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How To Expertly Develop App
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When the majority of travelers are preferring to book private cabs why not you too try your luck in the transportation business. With our assistance, you can get a progressive app to serve you, customers. We build an app like Grab that is equipped with a bundle of features. Each aspect adds another level of ease and convenience in the entire user experience. You do not have to spend hours searching about how to make an app like Grab when we are ready to work tirelessly for you at the most affordable price.

We have a huge broad of experienced developers who strive to bring out a creative flare in each app. We use advanced software and proven programming techniques that generate outbound outcomes. Targeting customers with our unmatched expertise, we promise to build an app like Grab like you’ve seen never before.

The Major App
Features We Include

Real-Time Location Sharing

Whether you view as a rider or an app user, you will get benefitted with the option to locate your address or the spot where you are standing. You can pinpoint your exact location to call the cab. With our cost-effective solution to innovate the transportation industry, riders can provide door-to-door services to customers.

Review and Feedback

You can share your reviews about your trip and warn other users about your experience. Through start rating or by adding a comment about the entire experience. The app helps to gain the trust of users and increase the credibility of the business. Our app shows the proper framework as to how to develop an app like Grab.

Payment Method

In our apps, we provide highly encrypted payment modes. You can add your credit card details or select multiple payment methods to bay the overall trip cost. At every step, we strive to facilitate our customers.

Multiple Drop-off

If you are planning for a long trip, you can add more than one stop on the trip while booking. You can even edit that during your trip just before the driver reaches the last drop off. It helps in saving the time and let you have a relaxing experience.

Time-Tracking Feature

The moment your ride is booked you can view the exact time taken to reach your destination. We provide the perfect example as to how to create an app like Grab with our feature-rich interface. The feature helps you schedule your work by tracking the time.

Push Notifications

With the running on of the push notifications you can get updated as to where your rider and how long will it take for him to reach.

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A Cost-Effective Service To Add
App Monetization

Why don’t you turn your simple, entertaining app into a profitable moneymaking platform? Fascinated by the thought, are you? Well, we provide you the platform that can add ample opportunities to raise money and increase your revenue generation.

Interactive Analytics

With a few clicks, you can track what’s happening in your business. You can view how many cabs are active and what’s the status of the rest of them. You can view region specific stats as well. The app will give you a brief peek about the right spots where your cabs are operating and the total revenue generated per week and per month.

Add Filters

To make it easier to monitor the stats you can add filters and view individual reports adding efficiency in your business. We help owners get a progressive updates about every single stop and aspects involved in their business.

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