Application Development, How to Keep Your Creations “Healthy”

The application development has become a step that many companies make in order, for example, to offer services more to their customers.

However, when dealing with the development of an application one should not stop at the result that will be delivered to the customer. In fact, in many cases, subsequent checks will have to be carried out, so as to ensure not only an excellent initial launch for your product, but also an undisputed and long-lasting confidence.

So, you will have to focus on what is certainly the quality structure of the software that you will be implementing. To do this you can keep an eye on some elements that we will see in this article.

The elements to be taken into consideration in the development of applications

In developing applications it will be essential to focus, as has already been mentioned, not only on the initial purchase of your product, but also on its quality, which should be kept intact over time.

For this reason, in making an app you will have to take into consideration some factors, which will allow you to have the highest structural quality for your program:

  • The type of technology used to build the app;
  • The type of applications considered for the establishment of the application;
  • The development methodologies and their degree of “maturity”;
  • The control of the rules, in order to avoid that the source code is put at risk;
  • Set up a periodic procedure to check the quality of your applications.

By starting to take these factors into account, and putting into practice some virtuous attitudes, it will be possible, in the development of applications, to already ensure good product quality.

However, there are also other factors, which if examined are able to indicate whether the software is good or not.

The elements related to the quality of applications

In the evaluation of an app, therefore, other factors must also be taken into consideration, able to make us understand whether the application is quality or not, and whether it can remain as such even with the passage of time.

The factors that must be taken into consideration will be the following:

  • The robustness. With this factor we consider the possibility that the app crashes, that it has difficulties in terms of recovery and also the possibility that the data it contains may be corrupted. Generally, negative results referring to this test are linked to incorrect coding practices;
  • The security. This factor takes into consideration what may be the weak points of the application, capable of determining unauthorized access, leaks of personal data and so on;
  • With this factor we consider the ability of the app to remain “intact” over time even at the level of performance. For example, in the development of applications it will also be necessary to consider the need for which the app will not have to start, after a short time, to consume a lot of battery or to occupy a lot of memory;
  • The modifiability. This factor takes into consideration the possibility, or not, of intervening on the app to modify it, for example to correct any errors previously committed;
  • The transferability. In this case we take into consideration the ease with which users can interact with the app, use it and appreciate its different functions.

In evaluating all these factors, you will be able to give scores to the different characteristics of the app, in order to understand what may be its weak points.

How to improve your software

In the development of applications it will not be possible to expect to go immediately without fail. There will always be room for improvement, which can start from some points and from some practices that everyone will be able to achieve.

As a first element, safety must always be considered. It must be placed at the first step in terms of importance. For this reason, the low scores referring to this category should immediately alarm those who dealt with the development of applications, and convince them to act promptly.

Subsequently, it will also be necessary to evaluate the development methodologies used by those who make the app, trying, if these are incorrect or obsolete, to intervene in order to make them more efficient.

Moreover, and perhaps this element is not often taken into consideration by those who deal with the development of applications, it will be necessary to entrust the processes of creating the apps to teams that are not too nourished by collaborators. For example, a group of 10 developers will be enough to bring good results.

The larger groups, on the other hand, often work badly, and communications, which will become increasingly difficult, will not take place in the right way, paving the way for problems and errors.

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