How To Create an App Like Yelp?

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According to a survey, almost 45% of customers want to check reviews before they get in touch with any business. Whether they want to check reviews of any restaurant or automobile services, such a review app helps consumers to make better decisions and invest money in the right place. An app like Yelp helps people to find the top services of their choice. That’s something that enlightens the popularity of Yelp-like apps.

86% of consumersall around the globe check online reviews before making an online purchase. After the creation and development of the Yelp app, many businesses are looking forward to creating an app like Yelp.

So, there you are going to read the complete app development journey to build business review apps. In this article, we talk about how to create an app like Yelp, what are the top features to add, mention some tips to get the best Yelp app-like application, and the major tech stack you need to use to make review applications.

What Is Yelp?

Before diving into the app development journey, it’s better to learn what is Yelp.

In simple words, Yelp is a social networking and review website that was launched in 2004. This application aims to connect individuals with businesses to discover the best option for them. It is the one-stop-shop application to find the best platforms. It allows you to find what you need, whether you are looking for a pet sitter, a new restaurant, a parlor, or anything else.

Yelp aims to support local businesses with reviews, delivery services, quotes, takeout, and many more. Therefore, it is the local guide to finding the perfect coffee shop or booking haircut appointments. It is the perfect place to explore nearby businesses to eat, drink, shop, etc.

Below the charts show up the number of mobile visitors who recommend Yelp from 2016 to 2021. The review site’s mobile visitors are increasing with steady growth. Interestingly, Yelp has almost 31 million mobile app users’ devices in the 1st quarter of 2021. And, it earns$245.19 million in revenue.

Source: Statista

If you want to build an app like Yelp, let’s dive into this read!

Steps To Create Business Review App Like Yelp

If you are tempted, how can you make your app like Yelp successful? So, let’s watch out for some best tips to make a flawless app.

  1. Find your niche first

This is the first step you need to consider to develop an app like Yelp. You all know Yelp-like apps are not new in the industry, so it’s better to choose a narrow niche in order to beat core competitors. This will give an idea about to create your review app in some specific domains such as health care, or any legal industry.

To build an app like Yelp, you need to think of two things;

  • The demographic and geographical needs to add functions and features according to the specific region
  • Types of services your app needs to determine the nearby places
  • Add region and area-specific features to increase visibility
  1. Pay more attention on User experience

When creating an app, always remember your targeted users and their requirement to make an app like Yelp. These apps are primarily used to find brands and their products and services, so it’s important to focus on their user interface. For instance, try to make a friendly search bar to allow users to find things quickly. It is because people do not want to spend time looking for a search box.

Here are some key features you need to keep in your mind while designing your app;

  • Make your search box simple and clearly visible.
  • Must provide search suggestions to give immediate results to users to find what they actually looking for
  • Store recent searches to save user’s time
  • Provide voice search to make the use of the app easier
  • Add filters to narrow search results and help to find a more relevant one
  1. Build an App UVP

To make an app like Yelp, start your app development process with a Unique value proposition (UVP). When you consider the unique thing in your app it lets you stand out among competitors. You only need to offer something that makes you unique and no other competitors provide it. This is the main thing where you need to think about some specific features and benefits your Yelp-like application will bring to users.

  1. Find out your competitors

Before initiating your app development journey for how to make an app like Yelp, do a competitive analysis. It’s imperative to conduct research and find out direct & indirect competitors.

This research will help you to find out market analogs and it even reveal the strength and weaknesses of your rivals. You have a chance to discover where your competitors are lacking and what your targeted audience wants. Once you identify their pain point, it would be easier to create a flawless app for your customers.

You will understand what features and functionality your Yelp-like app needs. You can also find what topographies are critical for the MVP.

  1. Competitive research

No offense if you say research is the basic step to building an app like Yelp. This is one of the good ways that make your app creation journey more viable. Research helps to come across the most important needs and wants of your customers.

  1. Create ASO strategy

When you decide to create an app, you always want to add it to Google Play Store or Apple store to increase its visibility organically. So, make sure your app must meet the standards of different platforms.

Therefore, it is imperative to create awareness to get more users as possible. This is why you need to pay more attention to app store optimization.

  1. Hire an off-shore or in-house team

Do you have an in-house team to develop an app like Yelp? If yes, then you are ready to go. You make sure to provide the advanced tech stack to the app developer so they come up with a highly engaging app.

For instance, if you have no one who can start the app development process, you need to hire a dedicated team who knows how to make apps like Yelp flawlessly. Bear in mind, that experienced app developers have the expertise to build the best app model at highly cost-effective rates.

  1. Create a monetization strategy

The most important step for your app development journey is monetization strategy. Usually, young entrepreneurs are excited by an idea but they do not know how to get money from such projects.

That is why it is essential to create a monetization model, not only to get revenue and profits from these projects. But You need to make the right marketing strategy to get a successful pitch.

There are several options from which you choose the best one that perfectly fits your product type.

  • Advertisement
  • Subscription
  • Partnership
  • Deals & offers
  • Transaction fees

Tech Stack to Build Yelp-Like App

To develop an app like Yelp company usually uses a LAMP stack. When you decide to create an app like Yelp, you should analyze what Yelp application uses to update its platform. So, below you read the most common tech stack used to develop a Yelp-like app.

  1. MySQL
  2. Python or PHP
  3. Linux Ubuntu
  4. Apache

You can even choose alternatives like React, Java, and PostgreSQL to make a review app. Bear in mind, that the tech stack depends on the project & its requirement.

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Must-Have Features in Yelp-Like Application

One of the critical parts of the app development process is to consider the core features of your app. With this, you get an idea about how to make an MVP to improve your overall app development process.

  1. Social login or User Profile

Make sure like Yelp, your app also has a sign in or sign-up feature. So, your users get their profile and join your services manually. You can even allow them to get connect with social profiles like Google and Facebook to easily join your services.

  1. User accounts

Creating an app like Yelp requires at least 2 types of user account, one needs to be personal and second needs to be professional. It comprises of information related to users. Your personal account enable you to access sections like reviews, friends, newsfeed, bookmarks, collections, check-ins, & many others.

  1. Reviews & Ratings

In the app like Yelp review feature is mandatory, as it allows users to mention feedback after visiting any place. Review consists of photos, text descriptions, and star rating system. This helps its users to evaluate the best place as per their requirements.

  1. Location-based search & geolocation

Geolocation based search provides the option of finding the nearby things and create a shortest route to choose the best place. This option allow your users to filter results that based on different categories such as restaurants, gyms, spa, bars, hair salon, hospitals, auto services, etc.

  1. Check-ins

Must add check-ins feature in your app to track the local business your users visit and inform their friends with reviews.

  1. Push notifications

This feature provides the latest information to users about any recent update, new friend requests, nearby establishments, etc.

  1. Video uploading & photo

Must provide the video uploading and photo sharing option. When your users writing a review, they have an option to attach and upload photos and videos to make their review more valuable and trustable.

  1. Admin Panel

Make sure your app contains admin panel. So, it is easy for your employees to manage services such as add or edit the content, block unnecessary users, and approve authentic reviews.

Top 9 Apps Similar to Yelp

After the creation of Yelp, there are several other alternatives appeared in the market that you should know. Some of them are listed below;

  1. Foursquare
  2. MerchantCircle
  3. TripAdvisor
  4. Angi
  5. UrbanSpoon
  6. Zagat
  7. Slant
  8. OpenTable
  9. Zomato

How Much Does Yelp App Cost?

Are you tempted by how much does it cost to make an appl like Yelp? No one knows the actual value of the Yelp-like application unless they know the entire process. However, the app development cost depends on lots of things such as business model, deadlines, tech stack, app developer team, designed feature, and many more.

So, here is the rough estimation for an app like Yelp will cost $40,000 to $70,000. Its price may vary as per the platform, design, project management, quality assurance, etc. It even changes from region-to-region eastern European rates offer $30 to $50 per hour, Asian countries offer $25 per hour, and Latin America offers $25 to $100.

Frequently Asked Questions

To create an app like Yelp, you need to follow the basic steps;

  • Find your niche first
  • Pay more attention to User experience
  • Build an App UVP
  • Find out your competitors
  • Competitive research
  • Create ASO strategy
  • Hire an off-shore or in-house team
  • Create a monetization strategy

If you want to make a Yelp-like app, you need can hire the best app development team who knows how to create a fully-featured app. Make sure you add the best features like a review & rating system, social login, push notifications, and more.

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