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Create App Like AirDroid To Enhance Efficiency

Creating a progressive solution to manage your android devices, we are here to cater you with the best of our services. At our top-notch app development, we create a fully functional app like AirDroid. We add similar functionalities and help our users to get a gateway through an app that facilitates access and manage all of their activities and information remotely. No use of cables and there is no need to experience the hassle when we can develop an app that tailor your needs accordingly and provide you with a custom solution. At the most reasonable cost and prices, you can avail a feature-rich dashboard and a platform full of easy solutions. Lets build an app like AirDroid together.

We Develop App Like AirDroid With Intuitive Functionality

No use of cables and there is no need to experience the hassle when we can develop an app that tailors your needs accordingly and provide you with a custom solution. Our app is equipped with all the major features required to add ease and convenience in managing your data. You can link as many android devices with the app as you can. Plus, we facilitate users with a completely wireless experience to carry out various activities.

File Transfer

The app allows you to manage your data through desktops and laptops and even from your tablets. You can transfer all kinds of files from music to images, videos to GIF. We open up an avenue filled with ample opportunities and facilities. You can even download files easily as well.

Remote Control
and Access

With our exceptional app, you can get remote access of your devices from the desktop without the need to go for routing. The app will provide a safe and encrypted screen sharing facility along with phone screen recording opportunity. Remote cameras (both front and back) and real-time monitoring of the environment near your devices are all present in the app.


You get facilitated with mirror phone notifications to view the updates promptly on your desktops that pops up in your devices. From reminders to text messages, you get every single notification alert on the desktop instantly.

Backup & Sync

Stop searching about how to create an app like AirDroid elsewhere when we provide you with the quickest backup and synchronizing services at a single platform.

Make or Receive Calls
and Messages

Moreover, the biggest thing is to make or answer your calls and messages. You can operate your entire cellphone from this app. Connect your entire device on a single platform and operate it seamlessly using our app.

We, Will, Develop Your Dream App Project

Cooperate with our experts to discover how we can modify your app idea into a sumptuous reality!

How To Create An App Like AirDroid

With our untiring support and most superior services, you can get a highly customized and feature-rich app in no time. We have been in the development industry for more than a decade and we facilitate users with incredible solutions to digitalize their business and to bring innovations.

To create new ways of increasing connectivity with their different devices and desktops, we assist customers in getting an app like AirDroid developed for them. We have kept an exceptionally efficient development process. You simply have to submit your requirements, get in touch with our developers, and let us proceed with the development process instantly. We promise to provide our customers with the following service features:

  • Fast Turnaround Time
  • Highly Advanced Functionality
  • Interactive Interface
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Fully Integrated Functionality