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Put everything on your voice control with super-intelligent apps developed by our exceptional developers. At our premium app development company, we facilitate customers by providing highly advanced services at most affordable prices. We develop an app like Google Assistant that are backed with highly technical components. The apps are smart and intelligent to respond to your every command. From providing you with efficient searches to assisting you in every task with effective solutions, we can provide you with a centralized system to connect every device together.

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Play Videos And Music With Your Voice

We build an app like Google Assistant that can turn on your favorite playlist or any song that you wish to listen. You simply have to say it and in less than a second, it will be played. You can stream videos and even open images without using a single touch. Everything will get operated by voice search. The programming of the app is developed so expertly that it learns your voice and begins to take its commands instantly.

Make Hands-free Calls and Respond To Messages

You do not have to pop into your contact list and search for any number or click opens every text to respond. Your assistant will read it out for you and can even make calls to the person you trying to reach without you making a slightest of the move. We create such an app that can completely transform the way you have been using your smartphone.

Track Your Location and Even book a Ride

If you are planning to learn about how to make app like Google Assistant the stop right away as we are here with our power-pack services. We bring to you the easiest way to have your own personal assistant. You can book a ride and can turn on real-time location tracking just by giving the command to your device. All you have to do is to say and your wish will be granted by the superhuman intelligence present in our apps. At a highly reasonable cost, we build an entirely new app experience for you. You can book a local cab or order a pizza in no time.

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Assistance in Browsing and Researching

Our app is equipped with the facility to bring ease in browsing and researching. You do not have to type in everything you like to search. You can turn the assistant on and ask it to do all the hard work for you. The app will come up with the most reliable searches and efficient results. It will assist you in completing your researching task in a blink. Moreover, it will provide authoritative references as well to add more credibility to your work. What else do you want?

Set Up Reminders and Schedule Meetings

The purpose of our app is to bring ease in your day-to-day life; hence, we program it to help you in almost every little task through the day. You can set up appointments and schedule meetings and even can turn on the alarms at just a command. You do not have to take the hassle of peeking into every appointment and looking for every single reminder. It will automatically keep you updated and will never let you fall back for any meeting.

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