How To Create An

App Like Yelp That Relishes

Make App Like Yelp & Highlight Your Local Business

Local businesses have started to look for ways that easily allow them to gain customer attention. Now the internet is the core impetus that has driven thousands of businesses and services to acquire access to a global audience of potential customers.

Relying on apps like Yelp, not only local businesses and brands were discovered but it also provided ease in finding cost-effective yet quality services, places and products to individuals all over the world.

Create App Like Yelp With These Features

Here are the existing features and app modules apps like Yelp should have.

User Profile

Personalized user profile where users can add information, manage reviews, make comments and place orders.

Location Detection

The app detects user location and displays eateries, hospitals and hair salons accordingly.

Add Reviews

Review and rating option that lets users add honest reviews about the services and products they avail.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are enabled in the app by default so your app users stay updated at all times.

Share Media

Media sharing feature where users can share their reviews and media from the app itself.

View Media

Allows users to view images and short videos of their preferred places and services.

Search Filters

Option to add filters in the search option according to location, names and different categories.

Develop App Like Yelp & Make Money

Following the right monetization strategies is essential for every mobile app out there. Now with the decision made to create app like Yelp, here is what you should know.

Advertising & Marketing

With an app like Yelp, you have the complete leverage to sell paid adverts to businesses and influencers. The money spent on the advertising scheme will be the revenue you earn through your app.

Transaction Costs

Place commission on the transactions made through your app. These transactions could be made to order food or avail a service so make sure you set a percentage on commission beforehand.

Coupons & Deals

Just like Yelp, you can offer various deals that recur seasonally. These promotional coupons and deals are a great way to capture user attention and customer loyalty.

Premium Offers

Inclusion of premium features that will not be available in the free version of the app. You can even request us to add some in-app purchase options in the app for you.

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How We Make Mobile Apps Successful

We first commence with the app development process of thoroughly understanding what the niche of your business is.

Niche & Target

The development team analyzes both the niche and your target audience first and then proceeds to the phase of observing how your competitors are working around with their mobile apps.

User Experience

While the design of an app equally matters but so does the user experience. No matter how good the app design is, poor user experience can ruin and spoil the popularity of that specific app.


Gamifying mobile apps is quite a common technique to enhance the interest and experience of users. We can brainstorm various ideas to gamify your mobile app.

The Cost Required To Build An App Like Yelp

A definite price for the package to make app like Yelp cannot be estimated accurately but we can give you a brief explanation about it. The overall cost relies on the types of features, development time, team expertise and the iOS or Android platform that will be chosen for your mobile app.

Similar App Idea

Do you have an idea similar to Yelp? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us as we have app development solutions to every existing business need.

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