How To Make An App Like Foodpanda: A Guide

Say you have a dinner at your place and planned to cook, the only thing that happened was you burnt the food. Thanks to on-demand food delivery apps, it can save the day. The online food delivery apps is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy hot piping food delivered at home. The business and services of delivery at home have expanded over the years during the pandemic.

Many businesses are already utilizing this method and are making a profitable business. Foodpanda is one of the leading online food delivery apps that are working tremendously and making great progress. If you are willing to make a food delivery app like Foodpanda, this guide can help you.

A Glance At Foodpanda

Foodpanda is one of the leading online food delivery apps. It is headquartered in Berlin, Germany, operating in more than 40 countries. Foodpanda allows people to order their food via online order from around your area. Customers can order meals by browsing menus, selecting their food from a list of restaurants, entering address, and proceeding to check out.

Facts Of Foodpanda

  • The company has combined over 27,097 restaurants in 193 countries and with 22,000 delivery riders.
  • Foodpanda’s total funding for now is $318 million.
  • The net revenue of Foodpanda is EUR 13.4 million.
  • Foodpanda has 1.87 million fans on its Facebook page.

The facts are an interesting insight, it shows the successful model of a food delivering business. Thus, it is a profitable business. Making an app like Foodpanda can have a positive impact. . Now, let's learn and look into complete guidelines on how to create an app like Foodpanda.

Why Do You Need to Make a Food Delivery App?

Have you been thinking about how to make an app like Foodpanda? Well, it can turn out to be an effective idea with highly-effective profits as it allows eateries to provide hassle-free services. There are impressive benefits in making a food delivery app like Foodpanda. Let's look into some of its benefits.

  • It is rising in the market, the food delivery market is expected to grow by $300 billion in 2030.
  • It saves a lot of time for the consumer. Imagine and compare the cooking hours it takes to bake a pizza, and now you can spend that time on productive activities.
  • The restaurants can build a visible business and a wider reach to their audience because of Foodpanda's similar app.
  • You can earn more ROI when you expand your market. You can add a wider range to your customers and add more business. The more customers you have the more the profit and ROI.

Food delivery revenue by country
Source: Business of Apps

Some Statistics on Online Food delivering App

Source: DataDriveInvestor

App Model to Consider to Make an App Like Foodpanda

Foodpanda is an aggregator and restaurant application where it performs in two ways. Foodpanda delivers food by using a traditional delivery method where there are registered partner restaurants within the application. On the other hand, it handles orders using its logistics and delivers food from the restaurant that does not have their delivery service. The most common features of delivery are delivery details.

  • Order tracking
  • Advanced research
  • Recommendations

How To Create An App Like Foodpanda: Steps To Follow

To develop an app like Foodpanda you will need to go through several steps.

Step# 1

Be fully researched in what you are going to do and how you are going to cater to consumers differently. Carry a full analysis of your target audience and read about buyer persona. It will help to see if people are ready to use your application.

Step# 2

You need to study the market and be sure you are working right and are not repeating the traditions. Keep a check on the competitors, their hot features, strengths, services, and weaknesses. This step can help you with being up to date with the market and it can be useful in the future.

Step# 3

Rather than spending money on adding multiple features, it is better to focus on MVP. Develop an MVP and test them on the audience to know if you are going on the right path.

Step# 4

You need to make an upgraded delivery system that can leverage technology to the maximum. Make a website to attract more people on the website and users can make an order with just a click away. For more convenience, add images, descriptions, and locations to make the ordering process easier for the customers.

Step# 5

To be a unique name in the industry, integrate the ordering system via social media accounts. Social media is an effective medium for boosting a business.

Step# 6

There are two business models that work for a food delivery app like Foodpanda, order only model and the order and delivery model. The order-only model only manages the food order while order and delivery are responsible for both managing orders and delivery.

Step# 7

Choose your basic features. They can set a great step in your application development, login, order placing, order tracking, order checkout, and payment methods.

App Model to Consider to Make an App Like Foodpanda

Foodpanda is an aggregator and restaurant application where it performs in two ways. Foodpanda delivers food by using a traditional delivery method where there are registered partner restaurants within the application. On the other hand, it handles orders using its logistics and delivers food from the restaurant that does not have their delivery service. The most common features of delivery are its details.

  • Order tracking
  • Advanced research
  • Recommendations

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Important Elements to Consider for An App like Foodpanda

60% of the customers feel comfortable in placing their food online through delivery services. An app like Foodpanda consists of three elements, a customer’s app, admin panel restaurant, and courier app features.

  1. Customer App

You need to make your customers a priority and ensure they are catered at the highest level. The customers can take a break.

  • Signup and profiles
  • A home screen
  • A search bar (filtering and sorting)
  • A Menu Interface
  • Details of menu
  • Check-out display
  • Payment methods
  • track order
  1. Admin App

Apps like Foodpanda have an admin panel to authorize food to deliver services. It is used to accept orders, proceed with the placed orders and look after the payments. The restaurant has the authority to check all the matters. The special features include:

  • Admin login
  • Restaurant management
  • App management
  • Map location according to area
  • Control over addition or removal of information
  • Discount offers
  1. Restaurant App

It is one of the crucial players in the development of Foodpanda app design. Here the brands and restaurants need to register themselves to run their business. Here the owner has to update their menu, service details, operating hours, address, etc. the advanced features include:

  • Login
  • Menu management
  • Rating and review check
  • Push notifications
  • Blacklisting couriers
  • Uploading food menu

Tech Stack Required For Foodpanda Mobile App

Thankfully, there are many API/SDK options available in the market, so you do not have to build features from the start. For your tech stack you can use different mediums, some of them are as follows.

Payment Method Braintree, PayPal, Stripe, SDK, Square APO
Navigation and Mapping Google’s Places API, Google Maps, Core Location Framework (iOS)
Scheduling Google Calendar, Cronofy
Commutation Mediums TalkJS, Sendbird
Notifications Urban Airship, Amazon SNS, Firebase Cloud Messaging
Restaurant Listing GrubHub API, Four Square API

How To Use the Foodpanda App?

In online food delivery apps like Foodpanda, they have set up a simple method to order food. The business model offers a simple system of food delivery.

  • Find A Restaurant
  • Order Your Food
  • Pay And Relax
  • Delivery

Must Have Features for Making an App Like Foodpanda

Since you have decided to develop an app like Foodpanda. These features are a must have for a food delivering app and before going into the process of making your app like Foodpanda learn its fundamental aspects.

  1. Push Notifications for Visibility

To build an app like Foodpanda, you need to integrate the push notifications to approach and be visible in the industry. It is the best way to stay ahead of your rivals and competitors. The messages assist in keeping up with the customers. Utilize the saved information to update and cater them with discounts, offers, location-based messages, and important things.

Make sure push notifications are of some worth to the customers. Send them personalized or targeted messages that can help in the growth of your business. Keep the notifications interesting by sending them seasonal festive discounts to instantly attract customers.

  1. Information Of Delivery Person

One of the astounding Foodpanda features to have is the contact information of the rider. It allows the customer to keep track of the rider and delivery. It makes it easier for the customers to be alert about their order and make sure the rider is delivering his service aptly.

  1. Multiple Payment Method

It is an essential part of app development. A customer-first looks at the payment method as per their convenience and later makes a purchasing decision. It is highly productive for an app to integrate multiple payment methods in the on-demand application.

  1. Profile Personalization

A user’s profile must be customized to cater to them according to their preferences. The information is stored in the database, where the machine learning method helps to read the customer's data. A profile is customized based on their purchase history, location, saved outlets, and delivery address.

  1. Chatbot Facility

Natural language processing (NLP) has been a prominent feature in AI as well as in the food delivery industry. In your Foodpanda like app development, allow the customers to place their orders by voice integration. There are tons of data stored that can help in cracking code and understanding customers.

Key Points to Learn About a Food Delivery App

The prime focus of your food delivery app should be what makes you better. You need to build an application that helps you stand out among the crowd. Let’s look at some of the integral steps required to make a food delivery app:

  • Creative and competitive business model
  • An MVP of the application and prioritize user’s feedback.
  • Include user feedback for your development plan and add demanded features.
  • Add substantial features that can steal the light from the rest of the food delivery apps.
  • Keep looking after apps, look after the technical aspects, and update them and methods to work for the well-being of the application.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can build a food delivery app with the right guidance. For a successful app, you can hire a developer to manage every step of app development. If you have the technical skills, you can start to develop your app by yourself.

It is a digital world and an online food delivery app has numerous benefits such as wider customer reach, and an easier medium of ordering food. A food delivery app offers a greater option of restaurants and multiple payment options.

Developing an app like Foodpanda does not have a fixed or a universal figure, as it depends on multiple factors. The factors that matter are qualification, speed, and charges of the developers. To give an estimate of hours, it can cost around 500-518 hours. The cost can be around $13,000 to $17,000.

Customers can order their food from anywhere at any time without the hassle of traveling. A customer who wants convenience and comfort is one of the reasons food delivery apps are growing.

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