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Why The Need To Develop
An App Like Foodpanda?

From UberEats to Foodpanda, food delivery and ordering apps are emerging quite frequently. However, due to the lack of originality in ideas, not every such app sees the success it was created for. Now with our assistance, you will not only be able to see how we create an app like Foodpanda but you will also know how we completely customize your app with top-notch and on-demand features.

What We Do To Build An App Like Foodpanda

We follow a very extensive app development process to frame your app visually and then make it similar to Foodpanda at an affordable price. Here are some unique and exceptional features your app will consist of.

Browse Restaurants

Users can browse through different restaurants and can even add filters to enhance their search.

Order History

Prior and upcoming orders can be viewed and managed through the user dashboard.

Order Tracking

Once an order is placed, the user can track it from the GPS tracking option available in the app.

Payment Options

The app will consist of two payment methods. One is cash on delivery and the other is online payments.

Loyalty Program

Loyal and frequent customers will give users timely discounts and offers.

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Your Dream App Project

Cooperate with our experts to discover how we can modify your app idea into a sumptuous reality!

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How To Make An App
Like Foodpanda With Different Modules

In order to create an app like Foodpanda, user apps have been separated. Here is how we create the variations of these varying modules.

User App

User Registration

Users will have to sign up for an account before proceeding to view restaurants or place orders.

Search Filters

For a better and advanced search, users can add filters for location, categories and price range for quick results.

Secure Payment Modes

The payments made on the app are entirely secure as we integrate the app with secure payment gateways.

Refer Friends

Users can create referral codes and share them with their friends to get discounts or more offers.

Menu Details

The details of restaurant menus can be accessed while choosing what to order.

Place Orders

This feature is similar to the ‘add to cart’ option in e-commerce apps as users can add different items in the cart to place an order.

Customize Orders

A streamlined process to customize orders or add special notes after you have picked what to order.

Restaurant App

Diverse Categories

Restaurants can view multiple categories and add their eatery to the one they deem suitable.

Receive Orders

For a better and advanced search, users can add filters for location, categories and price range for quick results.

Dispatch Orders

Orders will be dispatched on the time given and the customer will be identified.

Track Order

Once the drivers receive the order, both the restaurant and customers will have the option to track it at once.

Manage Pricing

The prices of food items on the menu can be both added and updated by the restaurant owners.

Add Coupons

Restaurants can add coupons and include discount codes into their profiles for the customers.

Active Status

After receiving the order request, the status of the order will be changed accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can definitely build a food ordering app. All you need is to be good at integrating AI bots to help users navigate the locations easily. You have to be proficient in configuring the GEO location features. If you find it stressful, you can leave the hassle for us to handle.

One of the greatest features of an app like Foodpanda is the Geo-location aspect. This feature results in making the app too complicated to develop, especially if you lack proper development skills. Be at ease and leave the hassle for our experts to handle.

The total amount charged upon the development of an app like Foodpanda revolves around your list of features. If you want to add too many complicated features in your app, it will take a longer time to get completed.

We are here to provide you with exceptional assistance to create an app like Foodpanda. We, at Create An App Like, are equipped with a wide range of advanced tools, making it easier for us to incorporate the unmatched level of professionalism in each app that we develop.

Cloning an application with an open-source is not much complicated. However, for a beginner, it may be troublesome. Therefore, we are here to assist you. Our team of qualified experts will provide you unbeatable assistance to develop a clone app.

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