How To Make an App Like Zomato?

The desire to order food and order it will never fade but will grow. They are making life hassle-free by making online food delivery a popular culture. With these apps, people can order food while sitting at home and get food delivered to their doorstep. So, if you want to build a business where people can order food from you, create an app like Zomato.

Why Do You Need to Make an App Like Zomato?

The idea to build an app like Zomato has a fair share in the market. The market of online food delivery apps has seen a massive boost. It is high time for businesses to start investing in making an app like Zomato. This strategic move can be a turning point, and during times of pandemics, it has seen significant growth.

Technology is the factor that has revolutionized, and apps like Zomato have seen sales boost from 20% – to 25%. The food delivery app has approximately taken 10% market share. Eventually, the demand for delivery apps is increasing thus, it is a profitable business.

To make a Zomato like that is an effective idea. It is to complement the needs of customers. One of the vital reasons to build a Zomato-like app is its scale of revenue and market share.

The Steps to Make an App Like Zomato

Do you know how to make an application like Zomato? Well, you can learn with its steps. Any app whether it is small or diverse like Zomato has detailed steps to follow. If you have experienced a failure in learning how to make an app, this can help you.

Mobile app development can be divided into different phases. Let’s keep it simple and look into the details of making an app.

Step 1 – Start with Research

You need to know what has been and what needs to be done. When you are familiar with it, you can lead a clearer road. You have established the goal to make an app like Zomato but now research. Developing an app without surveying or doing competitive research cannot be valuable. In the researching process, conduct market surveys, interviews, search for competitors, and look for improvements to make in user experience.

Step 2 – Go on With Prototype

After researching, start with the prototyping phase, which is where you decide on the screen for users. Here a keen interest needs to be paid technical, and the quality of an app. It also includes menus, finding a restaurant, management systems, order tracking, and others. To make Zomato app, this is a most needed development phase.

Step 3 – Develop An idea on the features

You cannot run an app or proceed without the features of an app. It is the part where you need to imagine and create a perfect version to build an app like Zomato. Speak to the development team and draw the vision on paper. The features can evolve. Some features can be added or removed.

Step 4 – Make a Captivating UI/UX Design

What is going to intrigue the customers is the design of the application. You need to design exactly how the Zomato like app is going to look. Create a design that speaks to the nature of your brand, and can be shown to investors and ambassadors. The user interface along with the UI/UX design will impact the entire development of your app. Take help of a professional designer to make an attractive design.

Step 5 – Choose the Perfect Tech Stack

If you are wondering how Zomato app coding is done and what framework is used, it is important to choose a tech stack. The tech stack structures the app and makes an app unmatched regarding its quality.

Step 5 – Choose A Server And API

To build an app like Zomato requires a thorough check-in backend development. It improves the stored data in the database for information and synchronization.

Step 6 – Choose a business model

Another important part of the pre-development phase is the business model. There are different types of business models to choose from. The app developers have various models to create an app like Zomato, such as a dedicated food delivery app model, aggregator, and logistic focused delivery app model.

Step 7 – Run the QA Testing

When you are on the right track and doing well, you need to stop and conduct a test. Ask your mobile app developers and company to run a QA test. The process helps to look at and test every function, app coding, design, and development.

Step 8 – Station the App

After testing, retesting, and going through every development step, launch the app. The launch should have a pre-hype to make it visible in the market.

Important Features for Make an App Like Zomato

Now, that you are close to how to make an app like Zomato. You need to analyze some basic features to make the app. Apps like Zomato have these basic features that are an integral part of the app. The four basic apps are the backbone of running an app like Zomato.

User Or Customer Panel – The orders are made; the panel should be easy to use. Make an app that is comfortable to use throughout the ordering process until the food is received.

Courier App Panel – The app to pick and deliver the order.

Admin Panel App – The app is used to check the dashboard and have a full report on everything.

Delivery Driver Panel – The app is used for delivery tracking and picking up the order.

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Advance Features To Add In Ap App Like Zomato

On-time delivery and an impressive navigation app are what users need now they are important to keep the user engaged and intrigued with your app like Zomato. From login to machine learning, they are some of the advanced features required to make an app.

Take a look at some advanced food delivery feature lists.

User Or Client Features Admin Features Delivery Driver Features Restaurant Version Features
Login Admin Registration Sign Up and Verification Profile Creation
Location home Admin Registration Profile Setup Menu Controls
Payment section App Management Order Management Order Management
Cart section

Delivery tracker

Restaurant Management Geolocation Push Notifications
Estimate delivery time Technical Assistance Payment Methods Analytics
In- app call or message Discount And offers Route Optimization Campaigns and offers
Ordering system Payment Management Map And Delivery Route Order Tracker
Menu Search Content Management Update On Orders
Search restaurant from nearest location Multiple Food Deliveries
Details of restaurant Start And End Trip

Real-Time Analytics

It is what keeps you updated with operations and helps you to handle data in real-time. When you integrate real-time analytics you can have an insight into users’ history, and data.

Queue Algorithms

The orders are given to riders based on their location by queue algorithms. The system automatically detects the rider’s location and assigns it to the nearest person. Typically, a location for the range to be covered is handled by the admin.

Social Media Sharing

Connect with social media and allow the users to share. The users can share the services and discounts at the offer on multiple social media platforms.

ML Based Customer

By incorporating ML-based technology, you can study the behavioral patterns of customers. You can monitor it based on their purchasing history, search history, likes, and dislikes. You can personalize results based on these factors.

Tech Stack To Make An App Like Zomato

The technology stack is one crucial part of the app development process. It is required to make any app whether it is a web or mobile app. It works as a support system of application. It is a combination of the framework, programming language, software, tools, etc. Many app developers use high-end technology to make a flawless product.

  1. Backend Development

The backend is the server-side of the application. It refers to the inner functionality of and acts as a power station that generates electricity. The backend stack includes the following elements.

  • Language
  • Database management
  • Framework
  • Web servers
  1. Frontend Development

For Zomato like app development, frontend development is the client’s side. It refers to what a user looks at. The main idea of a frontend developer is to attract users and make them use your app. The front end needs to be seamless, smooth, and straightforward. There are four basic elements frontend stack.

  • WebAssembly
  • JavaScript
  • Hyper text markup language
  • Frontend styling

Things To Consider to Create App Like Zomato

If you want to know how to make app like Zomato? After launching the prototype, you need to test and keep certain things in mind. Consider some crucial points to make the app development process successful.

  • Integrate a helpline option that can cater to customers 24/7.
  • Add a list of menus, and should be added with the restaurant with every detail about it.
  • Make sure to add the delete option in case a user changes their mind they can empty the cart.
  • Add multiple payment options and ensure it is safe and secure.
  • Make a good-looking app that can intrigue users, so they start using the app.

Monetization Strategies to Make an App Like Zomato

Delivery Charges

Apps like Zomato earn a high rate of revenue by charging a delivery fee. You can charge some fee for providing a platform to restaurants. Apps like Zomato are earning high revenue with this monetization model.


Running ads is one of the most common ways to earn money. The food delivery app charges for displaying ads and videos of a restaurant. Apply the strategy to make revenue for your app.


Most of the food delivering apps charge a fixed commission. The orders are converted into revenue for app. Commissions are a substantial source to build a healthy relationship.

Surge price

During the time when the numbers of orders are high, the app charges extra to deliver the food. This model comes under the logistic service. It can add value to your app like Zomato

Other Monetization Streams

  • Subscription Charges
  • Live events
  • White label access
  • Kitchen

How Much It Cost to Make an App Like Zomato

The cost to develop an app like Zomato has a deep research process. There is no one fit model that defines the cost for every food delivery app. So, whenever an idea for making an app is pitched, the developers look into multiple factors. The developers start by looking into the pre-development phase and discovery age.

However, to give the basic cost of making an app like Zomato can revolve around $11,000 to $20,000. Where the price can elevate up to $35,000. In regard to the hours to make the app, it can be up to $250 per hour and $30 per hour depending on the region where it is being developed.

Features Hourly rates & cost
UI/UX Design 40 Hours $1000 – $1500
Front And Backend Development 50 Hours $12,00 – $4000
MVP Test 75 Hours $2000 – $4000
Fixing And Furnishing 50 Hours $ 100 – $2000

The Factors That Affect the Cost to Build an App Like Zomato

There are a number of factors that are involved in making an app like Zomato.

  • Size of app
  • Developer fee
  • Design
  • App platform

If an app has a simple Zomato app design with simple MVP features, it costs around $6000 to $10,000 for three developing stages. The price can go higher upon adding advanced features, design, and platforms. There are other diverse factors that are also affecting it.

Developing Agency

The cost to make an app like Zomato depends from agency to agency. You need to be careful while looking for app-development agencies. Some agencies offer high prices and they have flawed services. It is important to look after quality rather than looking for low prices or going after high price agencies. So, choose the developing agency carefully.

Pre-App Marketing

It is important to convey about your product in the market before launching it. Laud between the marketers and restaurant business to attract them. design a pre-development marketing campaign. On this factor, the app development cost can be decided.

App Upgrade

Every app requires to be updated time by time. It needs further advanced development and features. It adds up the cost, so is another factor in Zomato app development cost.

Simple basic App Full-fledged App Average running per cost
$35,000 to $9,000 $19,000 to $30,000 $1,000/ Month

Frequently Asked Questions

Java is the most commonly used programming language to make an app like Zomato. Other than Java, the developers are using Kotlin. It is a cross-platform language, and it is created to enhance the coding experience.

You can make an app like Zomato, you can follow the development steps process. Outline the project, research, design the app, and make sure to follow every step of the development process.

The time to make an app like Zomato takes around 700 to 800 hours. The hours depend on backend development and frontend development. Another factor that influences the development hours is the platform; the iOS and Android features and functions.

To make an app like Zomato, there are different factors involved in it. The average price to make the app revolves around $11,000 to $20,000.

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