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Our Professional Assistance To
Develop An App Like Duolingo

Powering over a million active users, we proudly present our remarkable service to make an app like Duolingo. We have been delivering the app with incredible functionality from over a decade and have superior expertise to sweep you off in amusement.

Witnessing the need among many active users to learn multiple languages, we step forward to assist you in creating an app like Duolingo. We can develop a seamless interface with feature-rich functionality to attract your target audience. We promise to provide the most transparent services at a highly affordable cost.

Apps Rich With A Bundle OF Features

Working tirelessly for years, we strive to provide customers with an app that can bring ease and accessibility in the overall user experience. We blend creativity and equipped the app we develop like Duolingo full with facilitating options. The moment you step into our app, your journey to learn will begin as swiftly as possible.

Fluent Language Courses

You simply have to select the language you want to learn and you will find a number of short courses. Setting your desired duration, you can divide the lessons and with utmost flexibility learn each one of the.

Clear Audio Recordings

To guide about the pronunciation or a word or sentence, every user can access the audio libraries. You can listen to which tape and enhance your learning.

Training Exercises

Designed under the supervision of experts, we do not merely search about how to create an app like Duolingo to get started. We strategically plan exercises that can provide quick and effective learning.


With each language course, you can find relevant books to read. There will be simple to advance exercise books and worksheets to examine your capabilities and learning progress on your own.


The best we integrate into our app is the AI chatbots. You sure would need a proper instructor to guide and test you during your course. So, here it is. Incorporating built-in chatbots, we make an app like Duolingo that can interact with you and conduct short language exams to provide a proper progress report at an affordable cost.

We, Will, Develop
Your Dream App Project

Cooperate with our experts to discover how we can modify your app idea into a sumptuous reality!

Let’s Get Started

Our Step-By-Step Process
To App Development

We aim to bring ease and flexibility in our app development process. To keep things transparent we provide a timely update to our customers and send them alerts after completing every milestone. All along the app development journey, customer satisfaction, and feedback are highly regarded and taken into concern.

Creative Brief

The first step is to identify what our client demands from us. Hence, we sit together and dig out every single detail that is important for the development process.


Next is carrying out competitive analysis to find out what features can help in generating progressive outcomes. We learn user behavior and the problems they have been facing using similar apps.


We then create a prototype based on the exact instructions of our customers. Once they approve it, we proceed with the development phase.

App Development

Here comes the most important step, we develop each app using highly advanced software and programming tools to ensure greater proficiency and productivity. We create each framework with extra dedication.

The App Launch

Once we are through with examining and analyzing the performance of the app by carrying out A/B Testing, we deliver it to our customers. Based on their feedback we make the desired changes if required. At the most affordable price, the entire app is created showing the best traits of professionalism.

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