How to Create a Streaming App Like Netflix

It is undoubtedly the biggest video streaming service available online and there is no need to introduce it as it is already really very popular among the folks these days Especially after the pandemic, its user base has increased rapidly.

Netflix, an online video streaming app began a new trend of video streaming apps in 1997. It has carried video streaming to an amazing level. These days individuals are well aware of streaming apps like Netflix, but Netflix has a prominent place in the industry that cannot be overshadowed by other apps due to its enthralling features which other existing apps do not have.

How to build an app like Netflix

In case you are pondering to create a Netflix like app then before starting you must have comprehensive knowledge of the Netflix app. Let’s shed a light on what features Netflix has, its short history, and the cost of monthly subscription plans. In short, you will be reading all about the Netflix app in this blog.

A short background of Netflix app

Journey of Netflix, a video streaming online company was started in 1997 as a substitute for a video store. Its headquarters is based in Los Gatos, California. At that time, it had a workforce of 30 employees and 925 on film DVDs that were available online for rent.

Currently, it has 125 million potential members all across the globe.

Below are the attached infographics, taken from Statista that provide a short history of the Netflix app. This history can be an overview and summary for those who want to know the basics of the Netflix app.

A short history of Netflix app

4 Steps to create an app like Netflix

Step 1: Handling Diverse Roles in The App

Proper planning and management are required to manage diverse roles in the creation of the Netflix like app. For instance a single app account can be used by different users while sitting in remote locations, so it is required to manage all the things that come to the user’s end. Similarly, there are certain things that need to be managed at the admin’s side like who owns the video, partners, moderators, etc.

Step 2: Determine and comprehend the niche

In case you want to add several different contents to your video streaming app, then it is required to set them categorically. Add a discriminator with an explicit niche. It is recommended to make a different section for the movies, series, documentaries, talks, and independent videos whenever you decide to create app like Netflix.

Step 3: Monetization of the app

It will be good for the future of your app if you choose to go with those monetization models that are audience-oriented. For example; subscriptions with zero charges along with the ads or the product placement. This will make your app popular among the user and it will stand out and create a prominent place in the market.

Moreover, you need to consider the multi-currency options too in case you are wondering about how to build Netflix like app that works globally.

Step 4: Timely update the app

It is essential to improve the performance of the app and update it timely so that people living in the areas where they have low internet connectivity would not suffer from the poor performance of the app and get facilitated equally.

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Salient Features of the Netflix app

Below are some primary features of a Netflix app.

  • Original content.

Netflix provides original, unique and explicit content to its users. That is why people love its shows, movies, series, documentaries, indies, and dramas. It has a wide range of content that is available from the various regions of the world and in numerous different languages.

  • Stream on multiple devices at a time.

It has an amazing facility that four users can stream at a time on four different devices in case they take a premium payment plan. This simply means that the four persons can enjoy taking the same subscription plan and streaming the videos remotely, from different places.

  • Download content.

It has a facility that the content can be downloaded by the registered account if anyone wants to save his data, but there are a few limitations regarding the download. These limitations are; that content can be downloaded for 7 days only and will be automatically deleted after a time period of 7 days, and the downloaded content can be viewed only on the device on which it is downloaded.

  • Multiple profiles.

You can include as many profiles as you want in order to keep all your favorite movies or videos in one place. It will show up the content according to your play history and by doing this you can also keep an eye on your children’s playlist along with other parental controls that the app offers including search and the watch history.

  • High-definition videos

It provides a high-quality viewing experience to its viewers. However, quality experience varies according to the subscription plan you take. The 4K viewing quality is only offered by the premium subscription plan, which is actually a greater viewing experience.

  • Accessibility features.

Other features that Netflix has are closed captions, dubbed content in several languages, subtitles, lock options, and audio descriptions. It also provides the content description and trailers, by viewing which you can get an idea about the genre of the content and whether it is interesting for you or not.

Number of Paid subscribers of the Netflix app

The fame of the Netflix video streaming app is unceasingly growing. It has subscribers from all over the world and from different ethnic backgrounds. Having a large fan base and a large number of subscribers is the thing that makes it stand out among the other apps. Let’s have a look at the number of Netflix subscribers from 2011 to 2022.

Global Netflix subscribers 2011-2022

The stats that are shown above are taken from Statista that indicate the number of worldwide subscribers from 2011 to 2022 which clearly shows the popularity of Netflix among individuals over the recent years.

Netflix app development and functioning

There are a lot of programming languages that are used in the development of Netflix apps. Java is the primary language, which is used by the Netflix developers for the backend programming. At first only Java was the main backend language during Netflix app development but after some time developers used Python to rewrite further Java processes.

In 2013 developers started using NodeJS. After the development of other more improved programming languages, developers tried to utilize them too.

Following are other programming languages, tools, and databases that are used by the developers of the Netflix app. ReactJs, RxJs, Restify, MySQL (RDBMS), Cassandra (NoSQL), AWS S3, AWS Lamda, Docker, Twilio, Amazon Neptune, Gradle, G Suite, Agile CRM, Twilio, Slack, Zoom, and Zendesk.

Final Words

Whenever you decide to create an app like Netflix and got stuck somewhere then what you need to do that will be beneficial for you in long term is to search for a thorough guide on the internet about how to make an app like Netflix, several websites will appear for your assistance, from where you can grasp your required insights. Also, if you want a hassle-free business then you have another option too, you can just hire a developer and ask him to create app like Netflix, and he will provide you with a complete and well-maintained app without any w

Frequently Asked Questions

To create an app like Netflix first of all it is necessary to determine and think about the content which you want to spread among your users, then choose how will you monetize your app, then you need to gather info about the requirement of the video streaming app, last but not the least you are required to focus who is your audience.

The development of an app like Netflix could be very costly. However, the estimated cost to create an application like Netflix is around $10,000 to $25,000 but it may vary depending on the developer and the development company you choose for this purpose.

In case you are pondering on how to develop an app like Netflix, then the first and foremost thing that you should do is to determine your area and stick to it, create your unique selling point, generate your business plan and go for the legal procedures of getting registered, hire a company that has Netflix type app developers, and then you will be ready to make your place into the market.

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