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Development Process We Follow

How We Build Your Mobile App

Here is a brief overview of how we develop your mobile app to befit the specifications and requirements you had submitted.



The first step we follow to commence with the app development process is to gather all your app’s requirements, features and relevant needs at once. We make sure both the client and development team is involved so no requirement is left unnoticed.


UI/UX Design

The next step is to create a brief prototype and wireframe to visualize how each feature will be aligned with the app’s interface. Once the wireframe is approved, we begin working on compiling all the necessary design elements along with the befitting user experience for your app.



Once the app design deliverables are completed, we commence to the app development phase. In this phase, each feature is integrated into your app along with the back-end development required for the features.



App testing is performed to ensure the quality assurance of the app does not have any issues. We test each module, feature, and screen of your app individually and quickly fix any problems that we find while testing.



The final phase is of app deployment and maintenance. After your approval for the design and feature integration, we publish your app to either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Our team also maintains 24/7 maintenance in case your app faces any issues.