How To Make an App Like Airbnb?

Are you dreaming of creating a successful & profitable traveling app like Airbnb? But the question of how to develop an app like the Airbnb app is arising in your mind? Right? So, this comprehensive guide is here to help you out.

Airbnb is an app that allows users with spare houses and apartments to earn more money by renting them online. This app helps book a flat or house in every corner of the world. It makes traveling easy and convenient. Even, it saves time in finding the best place to rent. Nowadays, Airbnb becomes the top 8th downloaded app in the app store.

Stats related to Airbnb app

From business model to app creation steps to cost estimation, you learn everything here. But before moving forward, let’s look out for some relevant stats!

According to research, Airbnb has over 1 billion guests that stay every night and more than 4 million hosts are listed. Below, you read countries with more listings on Airbnb and how its downloads increased in 2021.

Image Source: AllTheRooms

However, it has more than 150 million active users worldwide. If you want to create an app like Airbnb, then this guide is designed for you. There you will read the complete process from app development to launch. So, without more ado, let’s dive into this read!

Steps To Create App Like Airbnb

  • Step 1 – Make A Business Plan


If you think having an idea to build an Airbnb app is enough, then you are wrong. It’s imperative to come up with an outstanding app creation plan to accomplish your goal. Keep in mind an app development projects always start with proper planning and brainstorming. You need to evaluate your budget, resources, tech stack, and more. Once you make your plan ready make sure you put proper insights on the factors listed below;

  • Your app goals and objectives
  • Choose your platform
  • Use of advanced technology
  • Market analysis
  • Consider the needs of your targeted audience
  • Step 2 – Find the Team of Developers

Another important step is to have a team of professional developers and designers. Make sure your team consists of a front-end developer, back-end developer, project manager, UI/UX designer, and Q/A engineer. To make your Airbnb clone app, you can create an in-house team or even out-sources software developers.

Tip – before hiring the team, consider customer reviews and check their portfolio first.

  • Step 3 – Choose A Platform

You need to choose the right operating system like iOS, Android, Web, or Mac. Every platform has certain guidelines and policies. So, following each of them is imperative. You need to ensure the app scalability and interface design to build a highly interactive app like Airbnb. Invest some time in understanding the perks of creating an app on each platform. This will clear your objectives and offers the hassle process.

  • Step 4 – Create MVP

Before heading towards the complete app development process, you need to work on a minimum viable product. It is the first stage that gives an idea of how your app like Airbnb is working and what are the basic features to add and remove in your app. It even gives an overview of the app functionality, speed, user interface, and all that.

Simply, an MVP results in the software prototype, landing pages, and product design. Developing the simplest version needs more attention from developers. Make sure they have special knowledge and have deep competitive analysis to make a faultless app.

  • Step 5 – Build Intuitive UI Design

The user interface of your app like Airbnb should be interactive and easy to use. If your users find it complex, they instant shift to other apps similar to Airbnb. Users tend to abandon apps that have unattractive UI designs. So, when developing the UI/UX design, you need to pay extra attention to it.

Add unique, compelling, and highly interactive features that make your app stand out among competitors. You can use the latest app development trends and technology to make your app more attractive. Must add advanced features that gain the user’s attention.

  • Step 6 – Test Your App

Before you launch your app, do not skip the testing phase. Perform A/B testing to check its functionality, and do manual and automated testing before releasing its final version. Make sure the security of your app is upgraded.

  • Step 7 – App Launch & Its Update

Once you have launched your app, whether it is in the App Store or Google Play store, it’s necessary to maintain it regularly. Time by time, you can add more new and exciting features to engage your users.

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Basic Features for An App Like Airbnb

The most common features to add in an App like Airbnb mentioned below;

  1. Registration
  2. Sign in/sign up
  3. Push notification
  4. Multiple payment methods
  5. Diverse search functionality
  6. Customize user profile
  7. Reviews and recommendations
  8. Instant messaging (host & customer)
  9. Create referrals from social media accounts
  10. Transaction and booking history option

Business Model for Mobile Application Like Airbnb

As you know, the Airbnb app works with two types of users, one is property owners and the second is guests. Undoubtedly, creating an app like Airbnb is an overwhelming task. Majorly, businesses prefer to get connect with a mobile app development company to build a fully customized app. And, some of them work hard to create on their own. But that’s not an easy task. You need to understand the complete app development process to develop an app like Airbnb.

To build an Airbnb-type app, you need to consider its business model first;

A Host Module for an app like Airbnb

The host is actually the home and property owners who seek to rent and lease their place for accommodation. The Airbnb app receives a commission from the hosts on every booking.

So, it is one of the most important parts and panels for apps like Airbnb. Here is the list of top features to add to the host panel.

Features for Host panel

  • Sign in & sign up –Allow you to create a personal page. Your users have the opportunity to get registration by filling registration form manually and getting access through social media accounts and email.
  • Have a personal profile –The interface where you store, manage, and change your personal information.
  • Request panel –The place where you accept or decline the users’ requests.
  • Booking management –Systematically manage each booking in the form of a calendar. Track previous booking and payment records here.
  • Messaging feature –In an app like Airbnb, allow your host to communicate with the guest easily and solve queries.
  • Sharing –The host has the accessibility to invite friends and get rewards.
  • Chatbots & FAQs –The place where hosts find answers to the most relevant questions and take assistance.
  • Reviews –Every guest can be rated according to their behavior. When you create an app like Airbnb do not forget to add a review feature.

A Guest Module for app like Airbnb

The main aim to develop a similar app like Airbnb is to target travelers, whether they travel for business purposes or enjoy holidays with family. So, this panel assists travelers to look for the properties and reserve the one ahead.

Features for Guest panel

  • Search filter –App like Airbnb needs a special search filter so users can find out the required accommodation easily.
  • Host Interaction –Adding a messaging feature is crucial. It lets users communicate with their host through messages before booking. When you make an app like Airbnb, give liberty to users to accept and decline offers.
  • Create Wishlist –Providing a Wishlist option helps them to be notified when their favorite place is available for rental falls.
  • Coupons –Offer coupons to your users during checkout.
  • Geolocation –The booking process in the Airbnb app is quite simple. So, keep in mind that Airbnb-type apps need maps to help users in showcasing the right location with rentals.
  • Multiple Payment Methods –Offer multiple payment methods to users, provide receipts, and detail transaction criteria.

An Admin Module for an app like Airbnb

The admin panel is the foremost part of an app like Airbnb. It connects host and guest modules that work seamlessly to overcome various challenges that usually occur during transactions.

Features for Admin panel

  • Dashboard –For an app like Airbnb dashboard is the most important feature to add to your app. It helps to check all your registered users, whether he is new or old. It helps to manage guests and hosts.
  • Booking History –Adding a booking history option in Airbnb-like apps helps to check previous and recent bookings. You can even check recent updates related to each reservation. This can be edited, deleted, or even update as per the requirements.
  • Manage new listing –Every new listing is uploaded here. After that, it can be scrutinized for further processing.
  • Reviews & complaints –Feedback is a vital feature in Airbnb app types. It provides guests & hosts a place where they send their reviews regarding services. However, complaints regarding the host or guest will be processed there.
  • Insights on current activities –Every detail regarding recent and previous activities observed here. Such detail is essential especially if you are developing an app like Airbnb. As it gives future insights and helps to make the right decisions.

Technology Stack to Develop App Like Airbnb

Without knowing the basic tech side of an app like Airbnb developers faced lots of obstacles and challenges. So, it is beneficial to be familiar with frameworks & programming languages to build Airbnb-like apps efficiently.

Below there is the list of basic Teck stacks that you need to create an Airbnb clone app;

Teck Stack for An App Like Airbnb

Front End Framework Back-End Framework Server-Side Technologies Databases Management Technologies Programming Languages Web Server
React.js Ruby AWS MongoDB JavaScript Nginx
Express.js Node.js Google Cloud PostgreSQL Kotlin Redis
Vue.js Django Open Stack Azure documentDB Swift
Anjular.js Digital ocean MSSQL

How Much Does It Cost to Build an App Like Airbnb?

Estimating the final cost of building an app like Airbnb is a challenging task. After a thorough analysis and discussion, you understand that each development phase needs time and effort. It simply means you need to locate the cost of different features; this will help you to find the overall cost of your application.

However, the factors that take part in finalizing the cost of an app like Airbnb are; project complexity, technology stack, cost of the project management team, hourly rates, and much more. As per the rough estimation, the cost to develop an app like Airbnb ranging from $ 40,000 to 52,000 for android, $53,000 to $62,000 for iOS development, and $64,000 to $95,000 for web development.

Cost To Build an App Like Airbnb
Basic functionalities For Android development For iOS development For Web development
Features for host 395 hours 210 hours 230 hours
Features for guests 390 hours 400 hours 511 hours
Admin Panel 230 hours
UI/UX design 120 hours 160 hours 150 hours
Project management team 170 hours 170 hours 225 hours
Testing & Quality Assurance 340 hours 335 hours 470 hours
Total time to make an app like Airbnb 1414 hours 1275 hours 1816 hours
Total cost to create an app like Airbnb $40,000 to $52,000 $53,000 to $62,000 $64,000 to $95,000

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost to build an app like Airbnb ranges between $40,000 to $95,000 on the basis of its complexities.

The development of an app like Airbnb is overwhelming, so one must follow the steps mentioned below;

  • Make a business plan
  • Find a team of developers
  • Choose a Platform
  • Create an app prototype
  • Build an Intuitive UI design
  • Add the most relevant features
  • Test Your app
  • App launch & its update

You will need approximately 1400 hours to 1816 hours to create an app like Airbnb. This might be 3 to 5 months from the development phase to publishing.

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