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We at the premier app development company bring to you an entertaining platform where you can unleash your hidden artist and show the world what you’ve got. We Make App Like Tiktok that is full of features and easy interface to wipe off the hindrance from your fulfilled experience.

We look at every single detail that can add up to your overall experience and let you flow through the fun swiftly. We make it easier for you to get connected with al the other users from around the world. With music libraries equipped with all the latest tracks, it’s so much fun to on the app. Using high tech software and programming tools, we build an app like Tiktok that will turn your boredom into a never-ending entertaining experience.

The Bundle of Features In A Single Platform

The apps we develop like Tiktok are equipped with a huge number of features and offerings. We comprehensively cover every area to amuse the active users learn about how to develop an app like Tiktok and what features we add in it.

Seamless User Experience

We provide a completely effortless way to navigate through the many options, buttons and pages of the app. We create an app that entices the users and provides enhanced user experience.


You can optimize your videos by adding cool and trendy hashtags. In this way, you give them access to other followers to watch and praise your talent. It enhances your visibility in the app and view counts on your videos.


At the most affordable cost, you get the built-in features to add filters and enhance your expressions from selecting your desired one from the gallery full of options. You can add all the glitz and glamour by a few clicks.

Make Duets

If you are bored, making a solo video you can add a partner in it as well. The option to make duets will allow you to merge your video with someone else. So, let’s partner up now!

Share Profiles

The app we create provides you with the option to share your profile with your friends. You can view their newly created videos and shows yours as well.

Voice Recording

The main purpose of an app like Tiktok is to lip-sync and record your voice on other videos to showcase your talent. We incorporate highly advanced programming tools that offer flawless synchronizing.

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A Cost-Effective Service To Add
App Monetization

Why don’t you turn your simple, entertaining app into a profitable moneymaking platform? Fascinated by the thought, are you? Well, we provide you the platform that can add ample opportunities to raise money and increase your revenue generation.

In-App Purchases

You can add simple options in your app that can increase your revenues. The feature of in-app purchases always proves to be beneficial. In the Play Store and App Store, almost every app has some features that are in-purchase and when these apps become successful in entertaining their users, the target audience does not feel reluctant to purchase any option.


If you allow the third party advertisements on your app, you can earn bucks without moving a finger. In this way, there will be a double source of income through a single platform. You can allow ads for games or other relevant apps too which your target audience can pop onto. In this way, it will be a win-win situation for you.


Fundraising is yet another progressive option you can go with. It is commonly practiced among the other monetizing methods. You can give it a try but be sure to come up with more creative ideas and plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

To create an app like TikTok, you need to list down the features you would add to your application, from the music library one to lip-synching and video making. We have a huge team of developers who create exceptional apps that work efficiently across every platform.

The total amount charged to develop an app depends upon the app requirements. The more features you want to add, the more costly it will get to create a classic app. Moreover, we have a list of packages which you can customize according to your needs.

Create An App Like is a hub of experts with a passion for developing exceptional apps for customers. A great app development company is the one that provides flexible services with the most affordable pricing, and that’s exactly what we promise. So, try our services and get enthralled.

It is possible to develop an app having a single resource. However, the time taken to complete will be extended as only a single developer will be working on it. At our firm, we keep a single person to interact with the customer who manages the rest of the operations, making sure everything is aligned according to the customer needs.

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