create a personal voice assistant app.

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