How To Make an App Like YouTube?

Have you been planning to create the best video streaming platform like YouTube? Are you looking for the video-sharing app development process for Android and iOS?

Undoubtedly your answer is always yes. So, this blog is specially designed to help app developers to take a broader view of the YouTube clone app development process.

Let’s dive into this blog to have a better understanding of the development of an app that works like YouTube.

Crucial aspects covered in this blog;

  • What is YouTube?
  • Why Are Video Apps Like YouTube Leading Titan?
  • How to create your own streaming app like YouTube?
  • Major tech stack to develop an app like YouTube
  • Must-have Features in the similar app like YouTube
  • How much does it cost to create a video app like YouTube?

Summary Of YouTube & Its Important Data

It sounds better to have a little bit of information about what YouTube is and how it works. This will give an idea about how to develop a similar app like YouTube.

●       What is YouTube?

YouTube was launched on 14th February 2005 by Jawed Karim, Steve Chen, and Chad Hurley. With the idea of sharing and enjoying videos at home, they aim to create a video streaming app named YouTube. Since then, this platform becomes the 2nd most visited site after Google.


Rather than reading long and boring texts, people will be looking for the videos to get impressive and interesting information clearly. Video content is one of the most powerful things to drive user engagements and nurture more leads. After COVID-19, consumers are spending more time on video streaming and almost 25% of them spend time on TV streaming.

Some of the interesting facts & figures of YouTube:

  1. More than 1 billion hours of videos on YouTube are being watched on a daily basis
  2. As per Forbes, YouTube has more viewers than Facebook & Netflix
  3. YouTube has 30 billion active users every day
  4. It is estimated that 50% of individuals under 32 will not pay for cable due to the free services provided by YouTube.

Why Are Video Apps Like YouTube Leading Titan?

After the pandemic wave, the trend of video streaming apps like YouTube will not be going to stop. With the emerging technology, it is projected that video streaming or sharing apps are impressively used by 239 million video viewers for various reasons that include information, education, entertainment & many others.

Many entrepreneurs are inspired by the success of YouTube and are willing to build an app with live streaming. If you are also the one who is looking forward to creating a new app like YouTube, but overwhelming due to cost concerns, you can use the video streaming app builder. It will help you in developing highly engaging and comprehensive apps just like YouTube.

There are lots of things you can do with video-sharing platforms like YouTube. These apps also offer additional exposure, outsourced bandwidth, boosting search engine ranking, easy embedding, etc. If you want to create YouTube-like software on your own, it’s better to check its functionalities and features to end up with a better one.

Developing an app like YouTube involves a lot of factors such as development team, cost, features, and functionalities. Here you will read the most important features that work well for apps that work like YouTube.

How To Create Your Own Streaming App Like YouTube

If you are thinking of making an app like YouTube, below you read the steps that you should follow…

A quick look at steps to follow to build an application similar to YouTube:

Step – 1 Take inspiration from YouTube

Take inspiration from YouTube or apps like YouTube to bring some innovations and revolution to your idea.

Step – 2 Enlist the features of App like YouTube

List down some important features that are compulsory to have in Video sharing apps. Add the most influential features like uploading, sharing, commenting, and downloading to make your app more interactive.

Step – 3 Select Unique Domain Name

You have to choose a unique domain name that is easy to memorize, short, or easy to memorize. While choosing a domain name make sure it directly hints at and expresses what your business does.

Step – 4 Choose the Interactive interface

Choose an engaging and interactive app interface for your video-sharing app similar to YouTube.

Step – 5 Pick the best platform

Pick the best platform to launch your apps, such as Android, Web, or iOS. It is better if you overview the guidelines of each platform before publishing.

Step – 6 Customize Your app functionalities

Customize the app functionalities, features, design, and color that represents your brand impactfully among competitors.

Step – 7 monetization model

If you yearn to take benefits from your app like YouTube, do not settle for the single monetization model.

Step – 8 Launch your app

At last, launch your app on either the app store (for iOS) or play store (for Android) to get in touch with your targeted customers.

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Major Tech Stack to Develop an App Like YouTube

If you are taking these steps casually and think it can easily be done by a video streaming app builder, you are surely putting your efforts and investment at risk.

Indeed, you need to hire an experienced app development team who have immaculate knowledge to develop video streaming apps. But, it’s also important to concentrate on features that help in building video streaming apps better than YouTube.

When you build your house, you need some material to make it more attractive. Similarly, for the video-sharing app development process, you need tools in order to develop the enthralling and highly-functional app.

To develop YouTube-like software, ensure you add features that make your app more intriguing and fascinating that attract billions of users.

For your online video apps like YouTube, the major technological stacks are the frontend and backend of the app. It makes your app more captivating.

So, here is an overview of the perfect tech stacks!

●       Tech Gears for Frontend App Development Process

When talking about the frontend app, you should consider the frontend stack. It will let you create an interactive, excellent, and hassle-free user interface. It allows you to make strong internal structures, actually, you have to focus on the application format, design, navigation system of your app, etc.

Technologies that you need to use for developing the frontend of an app like YouTube:

  • Bit – Component Driven for 10x
  • GatsbyJS and NextjS
  • HTML (Hypertext markup language)
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

●       Tech Gears for Backend App Development Process

The backend tech stack focuses on the inner workings of your app that manages your app function and allows you to run your app more smoothly. It is essential to consider for developers is; that if you make apps related to YouTube, it is better to consider the backend stack, such as the YouTube app programming language.

  • Frameworks for Apps like YouTube: Django, Ruby, React Native, Laravel
  • Servers for App like YouTube: Nginx, Apache
  • Programming Language for Apps like YouTube: C++, Python, C, Go, Java
  • Databases for App like YouTube: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

The list of technological stacks is not limited, but the use of tools depends on the needs and complexity of your app. To make the mobile app development YouTube process easier, it’s crucial to integrate the right technologies to make your video streaming app like YouTube more flexible, robust, and scalable.


11 Must-Have Features in Similar App Like YouTube

The choice of features usually depends on the complexity of an app. But some of the features you always need to integrate when you are preparing for live video streaming app development.

List of features for video streaming platforms like YouTube:

1.       Search Feature

The search feature is the most imperative feature mainly for the YouTube Clone app. It allows app users to find videos by title or keywords. Adding filters will keep their search narrow or engage users efficiently.

2.       Monetization

Content creators on YouTube get paid when they reach certain views and reach. This will encourage them to post better content regularly. So, make sure your video streaming services like YouTube must be the best place for your audience to post news stuff.

3.       App Log In

Any app like YouTube must require the authentication factor into the app, as it adds a trust factor in the mind of users. So, make sure your app contains a registration and app login process to share videos and enjoy streaming efficiently.

4.       Video library

The video library is one of the noticeable features of the app. When you start building an app like YouTube, it is imperative to integrate the video library option, so users efficiently manage all their videos.

5.       Watch list

This feature helps you to determine what your users want to see. So, it enables you to recommend the best suitable videos to your app users.

6.       Social media sharing

YouTube has the option of sharing videos on different social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter, etc. It means you need to add this feature to improve your follower’s engagement and increase traffic to your user’s channel.

7.       Easy to use dashboard

Make sure your app offers easy access to all analytics that your users want to see by determining their demographics, real-time performance statistics, and viewership status.

8.       Push notifications

You need to engage your subscribers by informing them when the new content is uploaded on your platform.

9.       Drag & Drop Video Upload

When you create a video streaming app like YouTube, ensure to have a drag & drop video uploading option. This option simplifies the video uploading process for content creators. This video feature enables users to upload videos directly from sources like Dropbox, local disk, Google Drive, and other locations. This can easily be done with the drag and drop option.

10.   Frame Preview

Modify every thumbnail as per the users’ requirements. This feature permits content creators to use a number of thumbnail options of their choice.

11.   Likes and comments section

Must add a review option to your app. It keeps you updated about your customer’s point of view. When users give ratings related to broadcast, you can evaluate your user’s sentiment in the form of comments and likes.

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Video App Like YouTube?

The development of apps like YouTube requires a great deal of time, effort, and money. It is because competing with the leading and dominating giant is not that much easy. You need to hire highly proficient and experienced app developers who know how to start a platform like YouTube.

However, the app development cost of video hosting apps depends on various features. However, the cost of an App like YouTube ranges from $5000 to $12,500 per platform to build. But the total cost of a video-sharing app like YouTube also depends on the complexities.

If you are developing an app like YouTube with minimum features can cost as low as $5,000, and adding more advanced features leads to $15,000 on an average. Bear in mind that its cost also varies as per the platform you choose (iOS or Android) to publish your app.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost to create a video app like YouTube ranges between $5000 to $12,500. Its cost usually depends on the features you add to your video streaming app.

To create a video streaming website like YouTube, you need to consider its domain name, choosing the right app development platform, top features, and major tech stacks that include frontend or backend app development.

The estimated time required to build an app like YouTube is 4 to 6 weeks which means 160 to 240 working hours.

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