How To Create an App Like Airdroid?

App users across the globe are rapidly increasing. Especially in recent years, it has observed a great upsurge in the user base of mobile apps. Whenever a mobile user gets stuck in any problem or issue, he always goes to the Google play store and Apple app store to find an “app solution” for their difficulties.

Currently, there are numerous mobile app users. It has been observed that the most downloaded app genres are chat apps, social networking apps, shopping apps, entertainment apps, video apps, music apps, gaming apps, navigation or map apps, finance-related apps, dating apps, friendship apps, health and fitness apps, and nutrition apps.

Famous mobile app categories globally

The field of mobile app development continues to rise. But the important thing that should be noticed is which type of apps users are developing more interest in and what kind of apps are there whose global demand is continuously upsurging. Let’s have a look at the stats below:

The above stats are taken from Statista to let you know about famous mobile app categories globally.

What is an airdroid app?

Airdroid is basically a gadget management app that has so many valuable features. In simple words, airdroid allows users to keep a check on their phones even when the phone is far from them. All they are required to do is connect their phones with the app and likewise with the desktop or laptop or any other gadget by which they are going to operate their mobile phones. Airdroid transfer files, provides remote access to the connected gadgets and also helps in mirroring your device.

If you want to create apps like airdroid then it is necessary to pay keen attention to the steps and details of this app, that’s how you can make a similar app like airdroid.

Five steps to create an app like Airdroid

It takes five steps to develop an app like Airdroid. These are mentioned below.

Step 1: Create a captivating UI and UX design

The foremost step is to create such a captivating UI and UX design that must attract users and they will not think of any other app. Make sure to not to forget the user friendliness. If you create a design that has so many complexities for the new user then it is the chance that he will not spend a minute on it and delete it ultimately from the phone. Once it’s done, send the prototype to the client for approval.

Step 2: Insert useful features in the app

Once your design gets approved then move to the next step which is the insertion of useful features. It is vital to include useful features to the app that should provide ease and facilitate the app user.

Step 3: Development and testing

After inserting useful features, now it is the time to develop an app. Choose such programming languages, tools, and software that must fit according to the brief of your client. For instance what he wants and what he does not want in the app. After you develop an app like Airdroid, conduct proper QA testing to ensure no blunder is present in the app.

Step 4: Select monetization model

Then the fourth step is to choose the best possible monetization model for the app. That simply means which monetization you would like to opt for your app.

Step 5: Launching of the app

Once you have done with all the above mentioned steps then your app is ready for the launch. Launch your app in the targeted market and deploy it on the right platform such as on Android and iOS.

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Important features to create an app like Airdoid

So now in case you are wondering how to create an app like Airdroid then below are a few important steps that you should keep into consideration and must follow while creating an app like airdroid.

Transfer option

The most important and first step is to add a file transfer feature to the app is its option of handing over files. No matter if you want to transfer apps through your personal desktop computer to your Macbook, mobile phone, or laptop, airdroid provides all of these options. It provides you with the most convenient way of file transferring and data sharing. An airdroid file transfer feature has brought ease to the lives of the app users.

Include the Remote Access feature

In case you are creating an app like airdroid, then it is necessary to add a remote access feature. By adding this you are not required to have a feature for routing, because it has a built-in facility through which you can get remote access to the gadgets easily. Along with this, the app has other remote features too. For instance, it has a remote screen sharing option that permits the user to monitor everything from the other side too and in case he got stuck somewhere so he can share his screen with someone else in order to resolve the query. Furthermore, all of this sharing process is encrypted.

Add Notification Mirror and Push Notifications

While making an app like airdroid it should have a notification mirror option that lets the user stay updated with the notifications and mirror their mobile phones on their PCs. Whether it is a call or message or an instant update, the user will get each and every notification on their laptop or desktop. The main benefit of getting mobile notifications mirrored on the computer screen is that it will stop you from checking your mobile from time to time and saves you plenty of time that you might spend scrolling on social channels. Likewise, push notifications let you be aware all the time with fresh updates.

Make or Accept Calls and Messages

While creating an app like airdroid, it is vital to add a communication feature to the app. You can instantly communicate (make calls or messages) from this app, even with your laptop or desktop. However, for this purpose, you are required to connect your all gadgets with the airdroid mobile app.

Add features for Instant document view, and backup.

An app like airdroid must also allow the user an instant view of the document right before sharing and clicking on it. This feature will let you review your file with an option of instant document viewing. This feature will make you stay confident that you are sharing the right file with the other user. The main advantage of this feature is that there will be zero chance of mistakes.

While creating an app like airdroid, must add a backup facility using which users can instantly back up their important data. You can save the files like images, word docs, and other digital data with the help of this backup feature.

Similar Apps like airdroid

There are other airdroid similar app are available too that can perform the same task but might be with less efficiency as compared to airdroid

  • Apowersoft Phone Manager
  • AirMore MightyText,
  • Samsung Smart Switch Mobile,
  • SuperBeam,
  • Polkast,

SHAREit, and the list of airdroid similar apps goes on.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to make an app like airdroid then it is vital to add all the features that airdroid has. So that your purpose of app creation will be achieved. Also, you need to hire an app development company that has the relevant experience.

Airdroid is basically a gadget management app that has so many valuable features. In simple words, airdroid allows users to keep a check on their phones even when the phone is far from them. All they are required to do is connect their phones with the app and likewise with the desktop or laptop or any other gadget by which they are going to operate their mobile phones.

To create an airdroid account you just need to go to the official website, click on create your account option, generate your user name and password, and then your account creation process will be completed.

To create an app like Aidroid the estimated cost is around $50,000 to $75,000 but it may vary depending on several factors such as features and complex$50,000 to $75,000ity of an app.

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