The 4 Best Furnishing Apps to Download For Free

Remember when cell phones could only be used to make phone calls or, at the most, send text messages that did not exceed 60 characters?

Thinking about it now, while we are shopping with our smartphone, we decide on the holiday itinerary, participate in video conferences and comment on our friends’ photos, it seems like centuries have passed! By now the mobile phone has become a sort of pocket computer and simplifies our life in many ways thanks to many different applications, useful both in our free time and in our work.

Among the apps available for free, there are some specially designed to help even the less experienced to furnish a home from scratch and renew its environments. The beauty of these apps is that:

  • They can be easily used even by those who are not very familiar with technology or particular interior design skills
  • Thanks to augmented reality and 3D graphics, they are effective tools both for those who want to try their hand at restyling their homes independently, and for those who prefer to turn to professionals in the sector but are looking for inspiration.
  • They are completely free and can be installed on any smartphone.

However, one question remains to be answered: what are the best furnishing apps to download for free? To find out, we tested the best known and selected 4 that combine ease of use with a wide range of interesting features. Here is our ranking!

1. MagicPlan

Imagine how many ideas you could shape by working with programs like those used by architects and designers in their studios! If you’d like to try but don’t know where to start, download MagicPlan: you can put your projects on paper without the need for professional courses! This application allows you to create very detailed maps from your mobile, showing you a preview of everything you could only imagine so far. You can choose from 3 options:

  • Detect rooms with the camera (you will need a mobile phone with a gyroscope to do this)
  • Draw the rooms by hand (freely or by retouching a rectangular base plan)
  • Import a map to modify.

Designing a plan with MagicPlan is simple, intuitive and practical: you can give the walls dimensions and custom thicknesses, move them with your fingers, change the angle and add doors and windows. Not only: you can also enrich the rooms with all the accessories you want, from the stairs to the furniture, from the electrical appliances to the pipes, without neglecting even the finish of the floors. At the end of the work you will have an accurate representation of how you could transform your home, without resorting to complicated and expensive software.

2. 3D Home Design

Does a simple map seem reductive for what you have in mind? We have the right app for you: it’s called Home Design 3D and, unlike MagicPlan, it allows you to view projects even in 3D mode. After designing the rooms and defining the details in ways similar to those explained above, you can immerse yourself in a real virtual tour of the house, visualizing it from many sides and moving inside it as in reality. This application is in the free version it does not allow to save the created works, nor to select part of the available accessories.

3. Homestyler

If what you are thinking about, rather than a renovation, is a restyling of the furniture, you will surely need someone who can advise you on styles, colors and accessories suitable for creating the atmosphere you desire. What if we told you that your advisor could be an app?

We are talking about Homestyler , an application that lets you browse the catalogs of many furniture brands, choose the pieces you prefer and then place them wherever you want in a virtual environment, which can be taken from a photo real or from one of the many models available. The result is a faithful preview of how your home could become. In a nutshell, no more doubts about the right items for you and no more wrong purchases!

In addition to a wide selection of furnishings, Homestyler also allows you to change the finishes of floors and walls in many different combinations for complete customization. And how not to mention the community of enthusiasts from which to draw inspiration for your projects? Definitely a fun app as well as useful.

4. Color Capture

We come to the only app in English on our list, but don’t worry if you don’t know the language well: using it is really simple. Just take a picture and the app will do the rest, extrapolating all the colors present and suggesting the most suitable combinations. In this way you will always be sure to choose the right shade for every corner of the house! If you want, you can also hunt for new ideas by browsing through the many collections of colors available: you’ll discover that sometimes it takes very little to give the house a completely new face!

These furnishing apps will help you find the best solutions for each room and evaluate which are the perfect tailor-made proposals for you: start trying them out right away and have fun imagining new combinations for your interior!

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