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We know how massive popularity apps like Shazam enjoy and its all because of the seamless interface they provide. Promising the same interface equipped with features, we ensure to make an app like Shazam that can equally enthrall you.

Programmed using advanced coding; the app will be customer-centric to increase user engagements. You can provide your target audience with a platform to enjoy music and create their playlist easily and excitingly. You will be amused once we build an app like Shazam for you at highly reasonable prices.

Main Features of Our App

The trait that keeps us renowned in the pool of highly competitive brands is our dedication to embellish each app with a bundle of features. We look carefully into every aspect and incorporate a number of options and facilities to double the excitement. So, let’s learn about the major features we add when creating an app like Shazam.

Libraries Rich With Music

We build highly equipped and well-updated music libraries for active users. You can look for any song track and album. The browsing option is integrated with highly advanced components adding voice recognition in it. You can speak or sing your favorite song to get it in your playlist.

Search Visualization

To keep the target users indulged in the app, we add creative visual aspects like animated music loading icon. Every single aspect garners attention and keeps the flow steady. Moreover, there will be a voice recognition circle to indicate about the processing.

Social Aspect

Our scope of development can never be inspired by merely searching about how to create an app like Shazam. We build a proper strategy to enthrall our users. In our app, you will not only get the chance to build your playlist but to connect with other music lovers. The social aspects like make you view what others are following and if you can add a diverse range of genres in your music library or not. You will get a chance to get inspired.

Search Backup

The next important aspect present in our development process to make an app like Shazam is the availability of a backup. Whatever you search will be saved in the backup for you to look for. Sometimes, in searching a particular track you come across some great tracks that you plan for later downloading. Now you just have to pop into history to get all the details.

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The Special Features We Incorporate

We develop an app like Shazam, which provide you with complete information about a song and its track details. You can search by artist or by the album name. To make the search even more efficient, our developers add lyrics detection software as well. Now you simply have to enter the lyrics of the song that stuck in your mind and get it on your playlist. You can read the song lyrics, follow the artist for further release, and even watch official song videos. Among the many features, some of the amazing ones are listed below:

Offline Mode

Now you can enjoy your music even when your cellphone is not connected to the internet

Playlist Sharing

Share your playlist with your friends and double the joy

Window To View Latest Songs

You can get updated about every single album no matter what genre you pick

Shuffle Mode

Try mixing all your playlist together to sweep your mind off in amusement

Auto Setting

With the option to auto-set your music you can use other apps with your playlist on

Frequently Asked Questions

The amount charged to develop an app like Shazam revolves around your app requirement. If you choose to incorporate a long list of features, then the total cost will get maximized as well. Therefore, it’s best to consult our expert developer to tailor your project, fitting it according to your requirements.

To create an app like Shazam, all you have to do is to delve deeper into the market and bring out inspiring features that can make your app look different from the original one. Moreover, we can work along with you to develop a successful app.

Yes, it is possible to create a clone app like Shazam. In addition, it’s quite simple as well. Since you have all the features and elements right in front of you, it will become much efficient to create one. Still, if you find any trouble, you can get in touch with us at any time.

The total amount included in the app development of Shazam involves the list of project requirements. The design and development cost will vary with respect to your needs. You can choose our custom app process where you get the chance to pick your required features and aspects, cutting the cost up to half of the quoted one.

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