We Make App Like Zomato
To Showcase Restaurants

Create App Like Zomato To Simplify Online Food Ordering

Food delivery apps have become well known as the barrier of going to a restaurant from restaurant has been removed entirely after the emergence of these apps. Now the number of competitors having the same niche for an online food business has faced a surge but still location-based dining, a community of food lovers and placing online orders can be achieved if you know who to rely on.

Are you eager to make app like Zomato? Well, do not fret as we are to help you design, build and publish the food delivery and ordering app you are looking for.

How To Create An App Like Zomato With Utmost Ease

In order to build an app like Zomato, we follow a very thorough and detailed process of development and design.

Layout & Interface

We initiate the app development process by providing app design layouts and interfaces that you deem fit for your app.

Feature Integration

Each feature we add to your app is fully customizable and can be integrated according to your preferences. We also have default features that do not require time to add.

Publish & Launch

The final phase is the release of your mobile app. We make sure it is published and launched on the desired iOS or Android app store with ease.

Detailed Menu

Allow restaurants to add and update their menus through the menu creation option.

In-App Ordering

Customers can orders directly from the app and make payments beforehand.

Explore Categories

Hundreds of different categories that customers can explore before placing an order.

Food Orders

Users can place orders through the app and manage them on their dashboard.


Customers can reserve tables in a particular restaurant by making an advance payment.

Add Restaurants

The option to add new restaurants and eateries is only available for the restaurant owners.

We, Will, Develop Your Dream App Project

Cooperate with our experts to discover how we can modify your app idea into a sumptuous reality!

Different Apps

The apps and dashboards for customers, riders and restaurants are entirely different.

Loyalty Card

Offering loyalty cards with coupons and discounts to frequent users of the app.

GPS Navigation

Customers can view the location of different restaurants and be directed towards the location using GPS.

Order Tracking

Customers can track their orders and view the active status of when order is picked for delivery.

Tip Rider

The customer through the app can tip the delivery person after receiving their order.

Rate & Review

Customers can submit reviews of restaurants they visit or order from.

Push Notifications

Whenever a restaurant sends a rider for delivery, the app will notify the customer.

Payment Options

There is the availability of both cash and delivery and online payment methods.

Admin Dashboard

The admins will have a separate dashboard where they can monitor and check activities.

Adding Premium Features To Develop App Like Zomato

With a restaurant mobile app, you can capture the attention of both restaurant owners and food enthusiasts. The only thing you need to do is to capture their attention and it can be done so with the following premium features.

How Much Does It Cost To Create App Like Zomato?

The cost of a restaurant or food delivery app is determined by taking several factors into account. Firstly, we will analyze the total features needed to build your app. The list of features will then be outlined and each integration of module has a separate price estimation. In a span of 20 weeks, we will complete the analysis phase of your app requirements, various modules and then choose whether iOS or Android platform is suitable for the app.