Presenting Cost Effective
Solutions To Make App Like YouTube

Online Video Streaming Solutions To Create App Like YouTube

It took only a decade or so for online streaming websites to become famous but after the emergence of mobile apps, now these streaming sites have been changed into mobile apps. YouTube can be considered as the pioneer to bring buffer-free video streaming platforms to the internet realm.

Now with the boom YouTube has brought in the video industry, individuals and businesses are finding solutions for mobile apps that function just as YouTube does. That is where we come into the bigger picture – with our app development solutions at affordable prices yet of good quality.

Helping You Understand How To Develop App Like YouTube

We assist you in understanding how we can build an app like YouTube for you with the latest features.

Generating Ideas

Present your unique video streaming ideas for a mobile app to the team and we will turn into a unique yet viable reality for you.


Once we understand your app idea, we brainstorm further to conceptualize the structure of our app better.

Reshaping Businesses

Now even video or streaming apps can be profitable businesses so we do not focus on the app launch as much as we focus on the steady development and creation of your app.

Marketing Efforts

Even if we are not a marketing agency, we make sure that the app is equipped with quality features and modules that enhance your app’s visibility on the app stores.


Scaling businesses according to growth and frequent changes are difficult but we can help you scale up your mobile app.

We, Will, Develop Your Dream App Project

Cooperate with our experts to discover how we can modify your app idea into a sumptuous reality!

Why Rely On Our Team To Make App Like YouTube

Mobile Responsive

We create mobile-friendly and responsive apps that are compatible with any device or interface.

Customizable Options

If you do not want us to follow a specific template for app interface then our designers will design and create your app screens from scratch.

Managing Ads

Placement of ads has become vital in mobile apps so we can help you manage your ads and their placement in the videos.

Lucrative Benefits

We know how to create an app like YouTube that allows users to earn money by letting their viewers subscribe to them.

Features To Add To Create App Like YouTube

Upload Videos

Users can upload content on the app only if it is original or there are copyright details.

View Videos

Streaming different videos in the categories available on the app.

Video Sharing

If users are watching something on the app and they want to share it then several sharing options are available.

Live Streaming

Users can live stream publically or only allow their subscribers to watch their content.

Subscribe Channels

Option to let users subscribe to an unlimited number of channels and letting them manage their subscriptions.

Multiple Languages

The app will support multiple languages so users can apply filters and find their relevant language.

Search Filters

Users can filter videos according to video length, upload date, genre, and video quality features.

Watch List

Watch list where users can add videos they intend to watch in the future or later on.

Play Lists

Option to maintain and create multiple playlists on a single account.

Resume Videos

If someone has paused a video then he can resume it from where it was left.

Factors That Estimate Cost Of App Development

Apps like YouTube or similar video streaming apps have similar features but still, the complete cost of app development can vary. From back-end integration to how complex the design is, all these factors will first be considered before we give you the final price for your app’s development.