How To Create an App Like TikTok?

Do you want to develop an app like TikTok? Well, that is a great idea, but with innovation. The app is taking over the world and has influenced people of every age. TikTok provides social media functionality and allows sharing of content. If you want to make an app like TikTok, it can be an awesome source of entertainment.

After realizing its popularity, a lot of people search for ‘can I create an app like TikTok?’ or similar searches. You can create an app like TikTok, and for this, there are multiple causes. An app like TikTok allows users to watch creative musical videos, people can earn money, and it is a useful platform for the younger generation to make special effects videos.

What Is The TikTok App?

TikTok is a popular music video platform. It is a Chinese brand where people create music and videos, share them with friends, and post them on their social media accounts. The videos can be edited with filters and styles. TikTok was earlier known as and now operates in more than 75 languages.

A Glance At Stats Of TikTok

  • TikTok is the 6th most downloaded app in the world.
  • A user opens the app 8 times a day (Wallaroo)
  • In 2020 there were 65.9 million active users
  • The app is popular among teenagers, the average age of TikTok audience is 14-24.
  • TikTok has been downloaded over three billion times (business of apps).

Number of TikTok Users In Selected Countries

Steps To Develop An App Like TikTok

Before shaping an app like TikTok, you need to learn its development process and features to include. Here is a full guide that can help you to develop an app like TikTok.

How To Make an App Like TikTok: The Development Process

Step – 1 Research

Research is the basic part of any app development. To bring your app like TikTok in the market, conduct research; look for the missed points and find your target. This can be helpful in knowing your audience and having an idea. You would know its dynamics, trends, leading players, demographic profile, and features to build an app like TikTok.

Step – 2 A Business Model

Make a USP make an app like TikTok, which will help in making a business model for your app. There are specific steps to making a business model. For example, key resources, customer relationships, customer segment, etc.

Step – 3 A monetization Model

Research all the way to make money from the app. There are a few ways which can be essential for monetizing your app like Tik Tok. This can be a resourceful way to earn money.

  • In App Purchase

In-app purchase can be a great feature, although Tik Tok does not have it. Make an affordable cost for users to have a larger following. In-app purchase can be a substantial source to earn money. Basically, the crux in-app purchase is to make users go for an upgraded version.

  • Fundraising

Get investors on board, make them attracted to your product. Show them how essential it could be for them to invest on your app like TikTok.

  • Selling The App

Once you have created your app like TikTok, you can attract buyers. Show potential buyers and entrepreneurs to make business. Make a deal that can give you long-lasting profits.

  • Advertising

On apps like TikTok, advertising is just another way to monetize. You can use this method in a number of ways to earn money. When you are creating an app like TikTok make sure to add a ‘Business’ portal for advertising. The model can be in your monetization strategy.

  • Cost per click – Advertisers okay the platform at every click.
  • Cost per mile – The app owner charges advertisers for every impression in theri app
  • Cost per action – Payments are made only if there is a predefined action

Step – 4 Make An MVP For An App Like TikTok

Making an MVP (minimum viable product) in the pre-launching phase is to be assured of its success. You can have valuable feedback and make any adjustments if needed. With this, you can have a fully functional app before launching it.

Hours: 700

Step – 5 UI/UX design

The design of an app is crucial for it to work. Take a survey on apps like TikTok and make a user centric design.

Hours: 270

Cost: $1250

Step – 6 Testing Of App

Testing is essential, you need to be sure of every feature and function of the application. Make sure to test it and look for bugs, crashes and other flaws.

Hours: 240

Cost: $9,600

Step – 7 QA Test

Quality assurance test is taken to see if the product is of the best quality. If there are issues, techniques are used such as automated and manual testing.

Hours: 535

Cost: $9 540

Step – 8 Release And Market It

It is a crucial stage to make an app like TikTok. Publish it in the app store market. The worthiest and most used markets are Google Play Store and Apple Store.

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App Like TikTok Development Cost And Features

Here is a detailed look into TikTok app development cost and its features. You can take an idea to develop your app.

The Basic Features Of An App Like TikTok

Let’s look at the basic features, you need basic features to start developing an app. If you want to create an app like TikTok free,

  • Login And Sign Up

Any user needs to sign up on the app. Add in several options to sign in. Users now like to sign up with their Google and social media accounts.

Hours: 80

Cost: $4,000

  • Edit Profile

Editing a profile is necessary, from changing a username to profile picture. Make sure to add this basic feature on your app like TikTok.

Hours: 20

Cost: $2,000

  • Video Uploading

To develop musical video apps like TikTok, design an easy way to upload and post them. to make it easier, make a sharing option before.

  • Video Editing

Editing is necessary in apps like TikTok. Video creators are sensitive about editing the video. Some of its features are, speeding up, flipping, stickers, animations, masks, and etc.

Hours: 4

Cost: $4,000

  • Live Streams

Add the features of live stream to let the users connect with their audience, you can sue this feature for premium users.

Hours: 20

Cost: $3,000

  • Social Sharing

Social media platforms create a buzz, and can generate traffic on the platform. One of the boosting features is to integrate the app with social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Hours: 125+

  • Like And Comments

With liked videos, users can have comments and followers on their profiles. It offers an opportunity to interact with the community.

Hours: 25

Cost: $1,000

  • Notifications

Notifications are another basic in the app development process. It is necessary to keep viewers and content creators updated about everything regarding the platform. The subscribers can be alert whenever there is a new video.

Hours: 30

Cost: $2,500

  • Effects And Filters

To create attractive videos that stand out, add filters and effects. TikTok is popularly known for its newest and attractive features.

Hours: 4

Cost: $8,400

New Features To Add In An App Like TikTok

An app like TikTok does not have to end on basic features only. It needs the features that can help in gaining viewers and creators. Therefore, to attract a massive traffic, add advanced features. Here is a list of some advanced features that can be added to the app.

  • Geolocation Based Content

One of the premium features can be geolocation content. In TikTok like app development, it allows you to locate the device. The features help to look at the content created in the same location.

  • Real Time Analytics

This is an impeccable feature to add. With these features the creators can have real-time insight. This feature also shows data and graphs of viewers, likes and hearts.

  • AR Filters

AI-powered technologies have become popular. The augmented reality filters help in changing eye color and adding other immersive objects.

  • Duets

Add a duet feature to let people dance to their favorite tunes and songs with anyone. The duet can be performed with anyone, such as friends, celebrities, or a stranger.

  • Live Video

For now, TikTok does not have a live streaming option, take this chance and add a live streaming option to your app like TikTok.

  • QR Scanner

TikTok has a QR scanner to subscribe to other users. The QR codes are a highly tech-oriented feature that can elevate the class of your app.

  • Music Library

Add a music library from where videos can be downloaded for free and used to make content. Make a free music library from which users can download their favorite music.

The Cost To Create An App Like TikTok

The Cost To Make App Like TikTok depends on several factors. The factors include its features, functions, and functionality. The overall cost to develop mobile apps like TikTok varies, but can be calculated altogether to have an idea. You can count the number of hours taken and calculate the final cost to make an application like TikTok.

After calculating some factors, the number of hours to build an app, the number of apps is multiplied by the cost per hour. Hence, it costs $75,000 to $80,000.

How To Make An App Like TikTok: The Tech Stack And The Team

As you are on your way to develop an app like TikTok, you need to choose a tech stack for it. To have a clear idea on what technology you need here is what you will need.

  1. The Tech Stack

iOS App

  • Programming language: Swift
  • Network: Alamofire

Android App

  • Programming Language: Kotlin
  • Network: OkHttp 3


Storage Amazon S3
Signup Amazon SES, Amazon SNS
Notifications Twilio, Nexmo
AR- Filters ML Kit, ARCore
Framework Express 4
Cloud AWS
Database MailChimp, Postgres, Cassandra
Language Flutter, Xamarin, Java, Objective-C, React native
Geolocation Google Map API, Core location framework
Payments PayPal, Stripe
Backend Programming Languages Node.js
  1. The Team To Develop An App Like TikTok

To develop an app like TikTok, you will need a group of teams that will be your development team. Some of the vital members of the team are,

  • An iOS and Android Team
  • Front End Team
  • Backend Team
  • UI/UX Designer
  • QA Engineer
  • Business analyst
  • Project Manager

How To Create An App Like TikTok: The Algorithm Of TikTok App

TikTok has revealed its algorithms and details about creating a video and suggestions. So, how does TikTok work? There are a number of factors to this, video information, user interaction, and account settings. TikTok looks at this and brings up and recommends content for each user. It is an important criterion to know and learn to build an app like TikTok. Let’s look into the way it works.

  • User Activity

If there are massive views on the video it is more likely to be seen among the large audience. The factors that influence this are,

    • Shares
    • Likes
    • Comments
    • Number of re-watches
    • Accounts you follow
    • Creators you hide
    • Videos marked as ‘Not Interested’
  • Video Information

Tik Tok looks at your activity, and TikTok is best when it comes to showing content based on interests. To create an app like TikTok that shows videos based on interests. It helps reach the potential of the app. Certain factors determine it,

  • Sounds
  • Hashtags
  • Effects
  • Content
  • Trending topics
  • Captions
  • Account And Device Settings

On similar apps like TikTok, it uses location and language to determine the interests of a user. They use a number of factors to determine this.

  • Type of device
  • Location
  • Language preferences
  • Country setting
  • Categories of interests
  • Audio

In developing apps like TikTok, the trending songs make it to the top and show to the relevant audience. So, using trending sounds and songs is significant because that allows users to be in front of the viewers.

The Factors That Do Not Influence TikTok Algorithm

It is important to know what content is not optimized and not recommended by TikTok.

  • Spammed content
  • Content that has been seen
  • Identical content
  • Any upsetting content, any disturbing graphical content.

How to Create An App Like TikTok: The Final Say

Since the app has created a sensation among the young and teenage, it is a good idea to make an app like TikTok. The blog cracks the answer to; how to build an app like TikTok? You can use the mechanics similar to TikTok. Follow each phase and go through the roadmap.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost to develop app like TikTok varies, and depends on its features, resources, functions, and platform. Once it is figured out it costs $70,00 to $80,000.

To make an app like TikTok you can use free app builders. They are not as great but you can have a basic video making app.

The process of app development has a lot of steps. To create an app like TikTok you will need at least two versions: iOS and Android. The total time for one app will take 1440 hours.

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